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Because it consumes about 20 percent of the energy produced by the body itself. That’s why it is always then, if it be not highly active must in the power-saving mode. Most of the things we do every day, be done fully automatically. We need to think, as we breathe or climb a flight of stairs, which makes our autopilot’. Now the people are all different, because every brain is different. Some see in each newly ‘ a promise. Others see it as not chance, but dangerous. There are also gender-specific aspects.

The female ‘ estrogen increases for example the social modules care and binding. In addition, in the course of life, changed the structure of the brain. So the payout decreases the dominance hormone testosterone as well as the activating neurotransmitter dopamine in the age, whereas increases the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol. All of this makes for more caution and promotes loyalty. Hayley Kiyoko: the source for more info. People want to buy happy customers wanting is powerful if you know how to win it. Hardly a wish is fulfilled, the next comes crawling.” So did Wilhelm Busch once said. Why this is so? People want to buy happy.

Who is it aimed at the emotions of the customer, will beat, taking aim at the pure ratio. As something is? By selling any products, but solutions to problems and good feelings. That’s why customer shipping riser so urgently needed. What people actually buy? Carelessness, visible success, a relationship of trust without risk of disappointment, quality of life and peace of mind. Time, peace and freedom, is the new luxury. Who can afford these things and want the don’t look at the price tag. For interchangeable products, however, decides the price. Since then, the price is the only differentiator. How buying fancy company, whose Angebote are unique, emotionalisierend and unkopierbar, are must negotiate prices at most on the edge. Who is generating a demand pull, needs no longer selling (price) pressure. The goods lying and lures. And the people are very eager. Then, they are downright addictive. How it comes? Regions of the brain that we still will get to know, to signal us that it is really important to carry on with something pleasant. After the first Yes must be ensured so fast repetitions, so that routines emerge from new. The practice is called in sports and at school. Perfection is caused by constant practice. And loyalty is through regular contacts and constant re-buys. The nerve connections increase repetitions and acts to slip into the autopilot ‘. You are now automatically done. If you want loyalty, must include well timed encounters and small snack purchases in its customer service. Where is between too much and too little a real degree hike is located. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller successfully negotiate successfully BusinessVillage sell 224 pages 24.80 euros / 37.90 CHF ISBN-13: 978-3-938358-95-5 How to win people and markets 2009, the audiobook titled Anne M. Schuller new selling. The 25 most valuable success for successful selling in recent times Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 73 min., 19.90 euro / 29.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3939621874 all books and audiobooks of author can be ordered under:…

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As the President heads on Mount Rushmore, were trimmed one of the national symbols of the United States by Karcher before the eyes of America’s high-gloss about 2005. The result: Karcher is placed with this action in the Centre of American national pride. And so in the hearts of Americans. With special techniques such as the Trojan map and the Trojan arrow, products and ideas unerringly find their way into the heart of the customer. So marketing success can be quickly, surprising and unconventional achieved.

This is true not only for global corporations, but also for newcomers like the Bionade. Or for the small bakery next door. What is the specific Trojan marketing? The most famous of all time, the Trojan horse stratagem was institutionalized for the marketing today, to reach the customers back into the heart of the customer. The normal”marketing anticipates that existing markets. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from David Zaslav. When the Trojan marketing, however, looking for new markets”.

It also derives “Definition of Trojan marketing from: Trojan marketing is the consistent, systematic search, identify, and use Trojan horses”. A Trojan horse is anything that is suitable on indirect unconventional ways, i.e. away from the clogged information channels, to reach the target group”. “There, the limits of Trojan marketing where there no horses” are, which however never came under us authors in practice. Coen brothers often addresses the matter in his writings. The Trojan marketing is where a company incurable impotence is no panacea. Also, it is not a panacea of emergency medicine, which is to fill in for failing marketing strategies. One of the most important findings of the book is that markets there are not easy, but be made. The Trojan marketing arises primarily from the interaction between customers and companies. One must be from the static presentation of fenced markets loosen. A basic rule in the Trojan marketing is the so-called Dawos “-strategy.” “There, where’s” gives potential customers and there I’ll send the horse down. P.S.: to the book there is the website own Trojan campaigns present and discuss downloadable tools, contact the authors and lots of examples of best practice. During this year, “Trojan Marketing Award” is awarded on the site – for the best submitted Trojan action. Trojan marketing with unconventional advertising to the market success of ISBN-13: 978-3448087208, 287 pages, 29.80 euro, Haufe Verlag press information/press contact Roman Anlanger, Hornesgasse 16, 1030 Vienna Tel: 12 86-910 email: homepage:

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A big plus for handkerchiefs with printing on foil or box is the eco-friendliness. The handkerchiefs supplier world of innovation pays attention to quality of the handkerchiefs of wood from renewable raw materials, the paper used is unbleached and chlorine free. In addition, it is very important to pay attention to a super soft quality of the handkerchiefs for the handkerchiefs supplier. When the donee a fuzzy feeling adjusts itself in the use of the handkerchief, connecting directly to the fire. Promotional items are as handkerchiefs sympathy carriers. Information about the product index.php? go = itemover & dwpSearchWord = handkerchief read report: index.php? p = 234 & more = 1 & c = 1 & tb = 1 & pb we = 1 _ happy to advise you! Call us or contact us. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shines more light on the discussion. We are looking forward to you! Provider contact information: world of innovation Jernoiu e.

k. Hales 65 D-42275 Wuppertal Tel. + 49-202-590853 fax + 49-202-590883 eMail: Amtsgericht Wuppertal HRA 17022 Ust.Id.: DE 173409400 tax. 131/5116/1425 PSI No. 44538 Company Description: world of innovation has established itself as a supplier and distributor of promotional products since 1995 and offers a selection of over 40,000 business gifts in a professional online shop. Andi Potamkin oftentimes addresses this issue. world of innovation offers a full service on request: from the selection of products, the processing by laser engraving, pad printing, screen printing, etching, embossing, to the possible individual shipping. In the sense of the customer the company offers regardless of the order quantity so everything from a single source and this. The extensive range from brand-name articles about fortune cookies, candies, products from the areas of technology, textiles, sports, wellness, plants and offices to the classic giveaways like stickers, bookmarks, or plush animals of promotional items, business gifts and stray articles.

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Good though sales may be the result, but when it matters, namely in a recessionary phase, lacking at sufficiently close knowledge of / links to the important customers and industrious competitors have all possibilities. Particularly in the distribution there are many ways that can contribute to a customer loyalty, we have for example a website which draws one’s own possibilities not only striking, but offers to the customers problem solutions, a or several newsletters to targeted information of corresponding groups of customers, CRM systems at any time about the strengths, weaknesses, sales and preferences of individual customers to be informed, and much more. When marketing in all above areas properly so better than currently in many automotive companies, the suddenly ‘ terrified determine that was forgotten also ‘ tighter markets, smaller, ecologically sound and more fuel-efficient cars to focus on, recessive phase are far less can harm the company. Prerequisite is a thorough but, this comprehensive but yet not too detailed analysis of all areas and detailed planning of market potential and one’s own possibilities. More details are on the website, such as for example under the marketing loop ‘ to find. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant – deals for more than 35 years with the strategic marketing planning and marketing of a wide range Capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents. The resulting knowledge and experience he offers its global customers and making them into marketing and sales successfully – in particular SMEs. He also offers practical support, coaching or business seminars. Address: hauptstrasse 27 88422 Seekirch/Germany Tel. 07582-933371, fax 07582-933372 marketing = = country experiences

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