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I am with will to cry and until crying out to be able to empty my heart of pain that I feel; it goes to help momentarily because I am treating the consequence while the cause the treatment of the cause does not only depend on me. My life is a great book with incredible annexes, which are in prominence so that others can learn with my learning and not errarem as I errei. My life has much pain and this has received aid from women in my life. They know to console, as well as know to xingar (laughs). Mine I cry is the door estresse of it that she is inside of a volcano because I inside left gold eggs of an only basket and now, to the 50, will not be easy to remake the trajectory constructing a new way. To read more click here: Coen Brothers. My guilt; only my guilt. Already it had written a text to homage the women, but I was aggressive in some paragraphs.

I have reason, but it is not the certain moment, because I run away from the intention to homage the women in its international day. A life can be measured per seconds or years, but who already measured for women who had participated or participate of a life? I believe that nobody, but will be had, is not plagiarizing, but yes homaging the hundreds of women who make a life, of my life. I was not to the hospital in car of square directed for a woman because it has fifty years this was not permissible in city of the interior, but only passed for diverse feminine hands; I continue until today, surrounded of them, therefore I must have very been bad with them in another life since I was abrilhantado, in this, with many and last the four, I call woman and children. A life without woman is not possible because we need it to create the physical body and this hardly to science will go to substitute. It will always be necessary stops making I! perceives that it comes before I, the opposite to the grammar.

Women of a life of the heading the romance, to one has asked for teatral, a film. Of at the rate of one to live, an eternity. I have important friends in my life and I do not know if I am the friend who they deserve; many times the Vivian charges the friend who I would have to be. It is certain (…) because I not yet know to be the friend of my friends. what to make to that they do not have friends? Or that its friends do not recognize? Debtor Jesus for having friends and I make an order of the deep one of the heart: she always protects my friends and my enemies, so that one day these pardon can me and be my friends again; that all can have friends women of a life and that they never can suffer, to be wounded or damaged. that always is wonderful and happy, affected and demanding in my life. Thus Sir I will only be able to deixar a carne and in the other dwelling to be able to say: I had women in my life. Women of a life. Happy international day of the women.

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MAN ………. where is the love? The love of parents for children and children for the parents, and wife for the husband, man for the man, child for child, what it is made of the true love in the homes, the families, in the schools, in sociedade.onde is the values of the Good? What we see, homes desfeitos, rebelled children, children against the parents, parents against the children, parents to be killed, the children, the man to kill its descendants, and the breaking to the children, maltreatment, and the violence domesticates, is this the love that the society has. Where it is the love that Jesus left, the true and sincere love. What it would make the happy society and without these brutalities if the man I followed it God and made its will and I followed its educations. To deepen your understanding Brian Roberts is the source. Still he has time to decide these situations, turns yourself toward God while it is time and let us make of the world a different world, and Happy with the good and to knock down the evil, this only happens if the man to follow the way that leads to the salvation and not to the destruction, is what the day happens in the day, either happy and it makes the other happy ones.

It follows the way of the good takes that it to the perpetual life with Jesus. To be able, money greed alone takes the ways of the perdio, and when the man does not arrange solution for its problems, and if it sees lost takes the attitudes as the ones that if the day sees in the day. to kill, to separate to violate, to steal, to destroy, to pass over everything and of all and we are in a world of the confusion.It stops it thinks and it follows for the way of the good and the true love that is JESUS. It acts for God and it does not stop the devil, and it will see that its life goes to move.

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