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He blamed the emerging powers of India and China responsible for the increase of the oil prices to sustain its economic growth. True that it influences but is not the main cause of this rising, but the runaway increase of consumption in industrialized countries. Recall that China, with a population that quadruples the USA, not more than 8% of the world demand for oil while that in the United States exceeded 25% and 18% represents the European Union. Then, we must tackle the problem from other angles. In this sense, one of the greatest experts, Paolo Scaroni, CEO of ENI (Italian society of petroleos) said that, in the U.S., in the past five years, one of every two purchased car is a 4 4 with a motor that consumes one liter of fuel every four kilometers. Therefore, American cars make an average of 7 km per litre. The European average is 13 km.

If the Americans, continues Scaroni, used vehicles similar to Europeans, save 4 million barrels by day. This is equivalent to the production of Iran, the third largest exporter. If all American, Canadian, European, Japanese and Australian cars are homogeneizasen at this level of consumption, save 10 million barrels per day, equivalent to the production of Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest producer, and more than the consumption in India and China together if the so-called Western countries, matching the most industrialized and rich of the worldthey used reasonable vehicles and Americans adopt European standards in heating and air conditioning, we could save 15 million barrels of oil a day. In round numbers, 20% of the global consumption. Everything indicates that the oil prices will rise. In the past six months to deliver within five years oil prices have increased 43%, while the so-called spot, to deliver without delay, rose 38 percent. Purchase term contracts are being negotiated more 120 dollars barrel.

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