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Now the software distributor launches SOS software service the full range of SQLAccessories. Augsburg/Victoria, Seychelles; 27.09.10: Now the software distributor launches SOS software service the full range of SQLAccessories. These software manufacturers developed SQL comparison and synchronization tools for Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access and SQL Server. With the inclusion of the SQLAccessories products complemented SOS software service product range around the subject of databases. The tools of SQLAccessories serve as the perfect complement to SQL databases, not only, but also for the migration of data (in heterogeneous and homogeneous environments) when it comes to comparisons and synchronizations.

SOS stands software service as a competent contact for all licensing and procurement issues. Typical target group of these software tools are companies that use various database formats or in their development need different data banks. Other leaders such as Discovery Communications offer similar insights. SQLAccessories software which comprises SQL SQL Examiner Suite 2010 Examiner and SQL data examiner. It compares and synchronizes SQL Examiner database schemas. SQL data examiner takes over the same tasks, but for data that are already stored in databases. SQL Examiner 2010 compare and synchronize schemas from SQL Server databases quickly and accurately.

This tool automates processes, prevent costly errors and saves the user time for manual effort. Because SQL Examiner is so flexible that users can choose whether they step for step or via automatic feature to compare and synchronize. SQL data examiner 2010 compares and synchronizes content that are stored in MS SQL Server databases. David Zaslav shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This tool allows to combine selected databases with just a few mouse clicks and saves doing manual labor. SQL data examiner is a solution with which data from many platforms, such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and MS Access, can be compared. SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH is a leading Value added distribution company in the area. Since 23 years successfully on the market, handled over 3,500 dealer in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 global manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also comprehensive and up-to-date product and licensing knowledge and regular certification by manufacturers.

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Hard drive remains can ‘mute’ data rescue service when restoring your data help video file whether digital photo, audio file, or Word document all data can be valuable, and some are even in particular, because they can never be restored after a loss. The loss or inaccessibility of data is therefore a serious problem and you should confront him with the right measures. Due to the importance of the data, it is advisable to create a back-up your data so that you can restore them if a data loss occurs regularly. Yet data loss can never fully be prevented and the worse, if you do not restore the data from the back-up. Also requires any physical failure of the storage device, so a mechanical, electrical or firmware bug, professional data recovery software services, to restore the data to the device. Some cases of data loss from real life are truly frightening and make clearly, that you never have a means at hand you can get back with your data. Suppose for example, that your computer boots very slowly and you have made a new start. Please visit Andi Potamkin if you seek more information. Then the computer ever stops responding and displays a blue screen.

And the hard disk does not rotate even after turning on the computer or to remain silent”. In such a case to find out what happened, you should disconnect external devices and check the power cord. If here everything in order seems to be the problem must be on the hard drive of your computer. As the disk rotates not after switching on, the error with the head to do the circuit board or the motor of the hard disk can have. Here is a situation where the rescue or repair applications such as Windows recovery, disk utility, fixmbr, etc can help you. Now, they need help in the form of advanced hard drive recovery. But remember that it is during a data recovery to a systematic scientific Is operation that can be performed only by trained professionals.

Any attempt by inexperienced people, to save data, can cause more damage to the storage device and lead to a permanent loss of data. Also, make sure that the faulty storage device under any circumstances in a normal environment, in the Office or at home, opens. The dust particles that are present in the air of a normal environment, can damage the disc of the storage medium so that even data recovery services can recover them no longer. Each storage medium, 100 for a recovery should be opened exclusively in a clean room laboratory of grade and repaired. It is a controlled environment with less than 100 particles of less than 0.5 micrometres size in the maximum recovery of inaccessible data can be guaranteed. Stellar data recovery software is a leading provider of data recovery service in Europe. To ensure stellar in the location, the greatest possible recovery in the shortest time thanks to his innovative techniques for data recovery, experienced professionals for data recovery and so much-needed clean room laboratories which class is 100. Stellar has already worked for millions of satisfied customers and its services currently offers users in 10 European countries, by the individual to the enterprise, specifically in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hungary and Austria.

