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Production of corrugated board is carried out on automated lines of galvanized rolled metal with a lacquer coating by cold forming. The composition of such lines usually include: unwinding device, Roll mill, cutting device, the receiver and the automatic control system (ACS). With decoiler metal is supplied in Roll mill, where it is profiling, and then corrugated board is cut, falls into the receiver and stored. Learn more about this with Joel and Ethan Coen. During the entire process is following acs. Profiling is carried out by means of rollers and spacers, which are located on the shafts and form Forming crate. Profiling is done gradually on a few crates, since the metal is a residual stress, and he is eager to return to its original their condition.

After the passage of metal through the Roll mill, he cut off with scissors. Typically used guillotine shears and expanded. They established specialized knives profnastila. specific type of products falls into the receiving device (the main widely reception table and automatic stapeler). With the help of acs (automatic control) can control parameters such as: – the rolling speed (with the objective function of optimization criterion productivity and quality – the number, length (adjustable breaks technological cycle) – Cycle of shipment. The composition may also include additional processing equipment (power punching, stamping device weighing device, and others). In fact Forming Equipment for the production of wall and roof sheeting is the mini-mill.

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V Series machines are designed for Edge banding detail rolled insulated edge (PVA, PVC) material or strips of natural veneer with tape coated with adhesive. In the machine by trimming, sanding, milling of the edge length and the ends of the details. some specifications V312: Use the edge thickness of 1 mm Belt adf Panel feed speed of 5 m / min Pneumatic scissors for cutting edge Roll out of dryer 3300 W Adjustable temperature (20 C to 500 C) 3 pressure rollers (1 and 2 rubber nylon) Pneumatic crosscut edge scissors with a consistent system (front and rear) The node to remove overhangs with copier (verh-niz.), the cutting blade – 15 degrees bevel. – 10,000 rpm Desk length 1800 mm with runners on the table Centralized dust o 120 mm (2 hose o 60 mm) Front pull-out support for large panels Supporting table edge o 500 mm ce standards Weight 180 kg Standard voltage: 400 volts / 3 phase / 50 Hz Voltage on request: 220 V / 3 phase / 50 Hz. Read more here: Robert Iger .

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