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Keep in mind that what we want is to discover the processes of sales and marketing of these great leaders, therefore we have to ask ourselves this question what are you doing to produce the results that you try to discover to produce them also? So the idea is to dig very deep not only in what they are saying, but also in the way in how you say it. Deepen and discover if they are using a blog, and if so, how often is publishing content in it. What happens after you make a post? They refer to their subscribers through email or promote your content to generate backlinks or inbound links? why produce two videos of one minute compared to ten videos of one minute. They outsource most of their work or not? Once you find these secrets of the success, then you just have to copy this type of action. For example, during the last 90 days was used a strategy of marketing with articles to promote our MLM business, the result? We have been able to generate more than 800 potential customers, thousands of dollars in our pocket in several commissions, and prospectado more than one dozen people in our whole MLM business in less than 90 days. What we do? We follow one of the best leaders of Hispanic MLM, discovered what he was doing, copy it, and these were the results. Now it’s your turn.

China Quartet Game2017.08.15. // News

Learn the SINOGRAFIKER Publisher know the People’s Republic of China in a playful way a new deck of cards on the market brought in early June, with which one can the People’s Republic of China and the enormous regional disparities with ease of getting to know. Because China is above all one: great! An area 25 times as big as Germany about one-fifth of the world’s population lives. Add an almost unique variety of landscapes, a wide range of climates, large regional differences come between rich and poor as well as population groups of different origin. Whether as a gift or for personal use: this card game is ideal for any China interested (E.g., student, students, or tourists) and companies in the business in China, as well as their employees. According to six categories (E.g.

size, population size, sharpness of food or economic power) are now comparable to the individual provinces of China and using the enclosed China card in the folder format is the geographical location of each Province of easily classified. The game can be ordered online on the Sinografiker webpage will be and is available at the price of 11.90 (incl. VAT, plus shipping). Markus Barth.

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