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Success – the category of individual. For someone – this is the salary of five thousand dollars. For some people – seven children. And none but ourselves can not guess, looks like your dream. Wherefore should listen to heart and make their own choices. Perhaps my success – learn Portuguese? Or learn to paint? Or travel around the world? In any case, remember: success – it is when you go your own way. The path to success like movement through the dark maze.

We made our way to the touch, turn right – run across the wall, back, turn left – go into a dead end and come back. And so many times until you palpate the walls until nabesh yourself a few bumps Only then can the correct way, will finally be found. We find it, because risk. If we stood still, it would not earn these cones, but would not find a way out of the maze. So if you want something achieved, should always be ready to go for broke! 1. self-confidence, self esteem, self-esteem and independence from external circumstances, 2. independence from the opinions of others 3. ability to influence others, in the best sense of the word, 4.

develop the ability to transform themselves, to self-improvement, the ability to escape from the routine 5. ability not to fall into despair. 'The key to the discovery of their potential is not in power or intelligence, but Constant effort. " Winston Churchill.

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How serious is the current crisis plaguing international financial markets? Yesterday a new country was declared officially in recession, and the country was nothing more nor nothing less than Italy. The Federal Reserve, in an unprecedented event, is evaluating the possibility of issuing debt as a way of having a new instrument to assist markets at a time of extreme tension for latent risks of new episodes of crisis and before the exhaustion of the interest rate of reference as a tool of monetary policy when it is ever closer to be neutral. Also yesterday met that China had registered during the month of November, a drop in its exports of 2.2% YOY, being this the first fall recorded since 2001. All these facts show in good measure the depth that is reaching the international financial crisis, even if they do not reach to have a clear idea if it can be or not more serious still. Learn more about this with Robert Iger . The fall in China’s exports in the month in November, although it does not mark a trend yet, it is an alarm signal and makes it clear that the Chinese economy will feel in good measure the effects of the crisis, falling into oblivion the famous theory of the decoupling. Although this decline in foreign sales of the Eastern economy has caused surprise, the same not should have suddenly since china’s exports depend widely on demand from both of the American economy, and European countries and Japan, all economies that are now in recession. The impact of the crisis on china’s economy makes to forget the product of two-digit growth rates and longer specialists predict a growth of less than 7% Chinese GDP. Given this risk, the Government of China was as objective maintain at least one 8% growth. Changing economic context facing the country is such that already don’t care about inflationary pressures, but that the theme to follow is the possibility of deflation of prices, situation that will affect to the debtor in China’s economy, causing potential defaults that can further aggravate the risks on economic growth.

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As one knows the social inaqualities, economic and politics are a reality in all scope of a society, what if it cannot is to make of account that such factors are inexistent ahead of one total reality. Inside of this context, those appear that if venture to dream for a better life, endorsing itself in the soccer, stop to the times to study to go to the search of the future dreamed one, that in many occasions not even has to the chance to carry through so desired infancy dream, carrying through are not finished in the world of marginality. Initially a bibliographical revision is made to correlate the multifaceted ones of the soccer and to show how much it is important in the social inclusion. 1-1. HISTORY OF the SOCCER As if knows, the soccer is the practised sport more in the most popular world and in Brazil. Its name comes of the English football, foot=p and Ball=bola.

Being thus known as ' ' the sport of multides' ' , since it is practised by 200 million people in approximately 191 countries. What if I argued is that Brazil is called ' ' the country of futebol' ' , however, he was not its creator. Although the controversy regarding its origin, the organization of the soccer must it England, that is proven in the registers of a similar game in 2600 B.C. in the China, invented for Yang-Ts. Kemari was called and consisted of eight players of each side with a ball (elaborated with wires of hair and horsehairs of horse) that it would have to be passed with the feet without leaving to fall, until exceeding two props fincadas in the soil, on for silk wires. But it was in beginning of century XIX, that the soccer more passed to be dealt with organized form. Consequently in Brazil ' ' considered for all as the country of futebol' ' it arrived for intermediary of the English, dutch and French sailors in the half of the century.

Dmitry Chernyshenko Sochi2017.10.27. // News

According to officials, at the time of the Olympics region will be one of the most successful with respect to the environment. Unique species of animals and birds that live in the territory of the Sochi National Park and listed in the Red Book of Russia, will not suffer in preparation for winter Olympic Games, assured the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Yury Trutnev. He also drew attention to the fact that the unsubstantiated claims of environmentalists in preparation for the Winter Olympics may damage the image of Russia. Environmental expertise in Russia will Rostekhnadzor According to a decree on Monday the Russian government, Rostekhnadzor was handed control of the implementation state ecological expertise in Russia. As a result of the transformation of service central office RTN is reduced by 123 people, ‘that is almost a third’, and the territorial bodies of the service cut by 1300. According to the Approval of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry responsible for drafting the state policy and normative-legal regulation in the field of study, use, reproduction and protection of natural resources, including subsoil, waters, forests located on lands of specially protected natural areas, objects, animals (except for the wildlife referred to hunting) and their habitats. PE Week leak chemicals in China, the Slovenian nuclear power plant accident and other incidents large number of man-made emergencies happened last week, last week under the banner of protecting the environment.

