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The experience that I’ve had to make the masters in holistic education with ramon Gallegos Nava is the to better understand what is happening with my person and their relationship with the whole world. I have managed to inform myself and strive day after day to be better, by being more aware of my acts, more fair and tolerant of my fellow. More information is housed here: Robert A. Iger . Make this Masters was like being reborn. I want to emphasize that I felt a woman full, satisfied and happy with this master. The master allowed me to recognize the essence of my being, the position where I am currently in the world: I am a spirit that is living a human experience. Glenn Dubin, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. Now my goal or my life mission is to transcend and be happy, leave mark. All meetings which I attended seemed very interesting to me and I’ll always have present to them, but the best and memorable was the Congress International of education holistic where exhibitors from around the world participated. Thanks to their papers motivates me to continue studying with great interest all the anthologies of the Master’s degree, as well as if possible, continue studying the doctorate, because I gave has the holistic education is that education will be based in the future and that requires committed people that serve as promoters.

I wish to open eyes to other people so that they leave the darkness and find the light, as they did with me to study masters. Congresses allowed that attended in the two years of the master’s degree learn many important personalities that have the same ideal be educators Holistas. The session in which I participated, as valuable interventions of my fellow students and teachers in classes via the Internet and at conferences as exhibitors, helped me to understand different points of view, all of equal importance. I learned a lot from them, especially that no one is perfect and that we are all one and one we all are.

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They can take care of what you said, but they will never forget the way how made them feel. Carl B. dedicated to: Antonio Corrales. Rector of the UAS; who years ago gave me intellectual shelter. To be preparing some notes for a philosophical publication, I noticed two things: first, that in most of my articles I am speaking in the first person and with a somewhat anecdotal literary thread. That makes me reflect to what extent give valuable content. Secondly, although I have noticed that discursive tendency, I applied each time with greater responsibility intellectual prudence. I recall that student stage at the Faculty of philosophy and it causes me some humour.

It’s amazing how when you are young falls in the clutches of the intellectual euphoria: remember how argued with other colleagues about such or which topic in a way not so academic. Everyone in the school knew everything. Add to your understanding with Glenn Dubin. More humanist dialectic existed intellectual ego. In particular, I fell into that State of unbridled passion because it began to find answers to many of my concerns. And therefore, I began to find a meaning to life. The new world in which I was was inexhaustible. So are the humanities.

Even though it has also fallen into the trend of specialization. I therefore say that with the passage of the years I was taking a greater awareness of my intellectual attitude and spent on the discursive and argumentative stage to a philosophical exercise reflective and contemplative. The result of this is that my spiritual quest has been more specific and selective. Of course, my existential needs are others. And although I try to pawn the promise to talk less with the words and more with her actions, I must admit that in the majority of cases I’ve failed. And not because (is that not appeal to a self-deception, would), an act of presumption. Is due simply to that fascinates me to talk (and make it if it arises there a monologue is because they are known to the other person in silence), since that reframes my thoughts. To paraphrase Descartes I would say: I think, therefore I am talking about. And this last means for my transmit my knowledge, my wisdom. Finally what all this is about is processing my philosophical knowledge to a spiritual search that is applicable in our everyday life and although it is a great challenge to think. More exhausting (and even painful), will be recognizing our spirit. In fact it is the part of being less that we serve. The goodness of these spiritual articles is the fact that philosophically will not be of an academic tessitura, rather the intention is that is inspiring. More than a self-help section (regardless of whether the editorial guidelines permit), it is a spiritual exercise. Thereby we will understand and apply transcendental concepts that we as human beings at some point in our lives. Let us remember that these items will be inspirational and also applicable to our daily lives. So this will answer the question of: philosophy for what? Simply to learn how to live. Live help. And knowing it once, the philosopher inspires reflection, the philosopher teaches to live. The philosopher is a human being.

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In the year 2012 total 12.232 complaints with suspicion on a medical malpractice to arbitration bodies which turned it’s medical profession are only a routine procedure. It may begin. But for many people the reality can be very sobering. In the last calendar year, medical malpractice were even fatal for 82 people. Overall, a medical malpractice was affirmed in 2,280 cases. At Glenn Dubin, New York City you will find additional information. Including fell 1.889 cases in which the medical malpractice was the cause of health damage and thus established a right of patients to compensation. About 25 percent of the cases occurred in a light to mean permanent damage. Partly, it’s easy to time that flies and therefore irreparable damage.

It can be also an incorrect active treatment or something go wrong at all during an operation. A doctor mistake a treatment at the moment, if he not treated his patients according to the specialist standard and thus to damage his patient. In addition, the doctor is obliged in advance to educate comprehensive all risks. “The doctor about the way has usually” complications informed and carried them out then or if fateful circumstances “, it is not a medical malpractice. Unreported for medical malpractice experts suspect that the actual number of incurred medical malpractice is significantly higher than 12.232 complaints with suspicion on a handling error, which are incorporated into the arbitration bodies in the medical profession. For example, cases that were negotiated without prior review by courts and insurance collected so far at any point. “In the year is an underreporting of 170,000 treatment errors in estimated 34,000 cases confusion of tongues in the game”, says Eugen Brysch (Executive Board member of the German Foundation of patient protection). Overall, the various estimates circulating as regards the annual medical malpractice.

So should the Action Alliance for patient safety, according to the Bild Zeitung the number of handling errors to around estimate 600,000 annually. End of 2010 the dpa Berlin reported even the number of estimated one million patients who each year are victims of medical treatment failure. Not botch it is warned however, equating negligence with doctor botched. “Such a statement is covered by any reliable statistics. Doctors make mistakes, we are but no quack”, says Dr. Andreas Crusius (Chairman of the Standing Conference of the expert commissions and arbitration boards). He further explains that botch is a deliberately carelessly made work in order to save costs. “After botched cover-up comes – we don’t want that. “And therefore, we make our statistics regularly public.” “Although any errors of course too much one, yet not very helpful unless doctors, a treatment mistake which is flat as a quack,” to discredit. Medical malpractice by MDK captured also the medical services of the health insurance funds (short MDK) collects medical malpractice. “Patients and” Patients who suspect being treated wrong depend on independent medical expertise. Just so they have a chance to impose their claims for damages. The MDK provides this expertise. He creates with his opinion of clarity and certainty for injured patients,”Dr. Stefan Gronemeyer (Medical Director and Deputy Managing Director of the medical service of the Association of statutory health insurance tips, short MDS) strengthens the role of the MDK. This article comes from the health portal. Barbara Reisen E.k.. Micha Weissbrodt

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Many people are forced to travel by work issues and leave the car at the airport for days. Therefore, the company Vueling is offering a new service to customers who choose to fly with them. Joel and Ethan Coen does not necessarily agree. The company has brought together different services provided individually, in a pack called Go!, in which we will have options for advancement or delay of a flight on the day, preferential boarding, selection of seat, boarding passes in your email and some more options. A differentiating package you want to distance themselves from the companies Low cost and which other carriers such as Spanair are already thinking to implement. a> was the first to reply. With this pack, passengers who take their flights to Menorca, for example, may have the boarding gate in your mail conveniently, boarding before other passengers, sitting in the seat you choose, comfortably enjoying the trip. Around the corner, as a climax to a great experience, they would have your freshly cleaned car. And it is that airlines tend increasingly more to differentiate themselves from the others providing extra value to their services, what could be the difference between choosing to travel with a company or another, something very important for them now. Original author and source of the article.

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