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Rental avtomoblya – Tse obsession klntom konkretno vigodi vd vikoristannya avtomoblya in obmn orendnu on board. Hba to 15-20 mi rokv ago uyaviti sob podbnu poslugu? By old chasv, yakscho lyudin potrbny avtomobl LUVs, maximum at scho vn mg rozrahovuvati, Zeh on taks, abo on druzv, yak shaping can pozichiti car. Leslie Moonves may find it difficult to be quoted properly. storichny fact. storya svtovogo car rental vsogo deprivation on vsm rokv molodshe, obtain Pershiy seryny avtomobl, Yakima LUVs legendary Ford T. St zakonomrno, scho Persha Modella avtomoblya, uzyato rent, LUVs of the same Ford T.

Tse-ladder in Taqiy sposb: shtat in Nebraska, USA, one torgovtsev, sponukuvanomu polum'yanoyu addiction to svo dvchini, the requirement to Bulo vchasno potrapiti ne pobachennya to have zv'yazku z obtain, vn uzyav pd Orenda avtomobl Joe Saunders, yaky pslya danogo vipadku th rozpochav Pershiy in svt bznes, rental avtomoblv. Potrbno vddati nalezhne CIM people. Avtomobl in one hour has passed great rdkstyu th tlki pochinali zavoyovuvati 'svo mstse pd Sonts'. Same stench became 'ponerami' rolling bznesu. Pznshe have passed dvadtsyat Rocky storchchya, z'yavilisya slit kompan, yak broach prosuvati bznes rental avtomoblv, bagato s yakih nastlki mtsno zaynyali its nshu in dany sfer, scho th day of ninshny lderami in dany sfer. Ale in the Danian Ti chasi bznes LUVs dosit rizikovanim pdprimstvom, that scho vigdnst, uzyattya avtomoblya in hire a Persha ergov otsnili adventurer rznih suits, right up to grabzhnikv, Yakima avtomobl potrbny LUVs tlki, yak zasb obsession nechesno gain.

Pozitivn aspects rental avtomoblya. W silent since avtomobl zmnilisya, ale sutnst car rental zalishilasya nezmnnoyu. When vdsutnost abo polomts vlasno car rental avtomoblya dinoyu th povnotsnnoyu zamnoyu, zabezpechuyuchi nezalezhnst i peresuvannya freedom. W nshogo side, taking in avtomobl Orenda, koristuvach rozporyadzhatsya m for svom rozsudom, ale to vdmnu vd vlasnika, uryatovany vd neminuchih problems. Rent a car is not zazhada: insurance, putting on oblk, garage, tehoglyad, dagnostiku, tehobslugovuvannya First purchase zapchastin – usm CIM zaymatsya kompanya hire. In pdsumku, rent a car – Tse tlki not spare varant vlasno to cars, ale th mozhlivst vikoristovuvati avtomobl efektivno as not to vdvolkayuchis zayv Turbota.

Importance Of Color Schemes2017.10.22. // News

But note that the red color increases aggressiveness. When the flow of cars is very colorful, it can greatly interfere with perception. In this case, you should not hold on any vzlyad color, in order to reduce dissatisfaction, but do not lose sight of traffic situation. By the same author: CBS. Thus, the color – the main component of traffic for each driver, a traffic policeman and pedestrians. It is a measure of style driver, due to the fact that color affects the subconscious perception located around the world. This is sometimes the main characteristic of perception, and sometimes a very important support pre-multiplication of graphic symbols.

Scientists have designed a symbolic human perception at various psychological characteristics of color and color scheme. The snow-white color of the car. Color dreams, perfect, but requires meticulous care. Optimal color in the sun. At the traffic snow white car safer than other colors, but if the stream is preferably composed of one white car, all poured into an absolute screen snow white. In snowy weather, snow white car is more dangerous than the other color. White no one pushes, as well as and sometimes attracts.

It is neutral since it consists of all colors. Snow-white color of choice for many men and women. If you're driving a snow-white car, you should beware of black. If you have a brown or maroon car, beware of white cars. For Europeans, white symbolizes purity, youth, innocence. In China, snow white is mourning. Black color of the car. Color gloomy perception of life and constant insecurity.

European Months2017.10.22. // News

Given that the the vast majority of cars are almost exact replicas of the more popular counterparts (for example, Daewoo Matiz or Opel Frontera), but 20 percent cheaper, the consumer has to think about! Freight advantage Now some of the existing shortage of supply, the Chinese trucks to easily and gracefully slipped into the resulting market niche. Of course, in some sense is the competition they can make a popular b / v equipment, especially As a car from the U.S.. In contrast to Europe, and trucks from the United States in a similar capacity will be less distinguished fairly simple operation – but lets them yet lack in the market of the original parts. Replace the right part for any International 9800 for parts MAZ MTZ or parts, you see, is somewhat problematic. And the keys are unlikely inch are found in the arsenal of ordinary mechanic, not to mention the corresponding literature.