Highquality Chinese Porcelain2017.10.25. // News

Porcelain tiles – is the newest material in construction activity, created a ceramic production. Slabs of granite, China produces a mixture of two clays with the addition of quartz and natural coloring materials. As Other pottery, Chinese porcelain plate, obtained by heat treatment at high temperatures. Production of porcelain in China is unique in that today the opportunity to create a similar material of natural stone, with less. Precisely because of its availability today porcelain from China dominates in the Russian market, and in many other countries. Wide range of porcelain, China allows its use today in various fields of construction and often finishing work of any type: laying in the kitchen, laying tile floor, mosaic art and so on. High Quality porcelain from China today is not inferior even to many European competitors, it is worth it cheaper, that's why he is so widely applicable in modern construction, where all the chasing practicality, so Today more and more often he preferred. To finish porcelain from China, in a residential area and the facade of the house is simply irreplaceable, it is also now often used to finish a set of public buildings, because it is profitable and not expensive, and very durable. To date, Chinese porcelain produced by the European standard of quality that has made this a great hard stone so respected in the modern market building materials. Creating beautiful contemporary interiors and durable porcelain from China will become your best helper in achieving the desired result.

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Rental avtomoblya – Tse obsession klntom konkretno vigodi vd vikoristannya avtomoblya in obmn orendnu on board. Hba to 15-20 mi rokv ago uyaviti sob podbnu poslugu? By old chasv, yakscho lyudin potrbny avtomobl LUVs, maximum at scho vn mg rozrahovuvati, Zeh on taks, abo on druzv, yak shaping can pozichiti car. Leslie Moonves may find it difficult to be quoted properly. storichny fact. storya svtovogo car rental vsogo deprivation on vsm rokv molodshe, obtain Pershiy seryny avtomobl, Yakima LUVs legendary Ford T. St zakonomrno, scho Persha Modella avtomoblya, uzyato rent, LUVs of the same Ford T.

Tse-ladder in Taqiy sposb: shtat in Nebraska, USA, one torgovtsev, sponukuvanomu polum'yanoyu addiction to svo dvchini, the requirement to Bulo vchasno potrapiti ne pobachennya to have zv'yazku z obtain, vn uzyav pd Orenda avtomobl Joe Saunders, yaky pslya danogo vipadku th rozpochav Pershiy in svt bznes, rental avtomoblv. Potrbno vddati nalezhne CIM people. Avtomobl in one hour has passed great rdkstyu th tlki pochinali zavoyovuvati 'svo mstse pd Sonts'. Same stench became 'ponerami' rolling bznesu. Pznshe have passed dvadtsyat Rocky storchchya, z'yavilisya slit kompan, yak broach prosuvati bznes rental avtomoblv, bagato s yakih nastlki mtsno zaynyali its nshu in dany sfer, scho th day of ninshny lderami in dany sfer. Ale in the Danian Ti chasi bznes LUVs dosit rizikovanim pdprimstvom, that scho vigdnst, uzyattya avtomoblya in hire a Persha ergov otsnili adventurer rznih suits, right up to grabzhnikv, Yakima avtomobl potrbny LUVs tlki, yak zasb obsession nechesno gain.

Pozitivn aspects rental avtomoblya. W silent since avtomobl zmnilisya, ale sutnst car rental zalishilasya nezmnnoyu. When vdsutnost abo polomts vlasno car rental avtomoblya dinoyu th povnotsnnoyu zamnoyu, zabezpechuyuchi nezalezhnst i peresuvannya freedom. W nshogo side, taking in avtomobl Orenda, koristuvach rozporyadzhatsya m for svom rozsudom, ale to vdmnu vd vlasnika, uryatovany vd neminuchih problems. Rent a car is not zazhada: insurance, putting on oblk, garage, tehoglyad, dagnostiku, tehobslugovuvannya First purchase zapchastin – usm CIM zaymatsya kompanya hire. In pdsumku, rent a car – Tse tlki not spare varant vlasno to cars, ale th mozhlivst vikoristovuvati avtomobl efektivno as not to vdvolkayuchis zayv Turbota.

MDF Boards2017.10.24. // News

Beautiful, strong and durable furniture we associate with space prices. mdf boards can produce quality, but at the same time, cheap interior. This material is made from dried and processed by means of special synthetic wood fibers, which form a homogeneous mixture. Produce them by hot pressing, finishing by grinding. Widespread use of these products due to its positive performance. Click Leslie Moonves to learn more.

They do not swell, does not crack or warp even under the most adverse conditions. Good machinability allows manufacturing of these products possible configurations. mdf boards do not restrict the ability of producers and can embody the most ambitious design ideas. The main advantage of wood – is that it is environmentally friendly material. Flake board made of chips, which remains after processing solid materials.

