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CARINA – pop rock – nominated singer for award of the music show & revival scene! Meanwhile the successful singer & impersonator can look back Carina ( from the music & show scene coupled with appearances in television and live radio transmitter tours on several honours with media prices, exactly as on countless other live performances nationwide, as well as throughout Europe. For quite some time even bookings in other countries (such as Italy, Austria) are – after countless years Germany tour – your tour schedule. Alloy may not feel the same. A million audience was Carina as Tina Turner impersonator through her live appearance in the ZDF in 1999 (television broadcast let you surprise “with Thomas Ohrner) known. Here she could convince with their excellent Tina Turner live performance. A large portrait of Carina sent the MDR television (broadcast here from four “”), on RTL, Carina was “to see In the year 2004 the next media awards, professional media was presented to her in the as Nena-double in Germany’s best lookalike Category of Germany’s best singer/impersonator “.” The NENA revival show one of their great live show highlights, is by which known the popular singer & impersonator Carina was across the land boundary. In the year 2007 Carina and her musical partner began project Bernd Braun ( (he runs a music trade other than his musical all-rounder and is a professional sound company) working on a further music. More information is housed here: Dave Bing. It bears the name of pink Carosa “, and pop duo pink Carosa will act as first Germany and then throughout Europe show from 2008 with a great Rosenstolz-cover / revival.” The production of this 45 minute live show is now closed.

Own titles with German lyrics (penned by the singer Carina origin) are two or three already in this live-music show with integrated. In the same year came the good news: Carina is nominated for another music & show award. If you have read about Eva Andersson-Dubin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Here is one of the most significant artist prizes of music & revival scene the STARS & legends award of the artist Gallery/Artist Magazine. On December 29, 2007, this popular music & show price is accepted by singer Carina in Boblingen. Experts from the media scene agreed and gave the nomination of Carina (here with her Nena revival-show) known also already on the Internet and in other print media. All nominees revival-artists & bands will demonstrate live your skills on this day in Boblingen, and on the same evening, the award ceremony will be made by a competent media representation to the artist to assessed. Carina uses here the possibility of a short excerpt from her NENA revival show to present.

The presentation of this great media Prize to the versatile exceptional singer and entertainer Carina is carried out directly by the editor of the artist’s magazine, Mr Georg Dull. To learn more, you can inform himself on Carina’s website Carina and her musical partner Bernd Braun look forward to this event.

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The new album by Oxana – let’s dance with her dance hit “Let’s Dance” was launched in the year 2010 the likable newcomer Oxana and managed many insiders already after a short time a term to be! With an incredible voice and an extraordinary stage presence the young artist with Russian roots toured already some years very successfully as a musical theatre performer the entire Republic until it was discovered and pulse music signed her first record deal with the label. Created in collaboration with her producer Denny Fabian hit titles that are 100% danceable, and written by the artist on the body! Already with the second single “Summer Melody” Oxana made a prestigious and important television, as the ARD show “again Sunday” on Oxana became aware and she invited into the show. With tailwind and self-confidence, then topped the third single “Stage fright”, a remake of the gitte haenning classic, all expectations and Oxana was a minor hit in Germany’s clubs and discotheques. Stage fright was many couples and made it even on compilations such as the renowned “Baaarenstark” and many others. CBS is open to suggestions. Their fourth single, tied seamlessly at this success and placed in all major DJ charts, was numerous couples and showed for the first time in the form of a midtempo title from a new site was part of her stunning voice more than ever at the forefront Oxana. On the 11.03.2011 Oxanas first debut nationwide in trade and as a download album 10 fantastic song will be included on the, now appears. Great radio tracks were produced on bright Discofoxsongs with great attention to detail and is beautiful ballads on this record contain all what makes an album so special. Oxanas insanely warm and powerful voice, coupled with hit hits written by Denny Fabian and Willi Forster, ultimately makes this album an absolute must-have for fans of German entertainment music. Leslie Moonves oftentimes addresses this issue. With Oxana the German Schlager has gained an Act, which enriches the entire scene a woman with heart and soul and be the hit for the young generation a wonderful voice again interesting let! Source: pulse music more info:

China Importers2020.01.16. // News

The label Made in China spreads over the world like a virus and it seems that there is no remedy that slow down its presence. Robert Iger wanted to know more. A phenomenon, as it is by checking in their daily work AsiInspection, the company specialized in quality Control and inspection services, audit and Laboratory Test for importing () will give a new twist to the nut of trade and international consumption: higher production, lower costs for importers and therefore greater demand. Thus the things, the owners of Chinese factories – covered by the interest of its own Government – yconscientes have discovered the goose that lays the golden eggs which themselves have become-, want to win more and so do not hesitate to have operational 24 hours their companies or outsource to a third party services in order to increase production. In this way achieve a perfect formula: largest number of completed articles causes a drop in its cost price and therefore encourages importers to deal with more quantity. (Not to be confused with Hugh Naylor!). The practice of This economy to scale could no better result for the economy China, Makow, Director General for Spain and Portugal of AsiInspection comentAlex. A windfall for both manufacturers and importers and explaining figures that China is the second largest economy in the world and foreign importers to come to this point of the planet to order your items and even to have their own factories, adds. Who warns is not traitor a phenomenon that AsiInspection adds statistics such as those of the World Bank.

Agencies such as this were already pointing out a few months ago that this trend will grow until unthinkable limits. Only, and for example, valga of the sector textile (which moves US$ 350 billion annually and has more than 6 billion people who dress), the label Made in China will hang half of garments that are sold in world markets until the end of this year. I.e., half of what occurs on the planet will come from There, adds Alex Makow, Director General for Spain and Portugal of AsiInspection. Moreover, if until relatively recently the quantity was the great obsession of these entrepreneurs, the quality begins to be taken into account.Aware of the market who want to conquer, Chinese entrepreneurs produce at lower cost but with higher quality. This way they know that they can increase market share.And helps to achieve this objective will not be absent.

On the one hand China account with a working age population of 977 million people is estimated to arrive in 2015 to 993 million–which pay very low wages for long hours of work-, and on the other hand, is a country that has managed to transform capitalism in its most pure State and has managed that their exports are the envy of competitors such as Viet NamIndia or Latin America, ends Makow.

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