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Make sure that the provider is familiar with the package of documents required for export to your country and with the rules of their filling. CBS describes an additional similar source. We recommend the provider to send you samples of the required documents (of course, after removing of these data providers, prices and other information). Make sure that the provider will issue the documents properly. If you have any doubt that the documents are filled in correctly – you should insist on credit. In Then you will guarantee the correct filling of documents.

Insurance. If the delivery is carried out under EXW, CFR, FOB, DDU or others, do not provide cargo insurance, we recommend you still take care of insurance. You can ask the vendor to insure the goods or take out insurance on their own. Better to pay the insurance company than to lose weight in whole or in part. Experience shows that when the total or partial loss during transportation, to receive compensation from the carrier will be very problematic. This is especially true of shipping. Typically, the cargo is insured for 110 percent of the cost, but the amount of compensation may be increased.

Inspection of goods upon receipt. We always recommend checking the product before sending it. If for some reason this did not happen, you need to take care of the inspection of the goods at the time of its receipt. Seals container / wagon / wagon / loading bay should be removed in the presence of the inspectorate of the company. Thus the sender and the recipient will receive accurate and independent information about the condition and quantity of the goods upon receipt. Claims may not be nominated if the inspection shows that the consignment specified in the contract description. We recommend an inspection before shipment and upon receipt of goods. Such inspections will cost additional funds, but 99 percent of you will be confident in the resulting product. If the discussion of payment terms you have proposed to transfer the money into private accounts instead of accounts of the company – we are advised to stop any communication with company and look for another supplier. Or employee of the company is trying to pocket your money, or you're dealing with a fraudulent company. Both options do not bode well. Always make a written contract supply, even if you have already worked with the supplier or heard about him only the good reviews. In many countries, an oral contract is equal to the writing, but usually the problem is that the oral agreement is almost impossible to prove. Of a written contract should be your standard condition for any deal. Explain this to the supplier, if your "disbelief" is his bewilderment or resentment. You are dealing with company from one country, but when you put up an invoice or proforma invoice, it turns out that he put up another company and this company may be in another country. It is common practice in some countries, but we encourage in every possible way to avoid such situations. If the deal did not materialize, or if there are any problems with the goods, you will be quite difficult to find a company that is directly responsible for the delivery and call it to account. In any case, we recommend you check your suppliers using our service "check companies."

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