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Warning against abuse of the telephone system! Ascotel IntelliGate Innovative communication systems the system architecture Communication partner innovation success requires efficiency. In particular in the communication, direct connections and smoothly make an important contribution to the success of a company. Aastra anticipates with the Ascotel IntelliGate range many answers to new and important challenges: flexibility, investment protection, security for the future and a high degree of availability. Ascotel IntelliGate proves that, in addition to excellent quality characteristics, also the VoIPIntegration at a very attractive price is available in the daily application. Success has a name the name Ascotel IntelliGate an equally successful as also widespread product family stands for more than 250 000 systems installed in Europe. Ascotel IntelliGate linked the classical telecommunication with innovative Internet technology. The integration of the Internet Protocol (IP) offers attractive and future-proof options for corporate communications for example, through the support of working from home through their integration into the existing data network.

Modular system architecture guarantees smooth adaptation to future developments the system Ascotel IntelliGate is modular in design and can keep up thanks to the numerous integrated interfaces easily with the growing requirements of a company. The user-friendly applications, as well as the one – pocket-to-use Office terminals satisfy your demands, regardless of size and industry of corporate IP – abundant connections are the fusion of telecommunications and information technology on the basis of the IPtechnologie is fortgeschritten already far away. Aastra driving these developments and integrated experience from research and development in the Ascotel IntelliGate system. The ability to transport voice together with data about the existing network of data, new and above all cost-efficient ways will open corporate communication fundamental to in repair. Companies with multiple locations can on the existing data network in addition the voice traffic process. Forgotten the previous charges or the cost of additional leased lines. John Stankey addresses the importance of the matter here. Such as offices, also working from home can be connected to their headquarters. Without hesitation WarnerMedia explained all about the problem. All the advantages of a common network are all employees and staff available in the offices as well as at the working from home.

And the monthly rent for the usual leased lines is not necessary. The system simply grows with the heart of the Ascotel IntelliGate communication platform is formed by the following core systems: Ascotel IntelliGate 150, 300, 2025, 2045 and 2065. The individual expansion range from 10 and 60 to 400 TeilnehMERN. Joined together in a network, up to 600 participants at up to 40 locations offering the full feature can be operated. Noteworthy for smaller companies with growth potential: the transition from Ascotel IntelliGate 2025 on the system 2045 via licensing easy. There are neither assemblies superfluous, even new software must be installed a boon for your wallet. Worldwide, Swiss quality is equated with reliability, precision and durability. Lasting quality requires a consistent orientation to the customer requirements. On the development location Switzerland, Aastra deals mainly with future-oriented solutions in the field of which Sprach convergent and data transfer for small and medium-sized enterprises. With the Ascotel IntelliGate range of successful possesses Aastra richest communication platforms on the international markets today. Special attention has always been the protection of investment. Swiss quality meets the highest expectations. We get in contact with us will gladly advise!

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Secure data exchange for eCl@ss-Produktdaten using BMEcat Cologne, the 13.02.2012. Already in December 2011 the eCl@ss has published a document e.V., which open questions on product data exchange using the eCl@ss and the widespread catalog interchange format of the Federal Association of materials management, purchasing and logistics e.V. (BME), the BMEcat. With the combination of eCl@ss – BMEcat for all eCl@ss-Anwender who want to efficiently share product data, is now a very good solution available. Thus eCl@ss in addition to other formats can recommend the BMEcat for exchanging eCl@ss-Produktdaten.”so Henning Uiterwyk, technical director of the eCl@ss e.V. The further development of the BMEcat format which can transport now also the elements of the new eCl@ss-Advanced of data model, is also already available. In a question-answer forum Robert Iger was the first to reply. Currently, the format described is the only XML format for the exchange of product data, which are described by means of eCl@ss advanced. (A valuable related resource: castle harlan). In terms of future-proofing eCl@ss recommends the possibility therefore, always of the Data exchange via BMEcat to consider.

