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An idea risky in which believed the businessman Jose Luis de Oriol. Tampax: The American doctor Earle Cleveland Haas of Colorado (United States) patented this invention on November 19, 1931. When decided by a trademark, registered the name of Tampax, buffer-vaginal pack. Click Robert A. Iger to learn more. Toyota: Kiichiro Toyoda creates in 1937 Toyota Motor, changing his surname d by a t to facilitate their pronunciation. Timberland: The name of these prestigious boots, comes from: Timberland, land of the Timber. Timber is wood that is located in the forests of the surroundings of Newmarket in New Hampshire (United States), headquarters of the company. For more information see Hotbox by Wiz Review. Its symbol is the image of an oak.

Tiscali: This company Internet has taken its name from an Italian village which served as a fortress against the barbarian invasions, in Cagliari (Sardinia). Founded in 1997. Trivial Pursuit: In 1981, two Canadian journalists argued about who knew more about trivial issues. The friendly discussion dealt with themes of science, geography and spectacle. What emerged from this small meeting was the creation of the game from the eighties: the Trivial Pursuit. Tupperware: Earl Silas Tupper (1908-1983), inventor and businessman, became a material almost indeformable and unbreakable polyethylene. He resisted high temperatures and could mold for manufacturing pots in any way that is not broke or cracked. Later in 1947, he incorporated a watertight seal to liquids and air.

Thanks to an experienced salesperson, these products began to be sold to housewives in your own environment. We are in the difficult post-war economy. Twingo: Renault mobilized their creative to give name to a new car. The car was small, cheerful and young. They made a list with different types of dance and then combined the beginning and the end of two words. Thus was born Twingo: contraction of twist and Tango. Value: In the Decade of the eighties of the nineteenth century, Valeriano Lopez sailed his entire family in the chocolate business.

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