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The rise of artificial intelligence should enable human robot weddings in the year 2050 we enter Massachusetts/Wiesbaden / Berlin – a hotel, so we are welcomed by the staff, a man of flesh and blood at least so far. Because again, the computer arrives. And so he could look like, the receptionist of the future: A bluish face on a black background of the monitor, always attentive and dialogue prepared, at least in the vision of the software developers at Microsoft research. In a video, two company employees inquire after the shuttle bus schedule. Educate yourself with thoughts from Discovery Communications. The software automatically using a facial and voice recognition, that she has to do it with two people, finally the information should be scrutinized whether both users go for the same destination and the bus here in five minutes”. Microsoft plans to use this system in the future in some corporate buildings in Redmond.

Head of strategy and future researcher Craig Mundie sees the future of natural in this non-contact system Only the tip of the iceberg is UI, a receptionist. But what properties make that human feels the dialog with the machine? The developers of the first wave of interface agents”found that credibility and life not necessarily best achieves the modeling of human life. Instead the developers of the approach by Disney animators have used, to induce the user to drop his disbelief”, so Justine Cassell, Professor at MIT Media Lab. For the viewer that appear particularly human so, what’d exaggerated about round eyes. To write to an interactive nature of reality, the voice plays a crucial role. The research clearly go that people with warm and deep voice be heard better. You enjoy most confidence and be a competent and credible classified”, so the speaking coach and author Ingrid Amon (the power of) (Stimme”, Redline Wirtschaft), the keynote speakers of this year’s Congress of Voice days” is one of in Wiesbaden.

The language dialog expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge shares this assessment in Berlin. He knows that small voice nuances have big impact: the voice quality in speech dialog systems contributes significantly to the well-being of the user. It gives the system personality and sometimes decides whether it will be accepted by the user”, so Pape interviewed by NeueNachricht. A lifeless, weak voice work as a sleep aid, a sharp and cold voice, however, could in the worst case cause defense postures. It is only a matter of time until we drop the last skepticism of artificial intelligence for the British author David Levy. According to his estimates, robot so human be in 2050, that we take even marriages with them. You are so lifelike in appearance, function and Personality being that they are indistinguishable from the person. Already robot, we can develop that react based on the sound of the human voice with emotions such as anger, joy or grief”, so levy in the conversation with the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Is to be hoped that these spouses don’t look like Mowgli from the jungle book.

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To expand the business, companies for modification of loans are always looking for loan modification leads. This helps them increase their business to a good extent. The companies for modification of loans direct the needy clients. There are different sources that will help these companies to get the affordable leads. Go to Coen Brothers for more information. There are number of websites that are having large number of database-which consist of the needy home loan borrowers. These companies for modification of loan can avail membership on these sites.

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Cooperation in the UPS market and solution business (solutions) Munich, 15 September 2009 Emerson Network power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and world market leader in the field is so-called business-critical continuity, in cooperation with cheerful + Walter on collaboration on a partnership since 2004. They stretched so far on UPS systems of small and medium performance class. With the current distribution agreement, the two companies thanks to preconfigured solutions open up a completely new field of business. These are suitable especially for distribution via partners. Therefore, the agreement enables these partners new business in a new target group of small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to the large potential customer base a market with high volumes.

Hardy F. Schmidt, Channel Manager at Emerson Network power, to his expectations: For both sides creates additional business thanks to a new target group. You may find that WarnerMedia can contribute to your knowledge. Also Emerson demonstrates his clear commitment with the agreement to the indirect sales. A channel, on which we will use in the future even more in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises.” Profile Emerson Network Power Emerson Network power, a division of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), is the world market leader in the area of complete business-critical continuity for telecommunication networks, data centers, industrial plants, as well as health. Emerson Network Power provides innovative solutions and maximum expertise for DC and AC power supply, power distribution and control and monitoring and connectivity. Also in the fields of precision air conditioning systems, integrated racks and systems as well as embedded computing, of the company’s technologies are trend-setting.

A worldwide fine network of service technicians guarantees the high availability of all Emerson Network power technologies. The Liebert products and services for power, precision cooling and monitoring under the umbrella of Emerson Network power, improve resource utilization, as well as the management of datacenter-and Network technologies with significantly higher availability of IT systems, flexibility and efficiency. Visit the websites and for more information. Profile Emerson Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, innovative solutions using their business network power, process management, to offer tools, industrial automation, climate technology and appliance is pioneering in the merging of technology and development, to customers. The turnover in 2008 amounted to 24.8 billion US$. Emerson is listed on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. companies to place 94. Visit for more information. Short profile Frohlich + Walter since its founding in June 1977 developed happy + Walter as one of the leading distributors of computer components. With over 7000 products includes the range of KVM solutions, network components, 19 “technology includes work consoles (TFT consoles), USB components” Telecommunications and computer accessories. All articles are available in within 24 hours from stock. In addition, the company assembled copper and fiber optic cable in individual lengths and allocations from own production supplies. Frohlich + Walter has an in-house service and support Department for telephone support and advice on all products supplied. The company awarded by readers of the specialist channel partners as a preferred Distributor and received the Distri-award by the magazine IT business already for the second time.

