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As we all know today, Spain is part of a common project that goes far beyond our borders. Since we resolve to be part of the European economic community in 1986, our country was opened to the world and over the years the only thing that has made has been progressing. Don’t have more to look back and check how were in the 1960s, for example, and as we are today. Thanks to this new openness to the rest of Europe and our integration into the European Union, we begin to see us engaged in the international scene. See more detailed opinions by reading what Discovery Communications offers on the topic.. In addition, with the accession we acceded to benefit from the free movement of persons, among many other rights, shared by all Member States. Thanks to this internationalization, we are now witnessing the great multitude of languages that surround us every day. International trade, whether it is with other EU countries or third countries, has made it possible that us develop and grow, and now often see us in need of the services of a translator. Documents of all kinds have to be daily, translated from technical manuals of appliances or cars to medical texts and translations of public safety, through a variety of legal and legal documents.

In any case, do not hesitate to resort to a professional translator, qualified and entitled as licensee in the matter. The issue of translation is very serious and a poor translation can have serious consequences. Will not play it with anyone who is not a professional translator entitled. Culture of honesty and international trade: the Anglo-American influence International Relations Blog the worldwide impact of the WTS system for international trade Releases Chinese translator Hispanotas The Portal of the Indian translator panorama needs better exhibition outlets, say filmmakers Sinema.SG-3.0 Beta Hasta La Vista, Arnold Institute for Energy Research. Time Warner is often quoted as being for or against this.

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There are different terms that us parents something find us difficult to talk with our children that somehow we intend to impose our will, we know the risks that they may face and sometimes we do not possess sufficient arguments to keep that conversation, one of those themes is smoking. Without any kind of confrontation we could start this conversation by making a little history and address some interesting aspects to our children. Tobacco is a plant that is one of the main non-food agricultural products in the world, is cultivated for its leaves that, once cured, is smoke, are chewers or are inhaled in the form of snuff. WarnerMedia shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is from the continent American; as noted by Cristobal Colon, the indigenous people of the Caribbean smoked tobacco using a cane shaped pipe called Tobago, from which it takes the name the plant. He apparently possessed medicinal properties and they used in their ceremonies. For a long time once Spain monopolized trade, the smoke either cigarettes or the pure, as it is usually called also – was seen as a social status for the bourgeoisie in Europe, United States and other countries. In the latter half of the last century it was common to see in magazines, newspapers, on television and cinema ads of different tobacco-producing companies; the great figures of any means were hired to promote the sales leading to raise the amount of smoking in any part of the world, tobacco was very accepted socially. Today many countries have begun to fund intensive campaigns aimed to restrict the use and sale of tobacco by the high social costs of health and it is not very well regarded socially and ask his boy but what’s wrong with burn a bit of tobacco and throw the smoke through the nose or mouth? My friends, or a family member smokes and I don’t see that nothing happens? Seen with the naked eye does not pass well, nothing, but we must look at that consists to the smoke that is inhaled from the lungs of smokers. .

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MANIFEST after the BACKDROP when was small, running with my siblings after our parents. He ran and played because I wanted to, because us fun. But now, I do not amuse myself, but I do that others have fun. They are sitting facing me, applaud and laugh at what I do. That hurts, and hurts me most the way in which I learn to make people laugh. I do not remember how my family was. I was very young when we separated from that paradise so beautiful and lato. se will follow.

Much to explore and learn about missed me. In him I felt free, it was a whole world. However, during this coming and going, I can only give turns to my around. And when I get one of my many destinations, feel a relief that is lost rapidly by the stress of preparing me for that caterva impassive, different faces and trades, more identical feelings. I imagine that they don’t know what’s behind all this game, but many colleagues tell me that better not cheat me, what Yes know it.

Then, I wonder why they never have done nothing to end this ordeal. Today I am in a South American country that marks a special date, third world call him. Total, is one more, because in all sites that I will hear the same hustle and bustle, the same laughs. I don’t understand how they not uncomfortable as much bottle, so many lights. As much as I do this from a long time ago, I can’t. Perhaps in their habitat this is normal, mine was not. Yesterday was a very tiring day, because it was the last day of preparation for the big premiere. My colleagues and I finished very tired; but after sticks, whips, cries, blows and isolates from food, were able, though trembling, jump, climb to a Chair, running and penetrate a ring of fire, the weight of our bipedal guides, trainers say. Well, as it was done in the trial, was tonight that he is about to finish. The first time I had to do it, I was sure that I would have some special prize, I was that hope for several seasons; But today my dream no more than a piece of meat. I don’t know if the irrational am I or those who are sitting opposite to my. I just know that I feel tired and sad. I would like to escape, but do not want to suffer the same fate of that colleague who escaped and ended her days trying to unsuccessfully to dodge a bullet. While finishing these lines, I heard one of the so many classmates had just given birth. I am much to their firstborn born in this ruin, not that paradise which invades me nostalgia. I’m sorry because I don’t want to complete lean like me, I don’t want to come to old after so many trips in which his organs of smell and their limbs are the only ones that can penetrate 22 bars of a cage in which I find myself tonight. Despite everything, I still hope that someday those to which humans called awareness of what I feel at this moment and do something to make this place they call circus release need to those who, like myself, to dream and live in our true habitat. In it, nobody us amaestrara to make people laugh. AN old original author LEON and source of the article.