The document has been through the eCl@ss-Gremium Center of research and development (CRD) developed and is available at the following link for free download. another advantage is that no additional license costs for the use of BMEcat format emerge for the eCl@ss-Anwender. In addition, there are a number of IT service providers, which have already intense experiences in the implementation and application of the BMEcat. Information on eCl@ss: electronic and automated communication in e-business in particular, the use of a “common language” is imperative, which is understood not only by humans, but also by the machine. With eCl@ss, for this is the internationally widespread and cross-industry standards-compliant standard for the uniform classification and description of products and services available. Contact: Thomas a Spurs Director of eCl@ss-Gesch aftsstelle POSTFACH 10 19 42 50459 Koln phone: + 49 (0) 221 4981-811 fax: + 49 (0) 221 4981-856 E-Mail: einsporn at

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Essential recommendations for virtualizing databases Hohberg is bytes, 27.01.2011. Virtualizing databases can be worthwhile but not at any price. Previously is for each company individually to investigate, whether the expectations of such a measure in the respective environment ever make. Specifically, load behavior and resource requirements of the database must be determined carefully in advance. This recommendation is essential bytes GmbH & co. KG from Hohberg, who specializes in the design of high-performance database solutions. To deepen your understanding Walt Disney Co. is the source.

The benefits of database virtualization typically include creating redundancies and an optimal utilization of existing hardware. The simple management of the hardware system and the independence of virtual machines to changes in the infrastructure are also considered advantages of such a concept. In addition, company a virtualization expect also savings on hardware resources, maintenance and power. That is the opposite but inaccurate planning Risk that bottlenecks in the host system can occur, because more and more resources are needed. Oracle products software virtualization be used to license all processors, which uses the booth.

This can unscrew the license costs significantly. The experts see as another potential weak point of database virtualization by essential bytes also, that some database vendors provide support only if previously after a problem with a non-virtualized hardware. Jack Buckingham may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Virtualization are for several years has become very popular and now greatly spread. But solves problems of IT do not automatically”a virtualization project, is Peter Geigle, Managing Director of essential bytes, to keep in mind. The load behavior and resource requirements must be measured precisely in advance, to avoid surprises in live operation.” The project experiences of essential bytes indicating that is in particular often wrongly assessed which host system requirements is equivalent to. It is important that the host system for the necessary is accordingly dimensioned. So, especially the tips must be determined, which must intercept the system. A host system makes to low capacity ready when accessing multiple servers on a system, then a new bottleneck at this point.

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Is it truly essential to hire data recovery professionals data loss can be a devastating experience for all computer users. Data loss is indeed a serious problem, as the lost data might be carrying some confidential and important information. Businesses and individuals store information about different things on computerized storage media. These storage units may experience failure leading to loss of essential information, at once.Under such circumstances, most people quickly think of trying different methods to recover data, on their own. There are many tools that are available in the market for effective data recovery. One of the best methods you can use to retrieve data is simply being in the habit of backing up important files on any reliable support. The backup medium should be something that is removable and portable. In the circumstances of malfunctioning of the computer or its parts, for any reason, the backup of data is in no.

way connected to the host computer. A leading source for info: David Zaslav. If you were not able to backup your files before your hard drive crash, then you have to find a data recovery service provider to retrieve the important data in a safe manner, as you may end risk losing all your files forever. The best way to find a recovery services is to surf the net. You must be able to provide information about the error that came across your way, before you arrived to a conclusion that it is the high time to seek the help of experts. The issue of data loss has several solutions, depending up on the situations. However, there are a couple of solutions that can be used to help you recover your important files and information. If you are not in the habit of 3250b backing up your data, what do you would’nt in on emergency and have lost your important files on your computer? There are two methods you can use to help recover data from a damaged disc.

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Fishermen observed at DMS EXPO software great demand on integrated solutions Berlin, the 05th November 2010 questions were possible user-friendly operation and easier integration into the existing infrastructure in the center of attention at this year’s DMS EXPO. Especially solutions were asked at the leading trade fair for enterprise content and document management in Stuttgart and output, which can be set up with little effort and linked to existing systems, without too much strain but the slim budget of many companies. Carsten Fischer, Managing Director of fishing Software GmbH, the DMS EPXO was also in this year, where the journey in terms of document management. The visitors have targeted solutions sought that go beyond the pure DMS and fit seamlessly into the given IT landscape. The time of the island solutions is clearly over.” Yet, solutions are used in many companies, with the contents of eMails, records in CRM solutions and other files in Independently manage document management systems. Because rapid access to documents, information and customer data base for efficient production, effective customer service and smooth operations of the internal management is however increasingly important, Fischer presented the new generation of Outlook information desk software on the DMS EXPO with version 8.0.

