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Hello, friends! I decided to raise the most relevant topic for everyone – life. Yes, it is life. After all, how we live affects our health, values, attitude, health, social circle and, to a great extent, on fate. Do you feel yourself a happy person? And how often do you feel yourself a happy man? Try to honestly answer these 2 questions. If both answers yes – congratulations! You are happy and successful person. Feel free to close this page to continue to receive maximum enjoyment of life. If not – read on. Little secret Each of you has their values and priorities, and over time they have properties change.

For example, yesterday you were dreaming about career development in a large company, but today poised to embark on building their business. And it is absolutely normal! I will tell you a little secret: your life depends on it Your priorities. You act in those areas of life that you override. Accordingly, the dream, set goals and act in these areas. And nothing, but this is just a theory. In practice, most often observed bias in favor of any spheres. In one area a person can feel much more successful than another, and vice versa.

As a result, there is no right balance and it is very difficult to achieve success in all priority directions, and, hence, full of life satisfaction. For example, a novice businessman, is so fond of business, that it overshadowed the health and family values. As a result, constant quarrels with loved ones and relatives, lack of time for children, deterioration of health Certainly, such situations should be corrected, but before the fix, you need to figure out where it is skewed. Not so long ago, somewhere six months ago, I was able to communicate with coaches a fast-growing international company. They showed me a powerful tool which I use until now. This thing called a “wheel of life balance.” I really like this simple, but at the However, an effective technique. The wheel looks like this: First, draw a circle that is divided into several parts. Center of the circle is taken as zero, and from all sides of the rays are laid equal segments. Remember how in school drawing the coordinate axes? By the same principle established by the values here. The maximum value we have is ten, respectively, each beam is divided by 10 equal parts. Next comes into your sober assessment and honesty. All that is required of you – this is noted on a ten scale, satisfaction with every aspect of life. Assume that you have a great career and a rapid growth in the service. Hence, the satisfaction of the sector can be estimated at 10 points. But with the health you have not. Hence, on a ten scale up health clearly falls short. Let’s say, serious health problems there, and quite a lot smaller. Suppose, in this case satisfaction in the sector “Health” can be assessed points on 6. Similarly, the estimated state of affairs in other important segments for you. Estimates are all very individual and depend on your feelings. Just be honest with a! For greater objectivity can show the result a loved one. Score That’s it! Now we estimate, “roll” if your wheel, that is, whether you achieved balance in the various spheres of life?

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Beliefs are the norms or rules according to which we live. Further details can be found at Jeffrey L. Bewkes, an internet resource. Depending on which each one of us have can empower us or can confine ourselves to preventing from reaching our objectives. Limiting beliefs are those thoughts that continually tell us not I, I do not deserve it, the men are all the same, I’m not good/good enough to achieve this, if I open my heart it will do me harm, marriages do not last, with my salary I do not get to make ends meet, the rich are bad people, luck is for, etc. These limiting beliefs we live them as immutable truths, we build them based on our experiences without realizing that we are limiting in some area of our life. Below I will share a little exercise so that you can transform beliefs that are limiting you.

Let’s for example to transform the following belief: men are all equal, to do continuation will respond to the following questions:-what facts demonstrate this belief? Do-what facts show the opposite of this belief? Do-what price are paying for having this belief? Do-what positive intention has this belief? Do-you feel peace or stress with this belief inside yourself? Do-what you for this belief? -In which scope is valid this belief? Do-with what standards compare? -What possibilities opens or closes this belief? Do-you want to continue holding this belief? Now, it takes consciousness of your answers, until point you power or limits you this belief? If you like the results you’re getting, continues to act as usual and keep your beliefs. But if you don’t like acts differently and changing your beliefs and replacing them with new ones. You can choose your beliefs! The way in which we speak is a reflection of the beliefs that we hold.If you change the way in which you speak, you will begin to change your limiting beliefs. Please present these strategies and You will be able to overcome yourself.