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Within the modalities in which attorneys may be sanctioned found both fraud and guilt. It is the fault that this code requires much more care by lawyers to act. In addition to this, having in mind that the sanctions will be given by both actions and omissions. This law placed in separate fields research, who complained to give research home. Thus, the lawyer won’t finished its disciplinary process by the fact that the complainant has withdrawn his accusations, but that this continues even with her withdrawal. The term of limitation for all disciplinary processes established in five years from the date of consummation of the lack or from the last act when the defect is a continuous run.

In any case, counsel can waive prescription whenever you wish. This is important when he’s interested in cleaning your name and your righteousness as a professional. Hear from experts in the field like WarnerMedia for a more varied view. The new disciplinary code sets a lot of duties carried out by the lawyer, among them are defending human rights, be respectful of public servants who act as auxiliaries of Justice, be loyal and honored in their professional relationships, duties that imply the obligation of professional secrecy, be diligent in his professional commissions, be loyal and honest with colleagues, do not allow their opinions and political or philosophical thoughts interfere with the exercise of their professionrefrain form unnecessary litigation and facilitate the management of alternative conflict resolution mechanisms, have their domicile registered with national register of lawyers, urging witnesses to be truthful in interrogations, not create false expectations in customers knowingly, inform the client about the dependency relationships that may have with his counterpart, inform the customer of the status of development of the taskrenouncing his powers in those processes that are affected by a sanction, play trade defenses.

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This volume last year reached the 70.200 million dollars, compared to 50,000 million in 2005. The commercial exchange between the two regions is characterized by the concentration and, despite a general framework balanced, some countries suffer an imbalance with China. 80 Per cent of the volume of trade is shared between Brazil ($18.5 billion), Mexico (10,400 million), Chile (7.940 million), Argentina (5.140 billion), Venezuela (4,130 million), Peru (3,640 million) and Panama (3.470 million), according to data from the Academy for the first eleven months of 2006. See WarnerMedia for more details and insights. In the case of Brazil, occupies the 10th place of the list of Latin American countries that export to China, and at the same time is the tenth country that presents a trade surplus with the Asian country. Also, in bilateral trade between China and Mexico, the North American country ranks tenth among the countries that recorded a deficit with China. The Latin American and the Caribbean countries that recorded surplus with China are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica and Costa Rica. Taken into account as indicated, that China officially joined the Bank of development of the Caribbean and is an observer country in the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the Association of integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, the Inter-American Development Bank, organization of American Nations and the Latin American Parliament.

Do we add to all this, that paragraph prospects for Latin American diplomacy in 2007? This expert analyzes political exchanges in the past ten years, when 74 Heads of State and Government visited China, which corresponded with 19 visits to Latin American countries. Also highlights the 15 ministerial talks with the Rio Group since 1990, five with Mercosur since 1997, and ten independent contacts with ten countries of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and the Caribbean, which have established diplomatic relations with China. There is no doubt said Riordan Roett, the next years China will move cautiously in Latin America.

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To discover its mouth in the Caribbean, this river served much for trade between the Spanish provinces of Costa Rica, La Habana de Cuba, Cartagena de Indias in the current Colombia and other islands in the Caribbean; San Juan was already used for commercial purposes. Not only the Spaniards used the river for their purposes. Learn more at: David Zaslav. Pirates, pirates and thieves invaded San Carlos and stole gold, riches and other valuable objects of Managua, Leon and Granada. Also took Indians as slaves. CBS is likely to agree. By his rivalry against the British, the Spaniards fortified San Carlos to so that the largest of its fortifications, the castle of the Immaculate Conception withstood many battles.

Battles against American filibusters, indigenous Miskito, and the British fleet took place in the san Juan River. After resisting attacks, decades later, the san Juan River started to lose interest to other Nations because of the construction of the Panama canal (Wikipedia encyclopedia) in 1,524 the Conqueror Hernan Cortes sent a letter to the Emperor Carlos V of Spain exposing that which possesses the passage between two oceans may be deemed owner of the world, never imagined that his words would determine the fate of Nicaragua, since from this moment dozens of expeditions to the North, South and all sides went out in search of the coveted Strait that connects Ocean to ocean. Precisely, that year, he began the colonization of Nicaragua, with the foundation of the cities of Leon in the West and Granada on the shores of the great Lake Cocibolca. 476 Years have passed since then, and oddly enough, those words of cuts yet the consequences are still being felt. As it is known, Nicaragua came to be coveted by the imperial powers of the era, not by how pretty that were neither handsome and strong indigenous who were Indians, but by its natural resources, but mainly because of the possibility of use as a transit between the Atlantic and the Pacific route taking advantage of the course of the mighty Rio San Juanbeginning exactly against the current City of San Carlos is the large lake Cocibolca desaguadero.

