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A detailed description and comparison of conventional fishing line (Monofilament) and braided fishing lines can be found in the article by Shabalina 'Dedication to the spinning' Part 2, repeat no sense, and if you're going for pike, perch, or say, a catfish – that you will not braid tight. The situation with Braids exactly is the same as with monoleskoy – a lot left, so recommend something concrete is difficult. Few catches left FireLine, Power Pro, Salmo. Leftism is, basically, the disparity between the breaking load of figures on the packaging (essential below) and the so-called spontaneous 'uzlenii' fishing line, when after a few casts spontaneously braid tied in a knot with a pretty eyelet. If you're not going to catch som exclusively, it does not sense to buy a basket with a diameter greater than 0.2 mm, as for the fishing line with the tensile stress (about 13-14 kg) is needed is a more powerful tackle. BAIT selection of spinning baits today is large enough, and you can spend a lot of time before showcase the fishing department, trying to determine at what kind of tchotchke submitted splendor will get caught fish. Minimum required for a beginner spinning is described here.

Leads and fasteners Fasteners (Karabinchiki) are needed for attaching lures to a fishing line and a quick replacement. They come in various designs and sizes, but early enough for a dozen buckles number 1 and number 2. The leash is put between the spoon and fishing line to avoid cutting the pike fishing line.

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It is an operating system evolved in which has been improved, security, one of the most important things in a server, also wizards that help us configure our server have improved, it has radically changed the way of doing backups, group policies has been improved. Many of the points of this operating system have been improved and added a protagonist, I am referring to the virtualization of operating systems, cannot be a new theme, but we can say that virtualization is gaining importance. As you can give account, what is intended with this is the opposite that happened years ago, years ago tended to gather many machines to convert them into a single and it is now converted to a machine in many to take advantage of their performance. This is because computers every year doubled its power, which in a few years today’s large computers, entered within our hands, at this rate, within a short time, we will have the same technology used in our homes companies to automate tasks. If we have computers and machines ultimately come gradually to human behavior, to make our life easier, leaving the machines, work hard and unpleasant. So, if we take advantage of the trend, where leading us technology, we see that our future focuses on research and development, will no longer be so important to have to travel to attend a conference or to learn about a product or company, virtualization and 3D technology, will make us to believe that we are in the desired locations without moving house. The future is closer than we all think. Original author and source of the article.

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