In addition, the search for an acceptable option b / a can take 3-4 months – at the same place at the brand new heavyweight domestic production (cars ZIL, GAZ, etc.) spread over 1-3 months. The Chinese quickly bearings and steel in large numbers to open their service centers, it is easy to agree dealership. Produced under license of European companies truck made in China have a greater capacity than domestic counterparts, and more pleasant price. As a result, sales of some brands have grown ten times – so, for 11 months in 2007, according to 'Auto Review ", Russia imported 4.2 thousand trucks Howo against 50 for the same period in 2006, and dump the market and does become almost a national – about one-third owned by immigrants from China.

International Container Transport Development2017.09.04. // News

For container transportation in Ukraine is characterized by very low-tech process against the background of increasing flow of traffic. In order to remain competitive in the international container market transport, ports and terminals must be equipped and modern equipment and use advanced technology. On the development needs big money and no one is prepared to invest. The capacity of the terminal is not handles freight traffic, there are delays, additional costs and thus increases the shipping cost. Lack of transshipment facilities in Ukrainian ports significantly inhibits the development of transportation via Ukraine, and makes us not .

unloading container ships stand idle on the roads, lost precious time because of the low-quality treatment of vessels, all participants in the transport chain bear financial losses. Shorter path through Ukraine is becoming longer and more costly. Sea ports and transport of goods an important part of the Ukrainian economy. Like any industry, it requires planned development and monetary investments. Today, container shipping is a tasty morsel in the political struggle.

Because of the instability in politics and the frequent change of control becomes impossible systematic program of development of international container traffic. Cargo transportation is not only ports but also the railroad. And here we have, unfortunately, is also a big problem. Transportation companies are constantly face a lack of the required number of g / d. platforms. There is a growing flow of goods, and not to take him on anything. This once again confirms the need for balanced development throughout the industry. It is not enough to modify some terminals, if the number of platforms will remain the same. Transportation companies are constantly faced with the lack of understanding of what the industry's development of international container traffic – business of the state, not private companies. The matter requires a clear plan and a lot of money. In addition to technical problems prevent the ever-changing freight border, customs regulations and tax policy thought it increases the bureaucratic delays and creates favorable conditions for the "black cargo." Transport logistics in Ukraine and ill 'need to treat these diseases. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeffrey L. Bewkes. " It is quite clear that the development of international transport industry requires large investments and is a "one day". But the longer the government will delay the reform of the industry, the harder it will get Ukraine on a competitive level.

Taxi Company2015.09.18. // News

Elite taxi company goes to a leading position in the transport market through expert approach to organizing work and the desire to make a life of its customers better. Our company works in the field of transport, providing services to the VIP taxi in major Russian cities. We believe that the quality of life of our citizens must meet the highest international standards. Based on this and formulated the basic mission statement: to bring situation in the field of taxi services to the best cities of the developed Western countries. Reaching this goal, our company has gradually become a leader in the VIP taxi. What is included in the concept of the VIP taxi? This is a complex variety of factors: – modern vehicles business class and executive class in which the shipment yet – continuously updated fleet, the maintenance of existing vehicles in pristine condition – providing travel comfort for even the most demanding customers – a combination of convenience and a beautiful design and appearance of the car interior – punctuality, accuracy and compliance with all requirements of customers at all stages services – especially to regular customers who use the services of a taxi business – the fulfillment of all customer feedback.

In order to comply with the VIP taxi rank, our company is buying the best cars in which the passenger comfort combined with beautiful design and best technical characteristics. We have chosen the following car brands: 1. Ford Mondeo – business class car, which has a classic design and has incorporated the most modern technical developments. This car passengers feel comfortable, relaxed and comfortable. Any trip in the car brand Ford Mondeo leaves only pleasant, even though much time has to a passenger in transit. No one passenger has not remained dissatisfied after the trip in a car of this brand.

2. Mercedez Benz – perfect for the car to its characteristics. Worldwide Mercedez fans know how convenient and user-friendly, this machine. In full it can feel and luxury taxi passengers, the Mercedes is a familiar and justified the expectations of the brand car. The company uses only the latest models of Mercedez Benz, are in perfect condition. We take care of the passengers, choosing Mercedes cars. Elite Taxi provides high quality services that cost higher than the price of an ordinary taxi. We know that customer requirements increases in proportion to the cost. Our company is doing everything to every one of our VIP customers was satisfied in full, forget about any discomfort or trouble on the trip. To date, this goal we perform quite well. It is safe to say that our company has become one of the leaders in the VIP taxi, comparing favorably to other similar companies. It is projected that in the very near future the company will take a leading position, thanks to competent strategy development and sensitive attention to clients' needs.

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