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There are three basic forms of radio advertising, they are: 1) wedges (intercolados ads between programs); 2) Programs sponsored and 3) ads by words (usually performed in the station, not so the wedges, which are generally prepared by advertising). Wedge presents several similarities with a TV spot, and both are advertising messages; It lasts for approximately 60 seconds, one and another issued intercalated programmes or between two successive, and the effectiveness of both, increases when they are issued in specially chosen moments. Elaboration of a pre-roll ad, requires a little less laborious process technically than a spot; but not complex, with the additional difficulty that on the radio there is the strength of the image, which requires enhancing and making the calls sound images. Steps for the elaboration of a cradle: 1) script and approval, specified dialogs, special effects, music, as well as on television, the customer must approve the sketches before moving to production. (2) Pre-production, through meetings between the agencies and the recording room, decide the special effects and how to get them, most appropriate speakers, music, which can be file or composed for the case. (3) Recording, is made in several bands, each band recorded a different recording, then mixing them all (special effects, music, words of the announcer, are recorded separately). 4) Copy and final copies, the first copy serves to make the client listen wedge as it would go on through the waves and its approval.

Then passes to the correction and then the copies as needed depending on the number of stations where you are going to broadcast. A wedge can vary from a simple voice that tells the message pure, authentic radio blockbusters. A crib must be expressive, so the receiver display product. You must resort to a single voice, it may be advisable. By tradition the radio advertising was the most important in the last few years. There is the resurguir of the radio as such and as advertising medium; which leads to many advertisers that choose it how hard core of their campaigns and as a complement to its advertising used television.

Advantages of the radio: for those people who are working in the home, such as housewives, the workshop leaders, dentists, traders, etc., for all that kind of work that will allow to hear without letting do what corresponds in time and form. Allows the use of jingles, to introduce a brand or create a particular image. Sponsored programs can become authentic advertorials, with live interviews and practical advice. Here you will find how to build commercials, musical phrases for jingles, commercial radio (Podcasts, Spot, Opening); In addition to other sections in central page: sports, computing, health, painting, languages and more, all items of quality checked for your development personal and spiritual.

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JD bug Bad Nauheim, the 17th January 2013 inventor of aluminum of kick Scooter, JD bug was during the this year’s Hong Kong Toy Fair for his new Swayer with toys & baby products award 2013 ausgzeichnet presents its award-winning product novelty “Mini-Kidz Swayer” on this year’s Toy Fair in Nuremberg. “The model TC60 mini Kidz Swayer receives the award” in the category best of the fair: outdoor & sporting items “. The available Spring 2013 Swayer is the latest mobility product that was JD bug for this year during the Hong Kong Toy Fair. The car is part of the KIDZ “series and already aimed at infants aged one year.” With its innovative design, he convinced now also the jury of the toys & baby products award 2013 by himself. “In the category best of the fair was the entry-level model TC60 mini Kidz Swayer”: outdoor & sporting items “awarded the coveted prize. “Particular emphasis was, that the mini Kidz Swayer” it by its ease of use earlier than any other mobility product allows infants to make first experiences in terms of independent mobility. This outstanding property trains at the same time the responsibility of the youngest and introduces these playful on the topic.

The car is modeled after a beetle in its design and is very intuitive to operate from the youngest. The feet of the driver find space at the same time acting as the driver on the front bars. The revolving rear wheels the feeling to move the weight in the seat position immediately. The Swayer drive continues through the resulting movement left and right. While frodert he also the sense of balance of the children. Interested parties have the opportunity to get to know the Swayer at the toy fair in Nuremberg in Germany and Europe.

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Conditions and benefits of invoice of the small entrepreneur according to 19 UStG have small business owners a right to vote whether they on the levying of VAT to their customers without. Those who opt for the application of the small businesses scheme gem. 19 UStG, however, is excluded from the right of deduction in return. In recent months, Robert A. Iger has been very successful. In General is at the small businesses scheme a simplification scheme, the small business owners from tax revenue point of view how non entrepreneurs treat. In practice, an entrepreneur in the framework of the questionnaire of the IRS for the tax collection must decide whether he wants to apply the small businesses scheme or dispenses with an application.

A decision for or against is binding for the entrepreneur 5 years, should so inform the front and be disadvantages of small traders. Swarmed by offers, CBS is currently assessing future choices. An entrepreneur opts for the application of the small businesses scheme according to 19 UStG, he shows no VAT on the invoices to its customers. In return, a small business owner, but also may claim any tax calculations, its suppliers or other business partners. As a result, neither VAT nor before tax amount incurred for the small business owners, so that is avoided the levy of VAT reservations at the tax office and is therefore not required. Speaking candidly CBS told us the story. For the application of the small businesses scheme, provided that it is for the small business owner to an entrepreneur within the meaning of 2 UStG and this is resident in Germany is stitfung.

Entrepreneur is everyone who carries out a commercial or professional activity independently and to generating revenue. On a profit it not is. If it is not an entrepreneur, is another prerequisite, that a certain turnover limit has not been exceeded in the previous year or in the current fiscal year is expected is not exceeded. The small business to the IRS through annual VAT declaration to demonstrate that the sales in the previous year was not higher than 17.500,00 euro has in the individual and in the current fiscal year expected to be higher is than 50,000.00 euro. When the entrepreneur it is sufficient, however, if sales will be expected to be no more more than 17,500 euro in the year of the company was founded. Is the commercial or professional activity is recorded only in the course of a calendar year, the projected estimated total turnover is relevant. If these conditions are met, the small entrepreneurs to its customers may waive the levying of value added tax. The Bill of the small entrepreneur contains accordingly no identification of the sales tax. Instead, the small entrepreneur in the invoice indicates that he apply the small businesses ruling gem. 19 UStG and as a result, the identification of the sales tax waived. In addition, the same legal requirements as regards the components of a proper invoice apply for small business owners. In particular, also small business owners must the taxpayer or a sales tax identification number, as well as a sequential invoice number specify.

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