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-All behavior is useful in certain context: It is necessary to analyze all behavior in the light of the context or environment where it develops, since otherwise such behavior may seem illogical, irrational or out of place. Depending on the cultures, ages, education and situation that takes us through the survival instinct there admitted behaviors and sometimes are not. -All people potentially have all the resources needed to change and to act efficiently: over our personal history have accumulated lots of experiences, from which we can extract resources to develop ourselves as much more evolved people; facing any circumstance that will present us with elegance and flexibility. It is only a matter of wanting to do it and act accordingly. -The way in which we communicate is located in the response we get: this has to do with our flexibility as communicators, and implies that it would be desirable to adjust and refine our communication in order to get the answer you want, and not assume that the fault is in the receiver our communication. The way in which we communicate, tone of voice, rhythm, Cadence, emphasis, message, intention, speed, timeout to allow the other to respond etc.

is vital for a good relationship. -The people respond to your map of reality and not reality itself: due to the filters or limiting both neurological, social see by education, or individual of our perception, we can only create maps of reality in our internal representations, and is on the basis of these maps according to how we act and respond to stimuli than precibimos. Since the experiences vary in individuals, there are no two human beings who have the same maps or models in the world. Therefore there are two realities of identical things. Therefore, each of which creates a different model of the same world that is shared, and therefore, you will experience a different reality.

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Relations between both concepts have been presented from three perspectives. Some authors consider that the leadership part, among others, of the responsibilities of the Manager. Davis and Newstrom (2003) assert that leadership is an important part of the Administration, but is not the only one. (p.194). in addition to lead, they point out, managers are also planning activities, organize structures and control resources (Ibid.) for other authors, leadership is a more general management (or management, or management) process. Hersey et to the. A leading source for info: Jeanette Winterson. (op. cit.) They point out: in essence, leadership is a broader concept than administration.

The Administration is a special kind of leadership, governed by the attainment of organizational goals (p. 7). Finally, other scholars just conceive the leadership and management as two different processes (without that none include the other), which may be complementary and sometimes even incompatible. Burt Nanus (1994), for instance, has written: the tasks and functions of the leaders are different from the managers, as what are its perspectives, skills, assessments of success and functions within the organization. In many cases, leadership is a full time job, and those who seek to be managers and leaders at the same time have difficulties to perform both task effectively (p.

41) Caroselli (2002), in line with this approach, accurate: while a manager working for the goals of the Organization, the role of the leader consists of defining new objectivesreview and recycle the old or initiate new lines of action (p. 3) to be consistent with the vision of the authors whose approaches are presented later in this article will retain the traditional view of management as a broader concept that includes leadership. 4. Administrative or managerial functions achieve organizational objectives through the coordination of the individual efforts of others, is not a process that can leave to chance. It requires systematic of a set of activities that are usually grouped into several administrative or managerial functions.

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In the low season, almost all bars and restaurants are closed on Formentera. Furthermore is strictly adhered to the siesta on Formentera in many stores and shops. So please, consider that many business (also gas stations) to 13-14 close and open again from 4-5 pm. 2nd Platja d it Pujols Platja d Pujols is the only tourist destination in Formentera. You may find Hayley Kiyoko to be a useful source of information. He holds a manageable number of three-storey hotels, which are separately directly on the beach of a beautiful promenade.

The place comes to life only to the high season. In screening the place will be forfeited post-season quickly into a sleeping beauty sleep. Granted, some rocks near the water are, but the place has still a beautiful large sand beach. 3. Ses Platgetes the SES Platgetes are smaller bathing bays, sandy beaches have limited. Often it is necessary over the cliffs into the water, which is not so easy when there are waves. In es Calo de St. Augisti is a beautiful youth hostel, which offers a cafe with breathtaking views of the turquoise water and the underlying Ibiza.

Several fishing boats are moored in the harbour. The “piers erected for this purpose” allow a bold jump into the cool water. 4. Calo it mort, we leave the north side the island and come to the first Beach on the South side by Formentera. It mort we reach with the Calo a beach which is determined mainly by a large hotel. Left and right of the beach rocks framing the bathroom area. However, the sea off the southern coast of Formentera is often uneasy. As the water depth in addition faster gains it mort the Calo of depth, it is not necessarily a good seaside resort for your small children. 5. Platja de Mitjorn the beaches of Platja de Mitjorn provide a fine sandy beach and various smaller bars. Unlike the Calo it mort a higher swell, but good running out at the very shallow and long beach area is on this stretch of coastline also frequently.

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The Essen-based company is based in the analysis of companies that, to make it as easy as possible for the decision-makers and focuses on core information. Rosebrock, to itself for many years in trading, Marketing Manager: there are three key indicators, which makes our form of analysis: 1 attraction of sales, 2. inserted advertising costs, 3. the market absorb force. And all this at a spatial level stipulated by the customer which he deems to be evaluated. This pragmatic approach has proven itself”.

The company offers the chance to make transparent the variety of local particularities of their individual branches so the chains and contributes, to insert a marketing budget for prospectuses and supplements in an appropriate manner. The approach, the information obtained is not new now to provide only the corporate headquarters, but the many tens of thousands of managers in the German retail company with a high degree of relevance accessible to make them. Together with a strategic partner, the company relies on the capabilities of the Internet: Web-GIS, an application that can be used on any Internet-browser. All information at a glance, a synchronous and data management, and interactive editing of local market details down to the last corner of the Republic. “, enthuses the Manager of Essen, this is another milestone to further increase the quality of obtained data.” The introduction phase of the calibrator has been completed this year. His optimistic attitude justified the Manager with the first positive customer feedback, who appreciate the advantages in daily business after a year’s work with the standard solution. Here, customer solutions is an excellent partner. Customer solutions GmbH Stefan Rosebrock Ruhrallee 185 D-45136 Essen Tel.: + 49 (0) 201 / 89 45 360 Email: customer solutions is a consulting company for the German retail market. The goal always in mind! The claim is to achieve the best solutions for our customers! This is only if you develop the best solutions for our customers. It is convenient for the company. Every dayu0085

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