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A credit institution which is going to perform various operations with precious stones in the first place must have a General License of Bank of Russia to carry out banking operations and the license or permission to conduct operations with precious metals. It should be noted that the banks can purchase a license for example to work only with gold or silver only. According to statistics, by mid-1997 120 Commercial banks were licensed to work with precious metals. A related site: Robert Iger mentions similar findings. It should be noted that the transactions with precious metals, and not in full, spend only 20 banks, representing about 17%. Bank of Russia is determined that list and the nature of operations with precious stones, which can make specially authorized banks. Thus, in accordance with this list, banks can perform the following transactions and operations with natural precious stones with residents within the Russian Federation: purchase and sale of natural precious stones for his sales of natural gemstones from their clients on commission contracts or commission concluded with machining organizations, and other authorized banks, with industrial consumers, investors, mortgage transactions with natural gemstones. Moreover satisfaction the pledgee is carried out only at the expense of cash received from the sale of gems, with the preferential right to purchase and the Bank of Russia. Any dealings or transactions with natural gemstones with non-residents may be performed by authorized banks only in cases permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Prerogative of the state are: the export of natural precious stones from RFlyubye operations and transactions with natural precious stones outside the Russian Federation. It should list the major risks faced by commercial banks in All transactions are made with precious stones or precious metals, these include: the price risk associated with the possibility of losses from unanticipated changes in prices of precious metals (Precious stones), liquidity risk associated with the possibility of losses in the management of assets and liabilities of commercial banks in precious metals and precious stones, unbalanced in terms and size, legal risks associated with possible losses resulting from the adoption of new regulations concerning the activities of banks, or change existing ones. Jewelry

World Gold Council2017.09.14. // News

According to the World Gold Council (World Gold Council) 2011 was the first time that the demand for gold surpassed $ 200 billion since 1997. The main driver of this increase was the investment in the sector mainly caused by the distrust of investors in currencies and global economy, refuge their capitals in tangible and real gold and silver commodities. Markets which largely took over investment in 2011 were the India, China and Europe. The India and China remain the cultural bastions of gold, which generates 55% of world jewelry demand and 49% of global demand. The report stresses that the India remains the largest country in demand with 933,4 tonnes, notably taking into account the volatility of the gold price and the weakness of the Indian rupee against the U.S. dollar during the second half of the year.

Gold jewelry accounted for more than 500 tons and the demand for the investment market reached 366 tons. The consumption of the India accounted for 25% of the total of the bar. In China, annual demand stood at 769,8 tons, which meant a jeweler increased 20% compared to 2010, as a result of the increase in consumption and investment. The biggest increase was in the investment, where demand stood at 258,9 tonnes the consumption for jewelry in China increased each quarter last year and was the largest jewellery market worldwide for the second half of 2011. The demand for the metal also rebounded in Europe at close at 374,8 tons. Germany and Switzerland were the main drivers of growth in the region, which remains in economic turmoil, and thus with the need to protect assets. Central banks are trying to keep interest rates low and expand its measures of stimulation but continued the trend established in 2010 to be net buyers of gold. Purchases from central banks spent 77.0 tonnes to 439,7 tonnes.

According to the World Gold Council report, This reflects the need to diversify assets, reducing dependence on one or two foreign currencies, agglutinate reserves and protect the national patrimony. This is the largest increase of its reserves in gold in almost five decades. In the opinion of experts as famous as Mark OByrne, executive director of GoldCore, Ltd. an Irish agent that sells gold coins and bars, gold is a crucial diversification based on current economic risks. The good news is we all have now the opportunity to acquire these precious metals from very small amounts and truly exceptional prices.

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Mortgage program for today enjoys great success among consumers, as it is the universal way of lending bail. Mortgage apartment or home mortgage, also has its own conditions, mandatory for the lender, in other words, that property which is the key, as long as there is no fully repaid a loan can not be sold or reissued. See more detailed opinions by reading what Walt Disney offers on the topic.. For such properties can be apply a flat, house, land on which the house or just land. Given that each particular case requires an individual approach, provides various mortgage programs, as it can be and a mortgage loan without a fee, and mortgages for young families, in addition, mortgage banks offer different credit terms. For example, for socially unprotected citizens by the social mortgage, which assumes a mortgage with the additional help of the state, and taking into account all these aspects is quite important, what can be done only by careful study of personal issues such as mortgages and loans without mortgage. Obtain full information concerning the mortgage loans to date is quite simple, since the Internet there are many thematic resources that describe the different credit terms, provided by banks, mortgage programs, interest mortgage, refinancing a mortgage, etc. Advantageous mortgage today issued for a period of three to thirty years, depending on need, thus, you can quickly get housing, paying a loan on it in equal parts during the entire period, so often, provides an early repayment of the loan or mortgage refinancing. And, most importantly, real estate, on which you took the mortgage, is already yours, and you'll pay each month for his own apartment, and the monthly payment wholly commensurate with the payment that would have you spend on rent. One should also note the profitability of investments in real estate now – in fact, studying the real estate market and mortgage market, we can see a stable upward trend in property prices. Affordable mortgages are issued by commercial banks, which also support cooperation with government agencies, and through them you can get mortgage program of young families, with social assistance. You can also apply for a mortgage loan and the credit agency, but in any case, before making a final decision that requires careful study and choose the best and most advantageous terms of crediting.

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