AOL Idea2015.04.21. // News

How many times have we all ever thought if only I had had this idea … No other medium like the Internet offers so many opportunities here – and has so many success stories reported. In the beginning was always just an idea, usually only a pipe dream – but these fantasies now dominate many of the market. The list is long: eBay, Google, GMX, AOL. Just last year started ine new model: the Rckwrtsauktion on My-Hammer – now the undisputed market leader. And you can – even without knowledge of programming or software! Just now offers a chance in the Bulletin board – with the right software, you can implement every idea, and perhaps even among the big names are now on the net! You already have an idea and not afraid of a few hours of work – haperst only with the knowledge and you do not dare to break new ground! This is wrong – even if you do not have the necessary knowledge, there is always someone who has it. Even for a start in a completely foreign territory may, with verve,have clever idea and running very quickly more than just success. Just good ideas for super-fast display markets are implemented with the right software ads – which today was just an idea, or chimera, that can win tomorrow, the whole Internet, and even sometimes downright revolutionize even. Many others have also begun views were quite small – but now no one laughs at the time of their oh-so-crazy and stupid idea. The laughter of yesterday are now the envy. Do not laugh at others but themselves and share their ideas – but the idea before anyone else slightly disenchanted and faster than you. Many “dumb” ideas have made the Internet what it is today, a global community which is dominated by a few large scale. Are you one of those Great!

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