Active Job Destruction Thanks To2023.07.27. // News

Active job destruction 1 jobs thanks to quote: “the community saves and can largely waive third-party. “Job loss in the latter case, OK, but on the other hand also loss of the targeted skimming of public funds.” 2. quote: “why is one about not generally to basically to communal work (E.g. Jeffrey L. Bewkes brings even more insight to the discussion. aid work in the garbage, mowing in parks, street cleaning, etc.) to unemployed to draw.” Work which should be better performed by regular workers are generally held by so-called 1 jobbers. These areas include in the performance of the public duties and are thus regularly to pay, then at least not Hartz4 receiver would be this. If no third-party should be included, since social security jobs fall away, where the people concerned are then reflected in Hartz4. 1-Jobber come the municipalities more expensive, because in addition to the Hartz4 sentence + the municipality pays the cost of the accommodation (rent, costs, heating costs) “non-profit” organizations that set this 1-Sklaven, even a few hundred euros, so that these free and carousel concern disenfranchised Jobber. Expected along this Hartz4 sets with the cost of the “non-profit” organizations, it would be quite possible to make this all regular jobs subject to social insurance. The consequences would be less administrative costs, more proper jobs, more revenue for the already damp social insurance and you would give back their dignity the people so that these will be taken from them by the tracking service. Also would be destroyed not continuously regular jobs in third-party.

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