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Traditional Chinese painting is very different from the west. In form it is close to European Impressionism – the only difference that had existed for many centuries before the appearance of the latter. Picture – it's a different world, where grass can be black, and the faces – red. But all together in the same context looks organic, artist sees the harmonious fusion of human and natural. Chinese painting is moving from complex to simple. If painted fish, the clean water area around the means, while painting the mountains clean space can turn into a cloud. Traditional painting tends to monochrome, monochrome canvas, believing in the spirit of Taoism representations that "five colors blind man." It is understood that the abundance of external beauty can distract from the beauty of the inner, true.

Usually, the picture is written as if in one breath without stopping. Often people do not for a few days away from the canvas. It was only after finishing the whole picture, the artist can return to it later and clarify details. On Chinese paintings, as a rule, there are characters. This is the name of the picture, the author's name and personal seal of the artist. Without personal printing picture is incomplete. Gain insight and clarity with Andi Potamkin. Very often, the picture is decorated with verses from the traditional Chinese poetry, suitable in mood or thoughts, as well as philosophical sayings. History of Chinese Culture covers the 5000 years long. period. The historical development of the Far East and the civilizations of China has created a lot of important things.

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