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Routes give life to different regions of Brazil and avoid the generation of a possible bottleneck in this process of growth, bolstering a nascent economic development which has specific effects on the social situation of the population which slowly improves their income levels and begins to change their consumption habits. This phenomenon, that it promises to accelerate in the medium term, it is followed with attention by the implications that you have in the cash market for domestic consumption increasing, since, although the population of Brazil reaches to the 190 million inhabitants, a high proportion of it is located below the poverty line by possessing a limited purchasing power. Although it is still premature and complex to estimate how these investments in the railway sector will impact on different economic sectors of Brazil, which can be ensured is that they will have a sensitive and sustained at the level of employment, incidence that will require great amount of labor for the laying of the railway branches and all those activities required to build the infrastructure that the project needs. Investments in the railway sector promise beyond the Brazilian borders. From Peru, another economy that promises an interesting economic development in the coming years and prepares to do so, has emerged a version related to the topic. The concessionaire of the railway line that connects the South and Southeast of Peru, Transandine Railway (Fetransa), is analysing a project to build a railway line to connect the country with Brazilian territory, project with an estimated investment of more than US $1,000 million, a lead time of five to ten years, and which may imply an important increase of the trade flow between the two countries and regions that will be crossed by the railroad to flourish. Also probably premature to venture the project impact of railway investments on the different economic sectors in Brazil.

But one of the companies that will benefit from the largest rail infrastructure will surely be America Latina Logistica (BVSP:ALLL3), a holding company of railway logistics services based in Brazil, which provides logistics solutions integrated from a regional presence. Source: Robert Iger . The company has 15,000 kilometers of railway lines in Brazil and Argentina, more than 550 locomotives, 17,000 cars, 3,000 trucks (between themselves and third parties), and 160 Road Railers (are bimodal facilities that transit routes and roads). America Latina Logistica also has centres of almacenaje-distribucion and customs management areas strategically located at major points of the Mercosur. This project of railway investment undoubtedly has been very good news for the company, although it is probably difficult at the moment to be able to verify the benefits of the Government’s plan will mean for the same. While America Latina Logistica do accounts, Brazil continues its March towards economic development. Ah! And finally, another good news for Brazil: the Moodys sovereign risk rating agency joined Standard & Poor s and Fitch Ratings, and has improved the credit rating of the debt of Brazil being recognized as investment grade. Horacio Pozzo report with tips from investment Global value – if us continues for three months, you probably bought some of the actions recommended in our report of Global value investment, and has experienced any of these returns: if not accompanied by habermos, is still in time: already come recommended from October to invest in Wall Street! Get your report by clicking here original author and source of the article.

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