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“” The store for French fabrics, country house fabrics and home accessories participates in the Pinot Noir Festival of community of interest ‘Upper Lohr’ Koblenz, 4 September 2013 as part of the community of interest upper Lohr “textiles flair invites” the address for home accessories with a French touch to the Pinot Noir celebration on the 14th and 15th September 2013 to Koblenz. In the framework of the traditional Schangelmarktes, the largest economies and market Festival in the Northern Rhineland-Palatinate, numerous producers in Burgundy in the upper Lohr of street of shops at their booths offer meats, honey and honey products, jams, cheese, wine, cremant, mustard and pies to the consumption and sale. Highlights are on Saturday, held 14.09.2013 at 20: 00 free open air cinema Noir Festival as well as the appearance of the big band “Swing and more” on Sunday. During the 14th and 15th September 2013 on the Schangelmarkt among other attractions such as the medieval spectacle with Arts and crafts market and Wine Festival in the historic old town of Koblenz lure guests by textiles flair can”look all alone in the lovingly arranged and equipped with French small furniture shop on the upper Lohr and marvel at the range of French fabrics, country house fabrics and tablecloths. On the occasion of the Burgundy offers textiles flair”guests a particularly wide choice of decoration fabrics with classic patterns such as stripes, plaids and flowers, many outlandish designs, with surprise thematic motifs. Shopping Sunday from 13 until 18: 00 on Saturday and also the customers by the extensive fabric selection can inspired no matter whether with tableclothes in the toile de Jouy patterns, country house fabrics with horses and hunting motifs, or upholstered in unusual designs with musical instruments or sports enthusiasts with Golf and tennis scenes in the retro look. Right now in the autumn, we have a special need, our home cozy “to establish and to remodel,” white Heidi Astor, owner of textiles flair”: often enough there already small embellishments, for example, with high-quality decoration fabric, country house fabrics and tableclothes in warm colors or new patterns”. The dedicated Koblenzerin advise the stylish redesign of the own four walls and also offers a special service: tablecloths, pillows and curtains are produced in the own sewing workshop according to individual requirements. For a fresh ambience of a cast textiles flair “in matching the online shop at in addition to substances French accessories such as images, smells, lanterns and China provides.

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POLAR and Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG present high-speed cutters and cutting systems from the 14th-18th May the Beijing will take place for the 8th time international exhibition of printing technology, short China print,. Time Warner has plenty of information regarding this issue. The fair has evolved in recent years to the most important trade fair, not only for China, but for the whole Asia. POLAR Compucut service in the Chinese language as two systems exhibits at the this year’s China print in addition to a solo machine 115 PF the P-NET: cutting system L-137-T and cutting system L-R-137-T PACE. The cutting system L-137-T is specially designed for the cutting of paper. About the stack lift, the operator can load the raw material in a favourable to him working height in the high-speed cutter.

There, the material is then cut to the required format and ergonomically optimized over the Transomat unloader stacked. The debris is simply placed on the transport pallet of Transomat. This sets down automatically then divided or undivided layers on a range, while the operator can already continue cut. Through the patented, portable range top achieves the POLAR Transomat high edges accuracy, allowing a direct processing in the pressure – or folding machine. The automated cutting system L-R-137-T PACE offers enormous potential for savings. Thanks to the automation the same performance compared to a manual cutting system with 2-man operation, with only a single operator. PACE (POLAR automation for cutting efficiency) here is a synonym for the automation of the cutting process. While loading, turning, and waste disposal processes are automated.

Core of the automation is in conjunction with a high-speed cutters Autotrim AutoTURN turning gripper. While car turn automated turning and positioning the cutting location, cutting waste is automatically removed via the Autotrim function. Thus, the interaction between of these two components allows to automate the first five cuts (all-around with cut). While the cutting system automatically cuts, the operator can comfortably the next in the vibrating machine Prepare the cutting location.

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