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Volume exceeds 30 million euro-Dresden, 25.01.2011 – the Dresdner financial INFINUS can look back on a successful year 2010 in the hotel’s own funds. So the three sub-funds in the variants INFINUS relaxed could Fund (WKN A0X8JJ), balanced Fund (WKN A0X8JM) and dynamic Fund (WKN A0X8JH) with their aggregate cash inflows to the balance sheet date December 31, 2010 that exceed 30-million euro and volume so that within one year more than double. The 2009 set up funds are managed according to an asset management approach. The Fund management of mutual funds and ETF’s as well as from stocks, bonds and certificates can select based on clearly defined target ranges at the returns and sizes of loss of. These are be raised depending on the market situation and Variant without a fixed benchmark flexible weighted in critical phases can also the Cashquoten up to 100 per cent of the Fund assets. “The inflows are a special vote of confidence for our House is”, explains Jens Pardeike, CEO of INFINUS AG financial services institution.

We met exactly the Zeitgeist of our now more than 620 partners in the MiFID with the wealth management approach.” The focus of INFINUS’s philosophy are mainly products that operate with fixed yield and risk parameters and exposed to the fluctuations on the capital markets is not one to one. Our partner CATUS AG has a special expertise in flexible approaches as a Fund Manager of the Fund and therefore our full confidence”, Pardeike brings together. So could the portfolio management with Manfred Wiegel and also in markets battered by the debt and currency crisis of 2010 all cliffs sure circumnavigate Ernst Rudolf for all versions to continue the stable growth of the previous year. For this the INFINUS relaxed has received three out of five stars for a stable growth compared fund a few days ago by the independent Austrian ECAI FAIT for his performance to his peer group. The INFINUS AG financial services institution is up-to-date with a total of four represent own mutual funds on the market. These are also part of unit-linked pension insurance of the House about the well-known platforms available and beyond. In addition to the mentioned Fund of part of ecoConsort has received in December of last year of also the INFINUS his approval of the distribution Fund (WKN A1C8W9).

The investment universe include mainly target funds and individual plants, the ecological, ethical or other sustainability criteria. The INFINUS AG financial services institution 2002 was nationwide about 620 business partners (as of December 31, 2010) at the current headquarters in Dresden as according to 32 German Banking Act (KWG) licensed company founded and supervised. As a multifunctional service provider for free brokers, INFINUS with Commission revenues amounting to EUR 11.8 million and assets under control over 420 million euros among the top under the German liability roofs. The exclusive product portfolio includes among other things systems with fixed interest character and maturity between 30 days and 15 years. In addition, are with the INFINUS Relaxed Fund, balanced fund and dynamic Fund as well as the ecoConsort Fund four asset-managing in-house funds on offer. An all financial concept, which will be implemented together with its sister company INFINUS sales & service AG, yielding a consultation from age – and risk management to real estate services and assets in the most demanding categories of private banking. The Creditreform rating AG has assessed for the second time with the rating grade A INFINUS.

How To Make Garden Bench2016.11.11. // News

For rustic garden bench will be a place in almost every garden. And thus a quiet place to relax. For this tutorial on manufacturing and materials you "make" a great copy for the adults. A word of advice: All children can be like a child just made and the children's format. You will need: A list of tools and materials: – Electric drill – a tool often in the form of a pistol, inside of which there are traction converter, starting switch, reverse, or rheostat thyristor power controller, motor (SACs), and (in most cases) a mechanism for drilling with a bang. On the shaft (spindle) is a drill chuck intended for the installation of various plumbing and building tips .. Check out Walt Disney for additional information. – Motor Saw chain with a small impact.

For example, STIHL MS 180 C with PiccoMicro Mini. – For the back: 2 racks (length depending on the desired height), a board length of about 120 cm – Kruglyak, length about 120 cm, diameter 30 cm – 2 logs for the legs, length 30 cm, diameter 30 cm – 12 screws 150 mm Step 1 of 4: Commit round timber and make the seat Record first round timber from a possible rolling – for example, by wooden wedges. Seating round timber is cut approximately in half. Draw a mark for cutting first at one end side, and then – on the longitudinal sides. Now the cut vertical cuts first sitting until the middle of round timber.

