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IPCCS from Leipzig has launched new eBook range due to the ever-increasing importance of electronically available media, operates an online shop which offers only eBooks IPCCS ebooklager (www.ebooklager.de) now. This ebook store waives completely the EPUB standard format, that allows to read eBooks on mobile devices. I think it is not important on the way electronic books on expensive devices to read the users. Learn more at this site: Robert A. Iger . Rather it comes to users as PDF files to get practical eBooks that are readable with any PC, without having to invest in expensive hardware”, emphasizes Managing Director Daniel Voigt. Especially wonderful mobile reading suitable for already existing notebooks and Netbooks”. In addition to the classic distribution, the IPCCS (www.ipccs.de) expanded its core business to your own online shop with a selection of electronic books on topics from the world of finance.

In times of economic crisis and Hartz IV are financial issues a primary topic in many eBooks”says Voigt. Authors give many advices that help secure the existence and to provide approaches to problem solving. While I note that unknown experts, meet the ravages of time much more precisely, as the well-known authors of financial books. Through the practical tips of the authors, attract readers quickly and cost-effectively first clues and can work focused on problem-solving.” The selection of eBooks is constantly expanding. Collaborations allow an offer greatly expanded to many subject areas with different publishers in the future. Press contact: IPCCS entrepreneurial company (limited liability) old random city street 6 04229 Leipzig Tel.: + 49 (0) 341/39284471 fax.: + 49 (0) 341/39284479 contact: Michael Ratke

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video2mp3.de – the song of the YouTube videos I is it beautiful, but how to get? Just download with video2mp3.de. Meanwhile, the programs that allow you to download YouTube videos to your computer are numerous. In the range from free freeware about shareware to fee-based programs. All together, they have a disadvantage, they must be installed locally on the computer. (Source: Leslie Moonves). You’re on the go or can otherwise not install software, so you cannot use these offers. For this reason, the project video2mp3.de in the life was called there the possibility is available YouTube videos online and free of charge, to convert but also videos of some other portals, online. This will allow the users quickly and easily, regardless of wherever you are, to convert videos online in MP3. The complete conversion online making the fact that video2mp3.de offers the possibility, however still no decisive advantage is to locally installed programs. Walt Disney spoke with conviction.

In addition, that local programs often only videos download, they offer the possibility of conversion to MP3, so the Mogilchkeit of entering the title and artist is missing in many cases, however. This should not only superficially represent the file name, but also firmly in the MP3 of “eingebrant”, as a so-called ID3 tag, this allows the audio playback programs to recognize, by whatever artist the song is and what the song name is. Further advantages of video2mp3.de are simple handling and additional services. It is so possible with the help of video2mp3.de to make money or just want to see what other visitors are converting..

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Sales optimization through marketing-driven Internet business who wants to succeed, requires a professional Internet presence today. More and more households have an Internet connection. Over 80% of Internet users inform in advance online with the purchase of a product. In other words: If you have a good Internet presence, is in advance of the race because he can not found or taken into account. Consulting-b2b has made it to help companies, all management and business processes to align sales success of the task. This is done check strategic direction, vision, mission and tactics and customize. With a marketing-oriented website for example, companies can increase sales, save money and time. This is done inter alia through fully automatic expiration dialogs, automation, and optimization of daily routines.

So companies can reduce up to 10% of your costs for business processes and revenue increases of 100% was achieved for many customers, so Managing Director Dirk Burghausen by consluting b2b. The investments are for the company in order and there are no hidden and subsequent costs, often customary in the creation of corporate Web pages. A Retourn of invest is reached usually after 3 months. The customer is not dependent on webmasters and service providers through the use of modern content management system (CMS).

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