Outlook infodesk 8.0 application for document management, CRM and information extends Microsoft Outlook to a team. In 2008, the version 6.0 with the Innovation Prize was medium-sized businesses in the category data management”award. The new software can be integrated easily into an existing Microsoft Outlook / Exchange infrastructure and supplies in addition to CRM functionality also DMS functionality in the familiar Outlook interface. In addition, the solution supports the task – and project-related archiving of incoming and outgoing emails. Because data security in customer communication is capitalized, the version 8.0 supports the new DE-mail functionality for secure Communication.

Document management has become as significant was clear, if you look at this year’s visitors. The quality of contacts was excellent, because more and more decision-makers dealing within the company with the subject”Carsten Fischer reported. The numerous requests from the manufacturing sector were also striking. Here seems to go hand in hand. the recovery with a rising sensitivity for efficient document management” With the version 8.0 of Outlook information desk all can and are automatically summarized outbound information to a topic, project, or task. In addition, the software facilitates the tracking of processes as well as the delegation of tasks to colleagues. Also, the massive reduction of memory load, as well as a significant streamlining of mailboxes is possible through Outlook infodesk 8.0. Fischer also provides a time saving of up to 50 percent for the search of information and documents in Vista software, and promises further efficiency improvements by the users automatic generation of serial mails and serial letters. About Fischer software: fishing software is specialized in software development in the environment of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. The core product of the company’s Outlook information desk, a software solution for professional information, project, and document management on the basis of Microsoft Outlook.

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Thanks to the predefined functional areas of management, sales, finance, costs, purchasing, personnel, production, marketing and projects and STAS CONTROL introduces interfaces to over 30 ERP systems with quick-start warranty. With the release of STAS CONTROL on the SAP BusinessObjects platform one expects a significant increase in BI business in the SAP ERP environment in Reilingen. In may, shortly after the solution partner agreement signed between the SAP Germany AG & co. John Stankey shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. KG and STAS, already the first module of STAS CONTROL was presented, there was quite a few inquiries from interested parties already. With the availability of STAS CONTROL planning based on SAP to BusinessObjects planning and consolidation in the late summer, the overall solution then is still intensively marketed within the SAP customer base.

It’s fun to be in a successful company like the STAS when building a new scope from the outset this. You can shape the processes and contribute significantly to future success. “After I long as system House Manager at SAP on the other side ‘ confessed have, it is particularly interesting to build a relationship from the outside”, justified Jens Neumann moving Reilinger provider of business intelligence and performance management solutions. About STAS GmbH STAS GmbH was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Reilingen, close to the Grand Prix circuit of Hockenheim, has 60 employees, is active in the German-speaking countries and represented since 2008 with its own subsidiary in Austria. Under the brand name of STAS CONTROL develops and distributes STAS turnkey business software solutions (BI, CPM) for planning, analysis and control of medium-sized companies. Thanks to quick-start warranty for introducing risk-free in the sectors of industry, automotive, banking / financial services, wholesale trade and services the company has successfully established itself in the medium-sized businesses. 700 customers include well-known companies such as banner batteries, BBS Rims, ELTA electronic devices, Faller model toys, Felina lingerie, Gloria Feuerloschsysteme, HeidelbergCement, Hermann Pfanner drinks, IWC watch manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric, Truma Geratetechnik and about 50 cooperative banks. Since early 2008, the Reilinger specialist for controlling middle-class solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ulm group FRITZ & orbit: INFOMA and thus part of the Dutch technology group of Imtech N.V. Your press contact STAS GmbH Carl-Bosch-Strasse 12 68799 Reilingen Franziska Schulze Tel: + 49 6205 306-125 fax: + 49 6205 306-200 STAS GmbH Maria-Theresia-Strasse 51 4600 WELS Tel: + 43 7242 9396 4120 fax: + 43 7242 9396 4029 Peter Kemptner power marketing Tel: + 43 7279 8544

