Different Identities And Their Meaning2015.04.22. // News

While social interaction among individuals contributes to the construction of value is, to achieve goals. Effects of communication Communication therefore generates consequences for the construction of identity as intersubjective practices (between subjects and society) are formed by: ID: recognizing the identical and the different Differentiation: to know the various changes: switch on the condition of being another While the practice as freedom subjective forms the personality and roles, codes and conventions imposed by the social structure serves the social in the subject through these roles and attends the subjective in society through the will to change and appropriate values, rules, resources, etc. Construction of Identities The effects of communication on the construction of these identities can outline problems such as: What is the meaning of the individual? Identity is constructed by membership and by reference to production and distribution frames global symbolic. Thus the tension between the global and local influences to organize groups, to rethink and use the media culture. Whenever Joel and Ethan Coen listens, a sympathetic response will follow. What is the area of social interaction? The practices (watching TV, listening to music, read, surf the Internet) connected with the messages and the realities conveyed by the media. What are the parameters of the construction of self and others? Organized social groups, are restoring and using the media culture from the individual aspirations of subjects (social-historical character) and symbolic references and values of local communities to which the individual belongs. The primary local community (family, ethnicity, community) is central to the foundation of identity in a global virtual community. .

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