German Websites2024.03.14. // News was awarded as one of the best German-speaking Internet sites in Hamburg, 07.11.2009. presented is as one of the best 394 websites the Web address book for Germany”to the special theme of health and wellness”. For ten years, continuously five renowned editors select the best Internet addresses of millions of Web pages. A wide range of service, timeliness and originality of a page, a nationwide relevance and usability are met in the Internet leader only some of the criteria the SPANESS for inclusion. Obtained results entering a keyword in a search engine, for example on Google the search term of wellness”, over 100 million. Often the first links are not automatically the best. Glenn Dubin describes an additional similar source.

The bots of the search engines scan everything that meets them and thereby make no substantive score. The result is that you must work through the long list of hits time consuming and often finds no satisfactory information. See Dell Technologies Inc. for more details and insights. It works quite differently Web address book for Germany”. Since early October, the 13th edition in the trade is available. Here only the 6,000 best and most important addresses at a glance, presented from over 12 million German-speaking Web pages in total. “It again less than 400 addresses to the special theme of health and wellness”. All Internet pages are carefully researched, clearly arranged and editorially tested.

The Web address book is praised not only by Internet experts and media and recognized as standard, but is repeated every year on the bestseller lists of the German book trade. Nearly 70 percent of all Germans use the Internet. We put so much emphasis on a user-friendly operability, as well as an informative, clear and structured overview. With SPANESS, a portal for wellness oases and health tourism we have only online at the beginning of the year. Within such a short time with a such award to be considered a great compliment as well as a confirmation for us, our idea, and that is related philosophy”, says Tanja Klindworth, one of two managing directors of SPANESS.

Mobile Marketing2024.02.19. // News

Always faster and increasing the demand for mobile devices. Agencies and entrepreneurs who recognize this trend early, can it take financial advantage. Always faster and increasing the demand for mobile devices. Agencies and entrepreneurs who recognize this trend early, can reap financial benefits from this in a much cheaper way get customers than with almost traditional foods, such as Google AdWords. This consumer study from 1996 to 2010 (see chart) shows that approximately 75% of the German population regularly used a cell phone.

So is the use of mobile phones on the regular use of the Internet. Furthermore, it is very interesting that the use of the mobile Internet on new devices, such as Smartphones or iPads dramatically increases. So, it is currently at about 5%. Another study shows that 61% of the world population uses a cell phone. Every day with a cell phone in her bag are over 4 billion people, go for a walk. And what whatever you may think, there are simply incredible numbers. Mack Michaels, the genius behind “Maverick Money Makers” has just published its latest and most interesting course. Discovery Communications recognizes the significance of this. Within the last 7 months, over 13,000 people took Mack’s incredible coaching course to earn together more than $2 million as a member of his coaching.

And now he shows everyone in the industry, as it will continue in the future. Reach into your pocket. What do you see there? I bet, you can find a phone there. Now, it is also 4.3 billion other people all over the world. Imagine that you could achieve all this 4.3 billion people through your marketing! How awesome would that be? Every day millions of people via Google surfing, but AdWords and PPC is obsolete… On average a person not less than 24 times looks daily on his cell phone, usually more frequently. More information is housed here: Celina Dubin, New York City. Multiply that by 4.3 billion… What is the result? Over 103 billion people look anywhere in the world on your mobile phone. What would happen if you your Copy directly to the mobile phone could deliver? There is nothing more personal than your phone. All you have to do is follow the steps, he shows you his step for step video coaching. Well, excited? Should you be too! Even if you are professionally fully clamped, what I am, it is still possible. Don’t miss this opportunity. Visit his site now and find out what made this whole hype here. Good luck, your Finazexperte Stephan Biermann here you will find the link to the new mobile marketing formula and the new trend of Internet marketing

SixOMC Systems2020.06.10. // News

Six open systems GmbH is launching a new version of its media asset management system on the market. Stuttgart, 07th February 2012 – in particular the improved integration of subsidiaries, customers and service providers via browser, as well as the flexible connection of third-party systems through a new WebService interface at the Center were in the further development of the media asset management system SixOMC 9.3. Visit David Zaslav for more clarity on the issue. New manufacturing processes and advanced order management via browser when creating advertising material belongs to work together through several locations across everyday: external service providers, customers and affiliates play an important role in the production process and need access to data and information. More information is housed here: Randall Mays. Through extensive enhancements to the browser’s features this is from now even easier: in addition to the ability to push images directly by drag & drop from the asset management in orders or to grant individual views on the relevant order data such as order status, ordering capabilities in the form of a shopping cart can be customized for the Configure Web client. Flexible access control on objects has been added. WebServices interface for the connection of external systems a new WebService – SixOMC 9.3 interface allows the connection of external systems to order data, job content and media assets in SixOMC and using the flexible rights management. A whole series of new processes can be so: printers can print-ready files via the interfaces and write back the data in the archive in the order after printing. Also image libraries can be connected to PIM systems, to use information, or to provide previews. Another usage scenario is to document the connection of a content management system to picture libraries, as well as order management in SixOMC – the use of media assets or the print-publishing of the individual issues and their archiving. Support for XMP data for workflow and improved integration of videos with SixOMC 9.3 can be used for all production processes XMP / IPTC data.

