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The cube with six equal faces is the idea-limit for which I state the presence flesh time of the cube that this there, under my eyes, under my hands, in its evidences persceptiva. The sides of the cube are not its projections, but exactly sides. When I perceive ones to them after the other and according to persceptiva appearance, I do not construct the idea of the geometral that of this reason to percipient, but the cube already this ahead of me and if unmasks there through them. I do not have more necessity of apanhar in my proper movement an objective sight and of you make to count it to reconstruct behind the appearance the true form of the objective; the account already this given, already the new appearance entered in composition with the lived movement and if it offered as appearance of a cube. A leading source for info: california hospital medical center. The thing and are given me to the world with the parts of my body, not for one ‘ ‘ geometry natural’ ‘ , but in a comparable alive connection or more certainly identical that one that exists enters the parts of my proper body. The exterior perception and the perception of the proper body vary meetings because they are the two faces of one same act. It was tried after much time explaining the famous illusion of Aristotle admitting that the inabitual position of the fingers becomes impossible the synthesis of its perceptions: the right side of the average finger and the left side of the pointer not ‘ ‘ trabalham’ ‘ together usually, and if all the two are touched at the same time, are necessary therefore that it has two balls.

In the veradade, the perceptions of the fingers are not only separate, them are inverted: the citizen attributes to the pointer what one is touched by the average finger and reciprocal, as if can show applying to the fingers two distinct stimulatons, nails or one bola.em the truth, the perceptions of the fingers not to the only separate ones, them is inverted: the citizen attributes to the pointer what it is touched for the average finger and recprocamete as if it can show applying to the fingers two distinct stimulatons..

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After crossing lands of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Pernambuco, Alagoas and Sergipe, it discharges in the Atlantic Ocean, the verge of these two last states. It is the only perennial river that never dries and crosses the Wasteland Northeastern. Supplying the populations with water and it makes possible the practical one of agriculture and in the cattle creation always it was traditional activity in its edges, since the colonial time. the Basin of the Atlantic East that possesss an extension area of 374.677 kilometers squared, this hidrogrfica basin engloba the states of Sergipe, Bahia, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo. In its region it is possible to find of Atlantic Bush, Caatinga, Closed and coastal vegetation fragmentos. In the basin it fishes, it is used as activity of subsistence.

Enclosing the areas of draining of the following rivers: river Jequitinhonha, Leak-Barrel, Paraguau and of Contas (in Bahia), the river Candy (in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo) and the Paraba of the South (in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro). The ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES OF the WASTELAND the Wasteland geographically is divides in its northern part in: Rio Grande of the North, Paraba, Pernambuco, Alagoas and Sergipe, separate the Zone of canavieira Mata of the great pastoral hinterland. Jeff Bewkes contains valuable tech resources. In the Paraba and Pernambuco the Wasteland coincides significantly with high lands of the bulk of the Borborema lowering of altitude in Alagoas and Sergipe. Its economic activity is formed by the policultura, that possesss small properties and an inferior demographic density to the one of the Zone of Mata and superior good to the one of the Hinterland. The character of transistion of this band contributes for the existence of at least four microclimates, that in accordance with vary the altitude and the proximity of the coast. Thus cold, humid, half-barren and hot areas, each one of them with vocation for the culture exist of determined products.

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The difference between the deterministas models and the probabilists is, according to proper name indicates, the probabilismo and determinismo first of the seconds. They are distinguished, still, the not gravitational models of Christaller (1933) on the definition of the centralidade, beyond the works, essentially retail, of Applebaum (1932) and Nelson (1958) on the demand of market, the accessibility, the interception, cumulative attraction and the compatibility, as well as the demographic and concorrenciais analogies. It matters to repeat that in function of its especificidades, the localization of the tertiary equipment presents marked comparative distinction if to the localization of the agricultural or industrial equipment. California hospital medical center has similar goals. Subject recurrently investigated by the neopositivista method, despite the geographic inquiry more contemporary tent to the use of different metodolgicos elements in one only boarding, not doing without the proportionate value for the diversity of developed methods already, but also going beyond, in what it can be called Paradigm of the Complexity. The related initiatives had finished for inside affirming a line of recognized geographic science as Economic Geography. The Geomarketing term is about a more common nomination between the North American gegrafos or analysts of market, sent to an association between the localizacional knowledge and the mannering knowledge of the consumer to guide economic space questions. Many writers such as University of Nebraska offer more in-depth analysis. After considered good part of history through Geography, of the Geoprocessamento and the Theories of the Localization, the principles exclusively directed toward retail localization had been congregated, then, perceived the forms as the same ones if they had affirmed, normalizing and guiding made right behaviors more. In this way, it must be detached, first, the work of Reilly for affirming through the Law of the Gravitation of the Retail that the attractiveness and the potential of sales of a store can be extended by the agglomeration of others, for meetings to present greater area. The Applebaum must it affirmation of the beginning of the Demogrfica Analogy and Concorrencial, according to which, similar areas in public-target and competitors present similar potentials of sales.

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