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How many times have we all ever thought if only I had had this idea … No other medium like the Internet offers so many opportunities here – and has so many success stories reported. In the beginning was always just an idea, usually only a pipe dream – but these fantasies now dominate many of the market. The list is long: eBay, Google, GMX, AOL. Just last year started ine new model: the Rckwrtsauktion on My-Hammer – now the undisputed market leader. And you can – even without knowledge of programming or software! Just now offers a chance in the Bulletin board – with the right software, you can implement every idea, and perhaps even among the big names are now on the net! You already have an idea and not afraid of a few hours of work – haperst only with the knowledge and you do not dare to break new ground! This is wrong – even if you do not have the necessary knowledge, there is always someone who has it. Even for a start in a completely foreign territory may, with verve,have clever idea and running very quickly more than just success. Just good ideas for super-fast display markets are implemented with the right software ads – which today was just an idea, or chimera, that can win tomorrow, the whole Internet, and even sometimes downright revolutionize even. Many others have also begun views were quite small – but now no one laughs at the time of their oh-so-crazy and stupid idea. The laughter of yesterday are now the envy. Do not laugh at others but themselves and share their ideas – but the idea before anyone else slightly disenchanted and faster than you. Many “dumb” ideas have made the Internet what it is today, a global community which is dominated by a few large scale. Are you one of those Great!

Urban Settlements2015.04.20. // News

This is consistent with our view of the urban settlement system set up the rail network and subsidiary and coordination, coastal shipping and inland shipping. This is extended to links with neighboring countries and southern Peru. It is worth remembering that at that time was just scrolling through the motor transport geography Argentina (which traumatic and expensively then neutralize the hegemonic media), while just sticking out of commercial aviation and the Navy – as a prodrome – led operations since base of Punta Indio. We have already noted as a turning point, neutralized by the Cold War to Stockholm Conference on the Environment, 1972. The ordering of milestones, we reiterate that, in 1969, appeared the Internet. But in 1973, with the release of the subscription price for oil from OPEC member countries, abruptly broke the energy crisis, and consequently the crisis of a global production system, which had functioned since the end of the First World War with oil prices artificially maintained at two dollars a barrel. With the release price is stabilized close to thirty dollars (in the days running round the sixties).

But the sincerity oil prices was accompanied by signs of depletion of easily accessible oil. Moreover these reservations were not scattered, but concentrated in certain parts of the globe. Additionally, the system mobilized for energy production from hydrocarbons, showed that there was harmless to the environment. This had been anticipated by the Meadows Report 1962 as well as studies of the Hudson Institute and the Club of Rome. .

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