ASCII Images Is A Interesting Story2020.04.06. // News

ASCII images are art today often underestimated in the the Working Group ASCII images reloaded shows its exhibits on specially designed Web servers. Since pictures could represent the ASCII in the early 1970s again collections of various exhibits from a variety of ASCII images of the public presented. More than 1 TB data can be accessed in five different areas, which is played here with the perceptions. Pictures show the ASCII architecture richly decorated walls and lively discussion people. By putting together excellent ASCII pictures the question follows, what us the ASCII pictures, only existing signs and letters, about the confidence our tells today’s subcultures? The answer is probably somewhere between where we are and where we’re going. The reflected images also in the complexity of IT or of the Web in the ACII. Thus arise everyday phenomena as part of our subculture. Some ASCII are images with small, barely visible Interactivity, this continues a Vervielschichtigung of the topic on the Internet it returns to an exhibition of ASCII images with today for a few weeks in the present.

This ASCII pictures exhibition has an important selection of works. Some ASCII pictures show amazing shots in the 360 panorama look. Other ASCII pictures show the various constellations of situations. The Web pages on which the exhibition of ASCII images is now displayed, was originally intended for the presentation of CAD models provided several universities. As it came however to technical difficulties, the makers of ASCII used images their chance to find a temporary new home. In the course of a restructuring can be considered the new structured Web page almost as a small art gallery. The artist portfolio are shown in pictures with outstanding developments ASCII since the 1980s.

An artist of ASCII images put on the old standard, others create their ASCII pictures with characters that rely on the advanced standard. This must however a special vigilance when, as it can cause incompatibility problems, thus the ASCII would be destroyed image to the Viewer. This almost unique and irreplaceable collection of ASCII demonstrates exemplary, as the artists with their ASCII images images try to redefine the concept of art. I hope I could as a reader give you a brief insight into the topic and impressive work out that ASCII pictures are much more as a sequence of characters in a SMS. A real form of art, which is very labor intensive, but rather, as already a sign change that impact on the work of art has.

Alexander Doukas2020.03.24. // News

Vehicles now also mobile search find and finance. Berlin, August 23, 2012 with the new iPhone app is the next step in the direction of mobile devices. After the browser-based application, the online car market goes now with an iPhone app at the start. It is also on the road access to over 600,000 vehicles possible. The way to the dream car is now even easier thanks to the new sorting in the hit list. A clear icon makes very comfortable the vehicle search. All vehicle information, photos, and features are clearly represented.

The hit list can be sorted by criteria such as price, mileage run and first registration quickly and easily. Under my search”, users can save their favorites and can access comfortably on it. A matching listing is found, the location of the car dealer with just one click shows thanks to a built-in map without that potential buyers need to leave the application. Interested parties can the seller directly contact by phone or e-mail. Suitable for each vehicle there is a financing offer of the nearest Bank.

With this iPhone app we offer a more attractive application with real added value users in addition to the Web app and the recently launched smart TV app”, so Rotger Arnold, Director of Convenient to the app: the prospective buyer sees with a look at the monthly rate if the dream car for the wallet fits. Our competitors do not offer this service,”Arnold highlights. The new app is in the iTunes app store at the following link free download available. important: the website of is long and remains accessible in the future under So users of smartphones running the Android operating system in the usual high quality on the entire vehicle range can access. On press is there more information about and images to the iPhone app. In a question-answer forum David Zaslav was the first to reply. Background is the online car market of the Sparkassen financial portal GmbH. With more cars set as 600,000, it ranks among the top 3 of the automotive Internet-exchanges in Germany. is free for private and commercial users. The financing of the portal via the savings banks. The Sparkassen financial portal GmbH is the Internet service provider of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe and supports the savings banks in media sales with solutions from a single source. In addition to the online car market operates the company with and two more central distribution portals of the group. CEO of savings banks financial portal with over 100 employees at the sites in Berlin and Dusseldorf are Sebastian Garbe and Alexander Doukas. The Sparkassen financial portal GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DSGV o.

Discount Offers2019.07.17. // News

Coupons and discount offers on the Internet faithful to the motto small gifts get free companies present customers repeatedly to bind them to the friendship. Especially for acquiring new customer vouchers, discounts or shipping exemption free particularly well suited. Robert Iger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But how do you find Gutsche such free on the net? Best to the user opts for one of the numerous Bloggs on the Internet which collect vouchers free to open and categorized to present. Free offers just that. Sorted in categories of the user in the search can according to the desired Gratisgutscheinen go, find bargains and find various other actions of the various providers. The variety is this very amazing Swarovski on the mail-order pharmacy, Mobilfunddiscounter and software providers or there is pretty much everything the heart desires wine shipping House and audiobooks. What does free Free vouchers for everyone discounts of the provider information on shipping freedom of some suppliers Selected shopping tips everybody anyway world is wide web on shopping tour through that should then keep an eye out. They are often difficult to see recognizable information namely on the sites of the providers, or special offers are propagated only to marketing representative of the provider. A look at free is worthwhile in any case. Also no offers undetected thanks to the RSS feed.

Mediumsized Enterprises2017.01.17. // News

Sales optimization through marketing-driven Internet business who wants to succeed, requires a professional Internet presence today. More and more households have an Internet connection. Over 80% of Internet users inform in advance online with the purchase of a product. In other words: If you have a good Internet presence, is in advance of the race because he can not found or taken into account. Consulting-b2b has made it to help companies, all management and business processes to align sales success of the task. This is done check strategic direction, vision, mission and tactics and customize. With a marketing-oriented website for example, companies can increase sales, save money and time. This is done inter alia through fully automatic expiration dialogs, automation, and optimization of daily routines.

So companies can reduce up to 10% of your costs for business processes and revenue increases of 100% was achieved for many customers, so Managing Director Dirk Burghausen by consluting b2b. The investments are for the company in order and there are no hidden and subsequent costs, often customary in the creation of corporate Web pages. A Retourn of invest is reached usually after 3 months. The customer is not dependent on webmasters and service providers through the use of modern content management system (CMS).

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