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MAN ………. where is the love? The love of parents for children and children for the parents, and wife for the husband, man for the man, child for child, what it is made of the true love in the homes, the families, in the schools, in sociedade.onde is the values of the Good? What we see, homes desfeitos, rebelled children, children against the parents, parents against the children, parents to be killed, the children, the man to kill its descendants, and the breaking to the children, maltreatment, and the violence domesticates, is this the love that the society has. Where it is the love that Jesus left, the true and sincere love. What it would make the happy society and without these brutalities if the man I followed it God and made its will and I followed its educations. To deepen your understanding Brian Roberts is the source. Still he has time to decide these situations, turns yourself toward God while it is time and let us make of the world a different world, and Happy with the good and to knock down the evil, this only happens if the man to follow the way that leads to the salvation and not to the destruction, is what the day happens in the day, either happy and it makes the other happy ones.

It follows the way of the good takes that it to the perpetual life with Jesus. To be able, money greed alone takes the ways of the perdio, and when the man does not arrange solution for its problems, and if it sees lost takes the attitudes as the ones that if the day sees in the day. to kill, to separate to violate, to steal, to destroy, to pass over everything and of all and we are in a world of the confusion.It stops it thinks and it follows for the way of the good and the true love that is JESUS. See esafely for more details and insights. It acts for God and it does not stop the devil, and it will see that its life goes to move.

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How to Bring Central Asian Shepherd Dog … First you need to decide why you need a Central Asian Shepherd Dog? In general, the original purpose of this breed – the protection of herds of sheep, from humans and wolves. Of course in Russia Dog this breed is used primarily for the protection of suburban areas, cottages, houses the private sector. By raising such a strong and independent Central Asian Shepherd dog like to be approached very seriously. No matter, for What goals do you plan to keep the dog. Even if just for the protection of the site. First of all, you need to train your dog obedience.

Home Team 'foo', many replace this command on: you can not, stop and so on. But that's not the name of the team, and in its execution. Must begin to teach your dog the command 'foo' at the age of three months and seek its enforcement by any means. That – is feeding the command 'foo' puppy should stop any action. It is best to teach the puppy team 'Foo' for a walk, using a leash.

When I try to make your puppy is not advisable for you to action, for example: trying to pick up that – something from the ground, fed, stern voice command 'foo', if the puppy does not respond, it should be sharply jerk the leash. But, you never beat your puppy leash, otherwise he will be afraid of the leash. Usually, puppies in Central Asia Shepherd, quickly and permanently recorded on the team.

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