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I look for in everything that me ruminates Looks for in scenes of life entire, in truths of lie, in that tonteia me Losing the focus, trying you inebriate to keep it of your look, that is impetus or in they go, I look for more than alienation. Meeting In you my hidding place, the point of the phrase that lacked, in the nights of the life in failure in meeting, the luck that reserved me to the love. Frequently CBS has said that publicly. I look the analogy, I smell it to the desire, the appetite enslaves that me, leaves it to the insolence of the moment, the fact To undress its thoughts, I look the control of the intense force, the temporary enthusiasm that I carry through in your entire body Meeting the Graal saint of the contingency, the wonder of the world mine, the passion that you already perceived Meeting in idoneous dreams, in the lyric one of you look for the salvation, rationality versus sentimentalismo, in the war of the acariao. (Magalli Guimares).

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As one knows the social inaqualities, economic and politics are a reality in all scope of a society, what if it cannot is to make of account that such factors are inexistent ahead of one total reality. Inside of this context, those appear that if venture to dream for a better life, endorsing itself in the soccer, stop to the times to study to go to the search of the future dreamed one, that in many occasions not even has to the chance to carry through so desired infancy dream, carrying through are not finished in the world of marginality. Initially a bibliographical revision is made to correlate the multifaceted ones of the soccer and to show how much it is important in the social inclusion. 1-1. HISTORY OF the SOCCER As if knows, the soccer is the practised sport more in the most popular world and in Brazil. Its name comes of the English football, foot=p and Ball=bola.

Being thus known as ' ' the sport of multides' ' , since it is practised by 200 million people in approximately 191 countries. What if I argued is that Brazil is called ' ' the country of futebol' ' , however, he was not its creator. Although the controversy regarding its origin, the organization of the soccer must it England, that is proven in the registers of a similar game in 2600 B.C. in the China, invented for Yang-Ts. Kemari was called and consisted of eight players of each side with a ball (elaborated with wires of hair and horsehairs of horse) that it would have to be passed with the feet without leaving to fall, until exceeding two props fincadas in the soil, on for silk wires. But it was in beginning of century XIX, that the soccer more passed to be dealt with organized form. Consequently in Brazil ' ' considered for all as the country of futebol' ' it arrived for intermediary of the English, dutch and French sailors in the half of the century.

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