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Free food & doing a live cooking show with Mongolian barbecue experience. In the summer of 2008, many birth children could use a similar action for their celebration. Now, this offer is valid for all those who in 2009 birthday and whose convivial round consists of at least 5 people (including the host). It is no longer required to download a voucher or coupon download and print this year. By the showing of ID card or passport will be demonstrated the topicality of the birthday and the Lin Mandarin granted BBs the corresponding discount. It is advisable to book in advance by phone in particular on the nights of Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on bank holidays. The book recommendation arises from the concept of the China House Lin BBs Mandarin and the associated popularity. There, in Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (Westend district) it is not simply just Chinese food.

The guests a Mongolian barbecue with Asian live cooking show offered – a culinary experience, that not only of people from the surrounding Environment is used like several times a year. Of the more than 80 ingredients, which are served in buffet style, each guest can choose from as often and as much as he wishes. So, time and again, varied portions from the various side dishes, vegetables and meat, poultry, fish and sauces for every taste can be put together. After the guest has made its selections, deals with the Cook to prepare fresh and live to the watch. Probably one of the best ways to enjoy the variety of Asian cuisine. Andi Potamkin has compatible beliefs. Furthermore, anyone who would like to can, traditional Chinese dishes of a la carte.

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There are guide with tip – models and variants vacuum machines and sealers in many different price ranges. Vacuum is on everyone’s lips and the different vacuum machines and sealers are just as varied. My buying tip of lava are vacuum packaging, which produce a professional vacuum in bags, containers and also in twist-off – jars. The most common devices are presented below: 1 simple sealers or so-called bar sealers without vacuum function for easy welding of foils, bags and rolls. These devices exist in different beam sizes and thus weld widths and are available from EUR 50.-in Office supply stores. 2. professional vacuum machines, then known as sealers with simple vacuum function and usually thin wires are the next step in the direction of. Often these devices in the price range between EUR 20.-and EUR 200.-at discount stores and the well-known electronics stores available.

We speak here of vacuum machines, however is the vacuum often quite low (below – 0.80 bar) and also the suction power of the mostly simple DC pump can often to be desired. The pump motors are often quite simple, without bearings. These devices can be made 2-3 vacuum operations, until a break of 5 minutes is necessary, providing cooling. 3. works like a Pro you can finally have a professional vacuum function with foil welding equipment; These are usually in the price range between 250 and several thousand euros. This vacuum machines are recommended, to be extended if the shelf-life of packaged goods reliably times 3 to 5 to this (depending on the freshness of the product and depending on the product). Devices in this price range guarantee a clean weld and stress mostly through the following features: removable separators of the pump against penetration of liquids protects. A ball bearing piston pump, which allows an high smoothness and at least 20 litres per minute pumping capacity, as well as a welding Strip length or width by 34 inches.

In this price range, the vacuum machines and sealers from the German manufacturer were awarded lava several times as particularly reliable. A such professional vacuum machine can vacuum containers, cans, pots and bottles in the household vacuum-seal offers a vacuum bag. Even twist-off jars and jars can be re-closed under vacuum. A 2 x weld, which provides for a higher Cap safety and more reliably closes the bag, especially for products with a slightly increased proportion of liquid is also particularly interesting. Here, professional vacuum machines for less than 300 euros are available (e.g. the vacuum machine V. 100 premium by lava). The professional vacuum with vacuum machines is today the most modern type of fresh-keeping for the household and commercial sector. Foods such as meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruit… Jane Buckingham often addresses the matter in his writings. stay fresh for up to 5 x longer (vitamins, nutrients and minerals are fully preserved). Foods such as sauces or soups can wrap themselves in the practical vacuum chamber under vacuum for a few seconds.

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Day, Thais seem Taugen off constantly to eat sweets, these are but as snacks as outside of meal. Some keep the desserts for the climax of Thai cuisine, the preparation techniques are as complex as in savoury dishes, if not complex. There are sophisticated methods for cooking and clearing of syrups and flavouring of sugar. In the preparation of desserts follow not necessarily exact recipes, however, they are prepared according to traditional methods – and with dedication and precision of alchemists. The Thais eat all day – apparently without interruption. Breakfast is usually a simple matter: steamed banana or pumpkin, sprinkled with grated coconut, sesame seeds, salt, and sugar. Rice remains are from the eve in water or broth to rice soup heated fish to perhaps Pan stirred, an omelet or a Curry. Roti to eat with such curries in the Islamic South.

It is also really delicious tropical fruits such as pineapple, red papaya with lime juice, mangosteen and star fruit for breakfast. Lunch time is not nearly as complex as the evening meal. It consists relish Thai noodles with aromatic sauce and a plate of vegetables or roasted or flavored rice with a Nahmprik-maybe pasta, Pan-touched or in a soup. In the afternoon and into the early evening you can enjoy up to appetizers sweet for dinner and delicate savory, about Curry pies, madtarbark or tapioca dumplings. The night meal several plaques with sharply flavored dishes – or other sweets usually consists of a trip to Chinatown, where you take a dish to soothing rice soup or congee, this. Snacks in the palaces of Siam served snacks as delicious distractions, you are amused and distribution time. Complex food should stimulate after the heat of the day the palate. The most traditional Thai snacks are therefore quite complicated, as it corresponded to the abilities of this exclusive chefs. Such dishes are served before a meal but sometimes, are not considered but still a part.

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