It is very economical because it uses what was once simply burned or thrown away. Application of waste significantly reduces the cutting of forests, because the physical and mechanical properties of particleboard are not much inferior to real wood. Flake board almost did not tend to swell from moisture. They have increased resistance to fire, are identical with timber insulation properties. One of the main ingredients used in this production is the binder. It provides not only bond chips, but also prevents the emergence and development of fungi. Widely used in construction and furniture manufacturing are also fiberboard. Raw materials for their manufacture is wood pulp, pre-impregnated with synthetic resins with the addition of various additives. Formation forms the product by a method of pressing using special equipment. These products are used for insulation walls, roofs and floors of residential and industrial buildings. Products of this kind can be hard and soft, with a more improved properties. Today, after years of research and experiments, it became possible to produce durable products, resistant to moisture and other negative factors.

Importance Of Color Schemes2017.10.22. // News

But note that the red color increases aggressiveness. When the flow of cars is very colorful, it can greatly interfere with perception. In this case, you should not hold on any vzlyad color, in order to reduce dissatisfaction, but do not lose sight of traffic situation. By the same author: CBS. Thus, the color – the main component of traffic for each driver, a traffic policeman and pedestrians. It is a measure of style driver, due to the fact that color affects the subconscious perception located around the world. This is sometimes the main characteristic of perception, and sometimes a very important support pre-multiplication of graphic symbols.

Scientists have designed a symbolic human perception at various psychological characteristics of color and color scheme. The snow-white color of the car. Color dreams, perfect, but requires meticulous care. Optimal color in the sun. At the traffic snow white car safer than other colors, but if the stream is preferably composed of one white car, all poured into an absolute screen snow white. In snowy weather, snow white car is more dangerous than the other color. White no one pushes, as well as and sometimes attracts.

It is neutral since it consists of all colors. Snow-white color of choice for many men and women. If you're driving a snow-white car, you should beware of black. If you have a brown or maroon car, beware of white cars. For Europeans, white symbolizes purity, youth, innocence. In China, snow white is mourning. Black color of the car. Color gloomy perception of life and constant insecurity.

Mongolian Language2017.10.22. // News

Mongolian language family belongs to the language families of the Old World. And, while burning in Mongolian people are not very high – about 6.8 million people – they were quite widespread (from the north-eastern areas of the People's Republic of Korea to the area between the rivers Volga and Don in Russia). By the Mongolian language family include Mongolian, Buryat, Kalmyk, baoansky, dagursky, dunsyansky languages and mongorsky Mughal languages, shear-yugursky language, the Khitan and syanbiysky languages. The last two languages are by far the "dead" languages. The term "Mongol" has several meanings. Firstly it is used for indicate the language of the Mongolian people – a nation living on the territory of Mongolia. Click Robert Iger to learn more. This language is based on the dialect, which is the main dialect of the country and called Khalkha Mongolian or Khalkha. Native speakers about 2.3 million people according to 1995.

Khalkha dialect refers to the central dialectic group of Mongolia, there are more western and eastern groups. Dialects differ among themselves in phonetics. Secondly, the name "Mongol" combines all three in a Mongolian dialect, referred to above and is the language of Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolian which includes district and the neighboring provinces of China (Jilin, Heilongjiang and Liaoning provinces). The language is spoken about 2.713 million inhabitants (1982). Differ in language (the language of the Mongols of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia) in phonetics and morphology. But by and large they are of the same language, which was divided into only two border states. Third, the Mongolian language called obschemongolsky language that was in vogue in the XVI-XVII centuries and obschemongolsky literary language, which existed in the XIII-XVII centuries.

European Months2017.10.22. // News

Given that the the vast majority of cars are almost exact replicas of the more popular counterparts (for example, Daewoo Matiz or Opel Frontera), but 20 percent cheaper, the consumer has to think about! Freight advantage Now some of the existing shortage of supply, the Chinese trucks to easily and gracefully slipped into the resulting market niche. Of course, in some sense is the competition they can make a popular b / v equipment, especially As a car from the U.S.. In contrast to Europe, and trucks from the United States in a similar capacity will be less distinguished fairly simple operation – but lets them yet lack in the market of the original parts. Replace the right part for any International 9800 for parts MAZ MTZ or parts, you see, is somewhat problematic. And the keys are unlikely inch are found in the arsenal of ordinary mechanic, not to mention the corresponding literature.

In addition, the search for an acceptable option b / a can take 3-4 months – at the same place at the brand new heavyweight domestic production (cars ZIL, GAZ, etc.) spread over 1-3 months. The Chinese quickly bearings and steel in large numbers to open their service centers, it is easy to agree dealership. Produced under license of European companies truck made in China have a greater capacity than domestic counterparts, and more pleasant price. As a result, sales of some brands have grown ten times – so, for 11 months in 2007, according to 'Auto Review ", Russia imported 4.2 thousand trucks Howo against 50 for the same period in 2006, and dump the market and does become almost a national – about one-third owned by immigrants from China.

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