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The solar one of this family is in the province of Between Douro and Minho, in the region of the Coast of the Atlantic of Portugal. Magalhes is a surname of the onomstica of the Portuguese language. It has toponmicas roots, that he will have been taken off of the one of the Tower of Magalhes, in the clientele of Are Martinho of the Pao Vedro Da Ponte of the Bark. In Castilian, the name is Magalllanes. Affonso Rodrigues de Magalhes was roceiro (of roa, agriculturist) of the Monastery of Tibes and of its marriage with D. Joel and Ethan Coen will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Alda Martins de Casteles it had descent that it gave continuity to the nickname, between them navigator Ferno de Magalhes. On the basis of research in a Portuguese site is verified that the Magalhes family retraces to the time of the nationality of Portugal and in it has, beyond Ferno de Magalhes, other Magalhes illustrious, which matters to know. For example, the priest Gabriel de Magalhes (Great Pedrgo, 1609? Pequim 1677) was a missionary who, after having studied in the College of Jesus in Coimbra, travelled for East.

It was in India, Malaca and China. It had some Jesuits of this Magalhes family: some had been to catequizar in Africa, others in India and the ones that had come to Brazil, exactly religious had constituted families in the villages. In China Gabriel de Magalhes it was pursued, some times imprisoned and tortured and two times convicted to the death (of the first one in was saved, extremis, because the tyrant asked for an astrological letter to it and this knew to foresee). Great mechanical constructor, made clocks and other instruments for the Chinese imperial cut. You may find that Hugh Naylor can contribute to your knowledge. One another famous Magalhes, of the branch of the Magalhes de Pedrgo, also studied in Coimbra (in the Monastery of Santa Cruz), also it emigrated and also he was a great constructor of mechanical instruments. Joo Jacinth of Magalhes (Aveiro 1722? London 1790) became ' ' estrangeirado' ' had to the persecutions of the Marquis of Pigeon house. It travelled for the Europe, in London, also having coexisted some of the names biggest of the science and the thought of its time. It donated to its colleague and friend Benjamin Franklin 200 guinus for a scientific prmio that still today exists in the United States and that it has, exactly, the name of Magalhes. In Brazil this last name is present in all the states, where if they detach since the beginning of the settling as recognized personalities in literature, the arts and the politics. North-eastern, mainly in the Bahia, the Magalhes appears as liberal entrepreneurs, professionals and public officers and operating in the scene politician. In Pernambuco, this family in such a way has great importance in the farming one, the medicine, in the right, as well as in the commerce and the politics, areas in which continue being prominence in Petrolina, Bodoc, Cabrob, Salgueiro and Parnamirim.

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More than 16 million kilometers and the size of the African territory, almost two times Brazil with a population of 1000 a thousand inhabitants, had fallen little under the European domain in more than 10 years; Later it would come the allotment of Africa, when Queitu drew the map of Africa it already took some form, but always was I coat, therefore you vary changes, therefore Africa still was being explored; Since Ktia the s reasons of the allotment more had been argued, was the manifestation most dramatical of the distribution of the world between the European powers and the United States in the end of sc. XIX second (J.M.Mackenzie). The book approaches a problem, which the causes and problems and for the allotment of Africa historical which the interest economic politician and in Africa among others. Therefore they are you vary the explanations for such fact that they had been you divide to facilitate the reader; Plus a problem it is without definitive solutions, and the debate of one of the episodes more notables of universal history who is more convincing how much to the subject. Seen HISTORICAL PICTURE the first one in them is contradictory as the European ones had only arrived Africa in century XIX in the African territory being neighboring they and having contact in the antiquity. Africa of the north already was known for the Romans well, when Portugal and determined Spain to flanquear the power of the Isl made its first contacts had been with Africa. Spain if established in the north, already the Portuguese had followed the African Atlantic coast occupying some islands, during centuries Africa were a barrier European them to arrive Asia, however it also was a source of natural wealth. However these efforts in the attempt deal to obtain it, of the African gold had failed. Therefore its position never was very strong with innumerable revolts against them.

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All sources stay on the Cimmerians in Asia, they act as nomads, living by war, constantly attacking various cities and states, in turn won victories and defeats tolerate, are easily converted from enemies into allies and vice versa. Relative area occupied by the Cimmerians, the scientists are divided. The majority, in accordance with one embodiment of legends about the origin of the Scythians, transmitted by Herodotus, believe that in time the Cimmerians doskifskoe severoprichernomorskie inhabited the steppes. From there, they made trips to Asia to the Black Sea coast (according to Herodotus), or through the passes of the Caucasus Mountains (in According to some modern scholars). Some scholars have expanded the territory of the Cimmerians living (at the last stage of their history), including in its individual areas of the modern Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Others, conversely, narrow area of the Cimmerians to modern Kerch and Taman peninsulas, or only the North-West Caucasus, or one of the Kerch Peninsula (sometimes even part of it). Kerch peninsula has always been focus of interest in Cimmerian problem, since it is linked almost all known place names Cimmerian: Cimmerian Bosporus (Kerch Strait), Cimmerian ferry, Cimmerian walls, the city Kimmerik, Mount Cimmeria. Fairly common hypothesis is that the Cimmerians had never lived in the northern Black Sea coast, they formed a tribal alliance in the Iranian plateau, from which raids were carried, as reflected in written sources. The question of linguistic identity Cimmerian finally solved. At one time they ranked as the Celts, Slavs, Caucasians, Germans, etc.

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