Then turn round timber to 180 degrees and do the cut on the other side. Step 2 of 4: Produce legs now fabricate legs. Both short logs are fitted to the seat with the v-shaped cut and fastened with screws. Step 3 of 4: Screw the rack rack Screw the legs and seat. Step 4 of 4: Installation of back Finish: lacking only the installation of the back. Board connected to the supports at the desired height of 2 screws on each. Make it your own! We wish you much pleasure and success.

Interior Ministry2016.11.08. // News

Heesen, Personentracking and visualization of innovative systems for emergency and rescue management in buildings of Constance, 09 April 2013. For the 8th time the virtual fires takes place on 25 and 26 April 2013 Congress in St. Georgen. On this year’s Congress, the specialist for management control systems and mobile solutions innovative procedures for indoor navigation, Personentracking and visualization presents GmbH as an industrial partner in the joint research project with the University of Karlsruhe in integrated information systems. This means interesting possibilities for the range of disaster and emergency management in buildings. A position independent of the building infrastructure, velocity, and orientation determination allows, for example, in case of fire falling away power, that disaster management and rescue measures can be more targeted and carried out systematically.

Mobile solutions have been developed for such cases in the joint project for autonomous indoor navigation and visualization Personentracking (see in detail). These are presented to participants in a joint presentation and discussed possible scenarios for professional forces. As part of the joint research project mobile device our product sphinx comes for the visualization in the control console and on the open online to use. Sphinx open online based sphinx open on the product that is used successfully in thousands of control stations for many years and now provides this functionality as a complete platform from the cloud. Enabling solutions with low initial cost, using existing CAD data in the shortest time designed, parameterised and without development effort on mobile devices be rolled out. On the basis of a central data server, so consistent and georeferenced location representations in the control room in conjunction with mobile devices in use are possible. This use case is complemented by robust mobile devices from other industry partners. We are working to mobile usage scenarios in conjunction with central control stations optimum, support. Hhpberlin with the Interior Ministry of Baden-Wurttemberg as patrons and Congress partners such as BASF, benntec systems, Dassault Systemes, Microsoft and T-systems are involved in the event of well-known organizations.

Honorary Active Godfather2016.11.04. // News

You are all special pioneers of citizenship are active sponsors a modern version of the godfather. Many children have no godfather or in never. Many children have also not active Godfather. But if they have one, then you see him every week. The basic idea is the same for both versions: a child or young people to help to find their way in life and discover its sunny side. One of the Hauptaktivitaten of active Godfather is active listening.

And skillfully, unless discouraged parents, exuberant children, or mouth-lazy youth. All these customers have one thing in common: you have wanted to have regular contact with, who has little time for them with an adult. He of course not only can listen to, but also, as far as it concerns children and young people, on which of the godchild ‘ proposed activities in the framework of its possibilities can enter. Bunjee jumping not included most of the time. Active Godfather accompany young people in various stages of life. The Objectives are more or less specific. The Famlienpatenschaften is about coping with everyday problems of parents who have small children.

The smaller children are so sensitive they register the worries of parents, even if they can not even speak. The child sponsorships (rental grannies, Godfather grandmothers, godmothers) involves children who can already speak and run. You need lots of speech and attention. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Time Warner by clicking through. This is sometimes deal, if a few adults even in the stress in the today’s cancelled. If it specifically concerns problems at school homework and reading support is announced first and foremost. Learning sponsorships volunteers, who also likes to work with small groups of children interested. Finally, there is still the job sponsorships. The customers are main disciples in the last class, which is hard to do with the conclusion but have enough motivation to accept foreign help. Upon successful completion, the godfather of the job helps also assist with finding work, preferably after a training course, or at least after a Work, which offers some perspective to the young people. Women dominate clearly in family and child sponsorships. Men are also learning and job sponsorships. The number of local free negotiations for active partners in Germany has grown in the past 10 years from 30 to over 900. On our nationwide database are to read their addresses and special orientations… On average, a mediation supervised about 20 active Godfather. You be prepared not only for their task but also during the sponsorship regularly accompanied and supported. Not much compared to the 20 million volunteers total are 20000 active Godfather in whole Germany. An active sponsorship is just a particularly challenging volunteering. It requires empathy and patience. The success is not always immediately visible. Remains all participants but something always hang: the Godfather the memory of someone who has pleased about his help and maybe for a lifetime something like this has benefited, for the Godchild”brought the memory of someone, the time, and new ideas, without ulterior motives, and without any ideological influence. Active godfathers are still rare. But they are more. They show consciously or unconsciously the way how our democratic society can survive through participation and responsibility…

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