Happiness Transforms2018.09.27. // News

Fernando Alexis Jimenez the day that confirmed you its progressive deterioration in health status, was visualized through enormous bridging. In the half, a border. I couldn’t move towards the bitterness, or take steps backwards, until you reach the same limit of what had always been: a person happy and full of optimism. Juan de Dios Oliveira, Sao Pablo, Brazil, attributed his healing of depressive States, to two facts: the first, his deep faith in God and in the healing that brings to our being, and the second, cultivate habits of happiness. Human beings were created to live fully, not to fill us with bitterness. The Apostle Paul wrote in the first century Christians of Rome about the need not to lose the joy, above any even adverse circumstance: in which requires diligence, not lazy; fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope; suffered in the tribulation; constants in prayer; sharing for the needs of the Saints; practicing hospitality. (Romans 12.11-12) if we attend the conviction that God is on our side, strengthens us and always leads to victory, we can overcome, no matter what obstacles come to pass.

The joy that comes from the depths of a heart transformed by the Holy Spirit, will always pop up: because the Kingdom of God is not food or drink, but justice, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.(Romans 14: 17). Let me tell you something: if it is dam of bitterness or despair, is not fault of God but you yourself, because your attitude not settled in the Lord, but in their own conditions, which are based on an attitude without faith, negative. Happiness transform one of the most joyful of our century men, doctor Patch Adams, passed 300, 365 days a year, talking about happiness. It is a habit that took over when he was 24 years old.

Associations Strengthen Their Commitment To The DMS EXPO2018.09.15. // News

BITKOM and VDMA VOI are carriers of the DMS EXPO / positive signal for leading trade fair for enterprise content management Stuttgart, 6 August 2013. The DMS EXPO has with the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM), the VDMA trade association software and the VOI Association organisational and information systems now three winners. Thus, the associations confirms the importance of the DMS EXPO as a leading trade fair for enterprise content management within the trade association with the IT & business and the CRM-expo. Digital information management Central is for the three associations: the VOI which supported the event since the founding of the DMS EXPO, sees itself as expertise related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems. For even more analysis, hear from Robert Iger . BITKOM has raised the subject of ECM in the heart of its agenda, its own competence center in the life.

The VDMA trade association software finally has intensified its engagement around ECM. So he was already during the DMS EXPO 2012 a guide introduction a Document management system”before. On the DMS EXPO DMS EXPO will take place this year on the Stuttgart trade fair from September 24 to 26. As a leading trade fair for enterprise content management (ECM), she informed about all facets of digital information management. The range of topics ranging from document management (DMS) and output management to E-post, de-mail and input management.

“Under the claim where IT works” it forms together with the parallel IT & business, trade fair for IT solutions, and the CRM-expo, leading trade fair for customer relationship management, from the entire spectrum of enterprise software. 2013, the focus on big data, cloud computing, and mobile solutions. Suitable to the overarching concept, the trade fairs with a ticket can be visited. The ticket costs 25 euros at the box office (reduced 15). Who uses online registration, receives the card at a ticket price of 15 euros (reduced ten euros). You can find more information, press releases and photos to the DMS EXPO at: dmsexpo net/itandbusiness itandbusiness press contacts: State Fair Stuttgart GmbH Catherine Bittner exhibition Piazza 1 70629 Stuttgart phone: + 49 711 18560-2341 fax: + 49 711 18560-2700 E-Mail: PR agency of good news! Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 GmbH 23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

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Should provide at least 10% Cash Flow Items for sale in fifth place. Should provide at least 5% below the average cash flow margin for the market to sell products in the second turn. Should provide at least 20% of the cash flows Products sales in the fourth turn. (Source: Jeffrey L. Bewkes). Should provide at least 5% of the cash flow products, which should be removed from the range is evident that all products are segmented into five categories. The first – the main one. It includes the most anticipated products from the secondary market today on margin. Discovery Communications contains valuable tech resources. Second – this is the most predictable of less than marginal product. These two categories have to give a total of at least 80% of receipts in retail trade.

From correct segmentation of the range of these two categories depends on the success of anti-crisis recovery of the retailer. The following three product groups add up to 20% of cash flow. That is – a little bit. But with them, as Typically, there is the greatest number of problems and troubles. Target for services that run range, is as follows: to minimize or even eliminate such a group at all. But not by "Destruction" and using "translation" into the category of the first two.

In other words – they need to make sales more predictable. And the last category – products "on the flight." It must be admitted that such is already and will appear with the increasing crisis sobering consumers. The sooner this fact is recognized retailer, and take the necessary action, the less the possibility of problems he drags along in the future.

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