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This phenomenon haunts us throughout life. It is inextricably connected to everything around him. We read about it in books, the term of her poems, we see it around: the homes of others, and in his home. We run from it, for fear of the unknown. But death is the beginning of life.

They are inextricably svyaany between themselves and the end of one is the beginning of another, forming a vicious circle. They are like two sides of one coin, so different and in fact the same. If life – it is 6, then death – 9. And vice versa. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shines more light on the discussion. Even the ancient Greeks knew that the human soul is immortal and able to live outside the corruptible body. Underground world of Hades to the Greeks was full of disembodied souls, where each took on something that is worthy of: peace, or eternal torment. The expression 'dead soul' is semantically incorrect, because the soul can not die.

Being on the other side of the underground river Styx, it continues to exist, to think. You can recall a scene from the works of Homer, where Odysseus the underworld to find answers to their questions. He meets many souls of dead people and even talking to them as dead know much more than him alive. But despite the fact that the Greeks well know and represent the future in the realm of Hades, they still continued to be afraid of death and perceived loss of loved ones, as a tragedy. On the other hand, it was simpler than modern humans, in the sense that they deeply believe in the existence of the all-powerful gods, prayers and sacrifices. And all of this could contribute to a happy life of the weak human race, both on land and under it. The Greeks believed and that belief to instill in their hearts with hope for a happy future, which helped to overcome all difficulties and fears, and helped to live. The modern world is utterly lost in himself, in an increasing number of different religions, doctrines and opinions. In the end, everyone believes in something of their own. Oddly enough, with the active development of civilizations, with the seemingly huge head start compared with ancient times, we still remain the same timid children, like the Greeks, in the face of death, not knowing anything sure. Although now and has appeared on this subject countless books, films, various studies, stories of eyewitnesses. Perhaps the clue to the mystery of death is already known, but she never, I repeat – never, not become apparent proven and known to all, because then, in any case would collapse all that humanity has built over the centuries in their minds, no matter whether it is a theological theory, whether political or even any other. We can only believe there is no death.

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