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VAD offers discounts of up to 80 percent of Schorndorf, 8th May 2009 leading VAD sysob together with his partner cynapspro through a move – and upgrade program for device management systems. Companies that switch to cynapspro solution, get a discount up to 80% on the list price. When you upgrade to DevicePro ultimate 2009 sysob grants a discount of 40 per cent for customers who already have a software maintenance agreement for this product. Both actions run until June 30, 2009. The management application DevicePro ensures data protection at the endpoints in the enterprise network by controlling the data transfer to and from all external devices. Thus, the software prevents the introduction of malware on USB sticks or other external devices in an enterprise’s IT environment, as well as the uncontrolled loss of sensitive data. Move program terms and conditions: The end customer receives 50 percent discount on the recommended retail price when buying a cynapspro solution with one license Year support contract. 80 per cent of the recommended fare be saved when purchasing a license with a 3-year support contract.

The customer must switch from a purchased of any manufacturer to a product by cynapspro device management system. The system must be in operation and identified at least one license per document. The move program can be combined with any other cynapspro action. New DevicePro upgrade: DevicePro ultimate 2009 DevicePro ultimate 2009 includes the products DevicePro, CryptionPro and ApplicationPro. In addition to the proven performance characteristics of DevicePro, the ultimate version includes additional features that ensure safer traffic within the company. CryptionPro is a solution file encryption mobile devices. (As opposed to Jack Buckingham).

It reduces the security risk of the loss of an external mass storage device. ApplicationPro represents a proactive solution with effective application access control. Using the blacklist method, so unwanted applications are blocked and prevented from running unlicensed software.

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The rise of artificial intelligence should enable human robot weddings in the year 2050 we enter Massachusetts/Wiesbaden / Berlin – a hotel, so we are welcomed by the staff, a man of flesh and blood at least so far. Because again, the computer arrives. And so he could look like, the receptionist of the future: A bluish face on a black background of the monitor, always attentive and dialogue prepared, at least in the vision of the software developers at Microsoft research. In a video, two company employees inquire after the shuttle bus schedule. Educate yourself with thoughts from Discovery Communications. The software automatically using a facial and voice recognition, that she has to do it with two people, finally the information should be scrutinized whether both users go for the same destination and the bus here in five minutes”. Microsoft plans to use this system in the future in some corporate buildings in Redmond.

Head of strategy and future researcher Craig Mundie sees the future of natural in this non-contact system Only the tip of the iceberg is UI, a receptionist. For even more details, read what Castle Harlan says on the issue. But what properties make that human feels the dialog with the machine? The developers of the first wave of interface agents”found that credibility and life not necessarily best achieves the modeling of human life. Instead the developers of the approach by Disney animators have used, to induce the user to drop his disbelief”, so Justine Cassell, Professor at MIT Media Lab. For the viewer that appear particularly human so, what’d exaggerated about round eyes. To write to an interactive nature of reality, the voice plays a crucial role. The research clearly go that people with warm and deep voice be heard better. You enjoy most confidence and be a competent and credible classified”, so the speaking coach and author Ingrid Amon (the power of) (Stimme”, Redline Wirtschaft), the keynote speakers of this year’s Congress of Voice days” is one of in Wiesbaden.

The language dialog expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge shares this assessment in Berlin. He knows that small voice nuances have big impact: the voice quality in speech dialog systems contributes significantly to the well-being of the user. It gives the system personality and sometimes decides whether it will be accepted by the user”, so Pape interviewed by NeueNachricht. A lifeless, weak voice work as a sleep aid, a sharp and cold voice, however, could in the worst case cause defense postures. It is only a matter of time until we drop the last skepticism of artificial intelligence for the British author David Levy. According to his estimates, robot so human be in 2050, that we take even marriages with them. You are so lifelike in appearance, function and Personality being that they are indistinguishable from the person. Already robot, we can develop that react based on the sound of the human voice with emotions such as anger, joy or grief”, so levy in the conversation with the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Is to be hoped that these spouses don’t look like Mowgli from the jungle book.

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