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The Cursed stress, that stress of modern life, mental and physical relaxation is one of our greatest needs in this modern age of speed stress, noise Stress kills is the concern of today. But relaxation is not something we do from the outside, without an attitude of mind reflected in the body. Stress is no resistance to the things we have or we dislike, an acceptance of the inevitable, a mental willingness to let the world be as it is, knowing that is good, no matter how fit. Therefore, relaxation from stress is a mental shrug, on these conditions or experiences that can not be avoided, knowing that somehow prove either of them alone, since the universe in which we live is good. The tension and violence are enemies of health, they disrupt the easy smooth action of the creative mind.

When we are in tension, when we're under stress hard work of the simplest tasks. nice. And when we are angry, when we are stressed, irritated our family, our friends and our partners, then human relations are more painful than wasting our energy stress and shortens our lives. We know that some people who seem to think it's a ride at full speed under is that they are under stress. they go fast, rushing and violent, they swallow their food and neglect their bodies as the horses are always anxious. The mental strain is recorded as tension in the muscle tissue and digestive disorders. Life, acting through the creative mind, build your body first, and if there is no interference, your body will keep operating safely as long as you need a body.

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