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In traditional black kebah, employing only white drivers, the fare is 12 pounds for 15 minutes. Sit in the cab should be behind because the lev to the driver’s seat is missing – instead arranged for the luggage area. Driver’s seat separated from the rear seat glass pergorodkoy.

Money serves only the driver leaving the car. Chat with a carrier for Life in London is not accepted. You can try to save by going to the so-called mini-cab. This is a simple multi-colored passenger cars, stuck on by a logo and phone company. But the driver of the mini-cab to Typically, a Bengali or Pakistani, on arrival may charge a fee greater than what it was originally stipulated. Leslie Moonves understood the implications. But the worst thing to get to the driver-Somalis – piracy came from Somalia, not only in the Arabian Sea, but and on the streets of London.

Many London hotels are called by their addresses, for example, the name of the hotel is 10 Manchester Str means that the 46-nomeronoy hotel, built in 1919, located at Manchester Street 10. Similar names are those hotels as 130 Queensgate, 22 Jermyn Street, or 44 Curzon Street. Single room in the average hotel starts from 180 pounds. Double room costs around 250-400. One of the cheapest hotels is fashionable to call City Hotel. Contrary to the title, he is not in the City, and on Osborne Street. Here, a single room can be rented for 55-150 pounds, and double costs from 65 to 150. In recent years, particularly advanced tourists prefer to stay in hotels and apartments are to rent. Of course, rent an apartment rent is more expensive than a monthly basis, but if you come to London for a couple of weeks, you do not make sense to enter into a lease for a year. The cost of such short-term lease of the same 200-400 pounds, and a hotel, but not in the day and week. If you wish to stay in a prestigious area, the apartment with a full service will cost you 120-150 per day, that is, as a room in a cheap hotel. However, the search for such an apartment should not arrive, but book in advance. Particularly strong demand for such apartments in the summer and at Christmas.

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Magical scenery, as if descended from paintings by Van Gogh, where the cliffs are combined with lush forests and waterfalls, stunning subtropical climate, when in February, begin to blossom magnolia and flowering almond, and clear air bottled scents of lavender, olive oil and wine – a world of uniqueness and extravagance. Here are concentrated luxurious villas and exquisite restaurants, expensive hotels and luxury yahty.Bud is brilliant Monte Carlo or Cannes with their magnificent palace and part of the Festival, or the fantastic light and wonderful sea of Saint-Tropez – French Riviera is sure to attract from across the world of wealthy people, not only for recreation and entertainment, but also for business. After all, property in France is not only prestigious, but relevant and profitable investment. Demand in some areas far outstrips supply, which allows objects also steadily grow in value. For many buying a house on the Cote d’Azur – is primarily a sign of elitism and good taste, as well as the opportunity to increase their capital without risk. Wealthy Europeans and Americans, Arab sheiks and movie stars worldwide knowingly chosen this corner of the planet. Cote d’Azur is ready to offer you the best of what he has! Or maybe you prefer a quiet apartment? You can be sure our company will be able to meet the needs of any client! Company French Luxury, founded in the heart of the Cote d’Azur, offers its services in finding, renting and buying villas and apartments, chalets, in translating and preparing all documents.

We are ready provide the necessary administrative support and assistance in selecting staff: maids, guards, gardeners. Bob Iger is often quoted as being for or against this. But apart from these services, our company is also ready to provide complete information, relating to the segment of exotic investments, is rapidly gaining momentum: we are talking about planes and yachts. Experience and excellent reputation allow us to offer the best properties, the most modern yacht and aircraft, providing a full range of high quality service. We will help you get the most attractive in the ratio of price-quality “objects, because the choice and the process of acquiring real estate fraught many pitfalls, and the challenge of our company consists precisely in the fact that France has become a second home to you as soon as possible! A real pleasure – it is working with demanding and sophisticated customers, accustomed to the impeccable service – is the philosophy of the company. We are happy to put on him all the organizational issues, making your stay in France unforgettable: book the hotel, meet you at the airport, provide a guide, interpreter and companion. It is also proposed rental executive cars, limousines and comfortable coaches. If you are interested in elite real estate in the south France, buying a new or selling that which you already own – French Luxury company is always at your service!

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