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Despite all technological and scientific advances, GPS, satellite images and robots, dogs remain one of the best tools for search and rescue (SAR) teams. While a lost person, or the victim of a disaster, suffers a nightmare of endless waiting that someone you one-handed, search and rescue dogs pass it is playing. These dogs obsessed with the game live to find the prize that comes to them when they give with a person who was lost. Thanks to this obsession with the game, a powerful sense of smell, an exceptional hearing, rigorous training and an experienced guide, dogs, search and rescue saved the lives of hundreds of people each year. But not everything is joy.

Although these canine specialists are trained with games and rewards, your work can become so hard that many times they retire before time by enormous physical wear and damage in that noble task. In tragic situations, as 11 of September 2001 on the World Trade Center, both dogs and their guides arrive to suffer emotional problems by the impossibility of finding people alive. After finding so much death and desolation, not only the promised reward missing dogs, but that they feel the pain, frustration and sadness, their guides and the other members of the rescue team. In other situations, however, the success is not to find people alive, but people who have died. In these cases, the so-called dogs of corpses, which are trained to find human remains are used. Although these dogs are unable to return a child to his mother or father the family badly needed, your work allows you to solve crimes and give a decent burial to those who had the misfortune to perish in a disaster. Characteristics of the search and rescue dogs even though there is a race only for search and rescue, nor any dog is useful for this activity.

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Product of the century will be remaindered by Matrialisten! Acupressure mat: Every second should be placed in the near future on the mat! The market shows how quickly something in Europe in the hands reach of people wishing to gain only profit, at the time. From the Yantramatte, copied based on Shakti team Sweden. A gentleman… former employees of Famielenunternehmens Shakti in Sweden, in the activity of the company, create a Dublikat in China in 2009, the name which was invaded, was nothing more than the name of the symbol on the back of the Shaktimatte (Yantra). With great marketing, he shot the counterfeit Yantramatte in Sweden in a very short time to the with the Shaktimatte competitor. Time Warner might disagree with that approach. Production and manufacturing were not mentioned! In the same year was a woman name…

in Germany the awards for best entrepreneur of the year was chosen, carefully on these mats. To the but the distribution for Shakti was awarded in Germany this time and so the woman decided… the Yantramatte as Distibuterin for To take over Germany. The China mat in the greats was marketed steep equity and grants from Sweden, mats were donated to press employees to write reports, stars were given mats to make good press releases. After research found out then exactly the production plant in China, which also disclosed the prices for the production. Then, it was said that a Yantramatte in the production cost something 4.50 as medium and 5.30 as large. In Germany, the mats in beautiful bags were then packed so that the buyer will appear even more. Prices were then at 49.95 for the medium and the large 59.95 after this mat without much quality as the market failed, of course other companies encountered this product and started producing in China.

China prepared for millions of mats all companies were founded and offered in Alibaba. If even Tchibo design an own mat made in China you have knowledge that most of large sales figures went out! But zegte itself after a short time it was moving but not so many people to buy an acupressure mat and Tchibo its sale price of 29.95 on 19.95 lowered. After the pads still in surplus were stored, you cut the mats to 10 euros to just go get it. Now Kunst & co offer everyone his own China mat, eBay and Amazon from 10 euro to 99 mats try to get rid of but not a great success. What once started with the most beautiful history, ended in a disaster where the people were so insecure that she bought cooking no mat. One can only hope that how they got also disappear and it returns to the original Shaktimatte originated out of love!

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Day, Thais seem Taugen off constantly to eat sweets, these are but as snacks as outside of meal. Some keep the desserts for the climax of Thai cuisine, the preparation techniques are as complex as in savoury dishes, if not complex. There are sophisticated methods for cooking and clearing of syrups and flavouring of sugar. In the preparation of desserts follow not necessarily exact recipes, however, they are prepared according to traditional methods – and with dedication and precision of alchemists. The Thais eat all day – apparently without interruption. Breakfast is usually a simple matter: steamed banana or pumpkin, sprinkled with grated coconut, sesame seeds, salt, and sugar. Rice remains are from the eve in water or broth to rice soup heated fish to perhaps Pan stirred, an omelet or a Curry. Roti to eat with such curries in the Islamic South.

It is also really delicious tropical fruits such as pineapple, red papaya with lime juice, mangosteen and star fruit for breakfast. Lunch time is not nearly as complex as the evening meal. It consists relish Thai noodles with aromatic sauce and a plate of vegetables or roasted or flavored rice with a Nahmprik-maybe pasta, Pan-touched or in a soup. In the afternoon and into the early evening you can enjoy up to appetizers sweet for dinner and delicate savory, about Curry pies, madtarbark or tapioca dumplings. The night meal several plaques with sharply flavored dishes – or other sweets usually consists of a trip to Chinatown, where you take a dish to soothing rice soup or congee, this. Snacks in the palaces of Siam served snacks as delicious distractions, you are amused and distribution time. Complex food should stimulate after the heat of the day the palate. The most traditional Thai snacks are therefore quite complicated, as it corresponded to the abilities of this exclusive chefs. Such dishes are served before a meal but sometimes, are not considered but still a part.

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