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The advance of the administrative tools in the interests of efficiency, performance, achievements of the operational objectives of the company is becoming more sophisticated, where it has tools that help optimize the functions to be performed in all those companies that really are competitive. The ERP becomes a great tool that helps the company for results that will allow it to operate in favor of the conquest of markets, what is the thread that follows the process of the company and as the ERP can help.

Indeed, in the present management can not ignore what represents the ERP, which specifically as wiki learning reminds us, is a system that optimizes the internal value chain and using software is installed through the corporate network allows sharing database five core business areas: Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources added that a connection makes ERP databases of the five areas of the company or department. Having this kind of automation allows for greater Index of certainty to defining a strategy or action plan in any of the areas involved. In earlier times, the strategy of individual companies varied over time, there were times where the production number generated power and competitive advantage, then the quality of service giving rise to the boom in this respect to the certified companies with different global quality standards. But now the strategy to follow is determined by the information, having the right information at the right time and right person given a power that can outdo competitors.

Federal Government2017.03.12. // News

Also the partner months can be cut in half, then there’s 28 half month posts. Child benefit all parents from the day of the birth of their child getting child support. It is not dependent on the income for all the same. Child benefit is for the first three children EUR 154 per month, starting from the fourth child Euro 179, and will (birth certificate or a certified copy with the family Fund of the competent employment agency requested). Tip: patchwork families can pool their claims with at least four children and transferred to a parent then there’s 179 euros from the fourth child in the family. Child benefit the child benefit working parents can get, who earn only the minimum of existence despite their work with their income the exact amount depends on rent levels and cost of living and in each city anders. Enough income only for adults and not for children, these families at the family offices of the employment agencies can apply for a child benefit, maximum of three years is not paying the birth of another child extended this deadline.

Good to know: you should make the request quietly, but the child benefit income window is narrow. Who too much deserved, nothing gets those who earn too little, gets Social money for the children. Care costs working parents can two-thirds of their costs for childcare tax deduct (maximum: 6000 euro). Example: Who spends as 3,000 euros a year for childcare (childminder, day nursery, kindergarten), can deduct 2000 euros. Requirement: The child is under three years of age, both parents are working, or the working mother (or father) raising the child alone. For parents, where only one spouse is employed, shall apply: For children up to the third birthday you can get anything, for children between three and six apply the same tax benefits. Background of this new regime: the State would like to encourage that children go to kindergarten. There are foundations in several federal States and the Federal Government foundations for women who have financial problems due to the birth; the churches also have Relief Fund.

There is information for pregnancy counseling. (The municipal administration has addresses). Tip: Some applications must be submitted prior to the birth be made. Please inquire.

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