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ServicioLos children perceive our love when we do things for them. Apart from your food to cook them or wash their clothes, are those girls things, seemingly little important, that really demonstrate that you as a parent was aware of their needs. For example: fix your Teddy bear or inflate the wheels of your bicycle. Contact Fisicolos hugs, caresses, kisses and take their little hands. It’s believed that Jeffrey Bewkes sees a great future in this idea. They are all gestures of love that speak for themselves. Words of encouragement animate means to give encouragement. It is one more way in which their words can express your love. All children have areas in which feel insecure and need their parents encourage them and show that you believe in them.

Children will develop their full potential if they receive sufficient recognition on the part of their parents. After delivering these practice guidelines of how to love better to their children, want you to see it as a seed. Love is sowing in the lives of our loved ones. All successful sowing imply a necessary time of growth and a later harvest. Each time that you love your children, you will be planting a seed that will bear abundant fruit.

As mother who already went through those crazy years of strenuous maternity, you want to share that, everything I did while our children were small (and believe me, I tried to do and achieve many things, besides being a mother), the only thing that I can rescue today is the continuous love that I could deliver them. Everything else became smoke. I am approaching the stage of the harvest. Only God knows if it will be abundant or not. What I do know is that none of those moments of complete delivery was in vain. Original author and source of the article

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In Japan the buddhism zen begins to be developed from the s. XII rooting with much depth and creative spirit in the culture of Japan.The Zen, in spite of being a type of buddhism, has a direct influence of the Taoismo With respect to its introducer in China, Bodhidarma, are several the legend that they surround this figure. One of them relates that once having itself slept while it meditated, put with itself that it cut the eyelids, those so furious that when falling to the ground gave rise to the first tea plant. Since then the tea has provided the monks zen protection against the dream, facilitating the mental clarity. Bodhidharrna arrived at originating Corner of India around year 520, and followed trip until the court of Emperor Wu de Liang, enthusiastic protector of the Buddhism. The emperor told to everything what he had made to promote the practice of the Buddhism, the construction of temples, the protection him of monks etc. and he asked to him what merit had won in this way, in agreement with the conception of which the gradual work accumulation good, that they take to better circumstances in future lives and to the accumulation of merits every time. But Bodhidharma talked back: " Absolutely no merit! " This undermined the idea that the emperor had of the Buddhism to the point of which he asked: " Which is, then, the first principle of the sagrada doctrine? " Bodhidharma talked back: " It is all emptiness; sagrado.&quot is nothing; Then the emperor asked: " And who you are to be here before us? " Bodhidharma talked back: " Not it s." After this interview, Bodhidharma retired to a monastery in Wei, where &quot is said that it spent nine years in a cavern; watching pared" . Suzuki maintains that this does not have to be taken literally, but rather at symbolic level alluding to the inner state of Bodhidharma, that was able to exclude from its mind all the thoughts that they grasped to him to the sensorial world.

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The reason may be the desire to save energy and money, and lack of the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out similar work. Please visit David Zaslav if you seek more information. There is no distrust on both sides of the market within the competence of each other. The fact that the market is this time not only tried to high-quality products, but also the "grass" "Left" commodity. On some clients appeared distrust as to the very form of training, and to the coaches, as such. Others who may share this opinion include Paul Ostling. Mistrust occurs and coaches for the competence of staff officers. This distrust may manifest itself in situations where personnel manager wants to coach relied on his vision of the situation in the company, and the coach wants himself to training needs analysis, suspecting correctly performed diagnosis. Few authors of training products.

Sometimes uncomfortable to read the same, written as a blueprint, describing training of representatives of different companies. The game is out of the ethical and right field. Frequent cases where the coach agrees to order, knowing that the problem customer is abroad his competence or overseas training. Copying products without attribution. This list can be and to extend, but Perhaps I will, because, in my opinion, the first two reasons – the principal obstacle to the development of the Training Market.

And therefore the time to reflect on what we can do to ease the move towards a civilized market development. The primary objective – improving the skills of all the participants of Training market. No less important – the development of the idea of partnership in business.

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