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It is necessary to give a rollover everything it said Pineda, in Venezuela there are over one hundred thousand professionals in administrative science and management both pre and level postgraduate, professional that should constitute a warranty to lead with success any type of organization. All these professionals should be interested in knowing, properly manage the scope of the Readministracion and its importance to the management, especially in a turbulent scenario, in crisis the country faces, particularly their business sector. Taken into account reaffirms Pineda and we share, that the Readministracion, constitute a new paradigm of administrative science that collaborates, helps to give way to a new vision of the current challenges that are occurring and where Venezuela requires of its companies not with doors closed, but operative, productive, capable of successfully venture into the economic scenarios with products, services that benefit you in their utilities and development. Also Ricardo De Abreu, the Readministracion, in how much administrative conception, need a technology that operacionalice it reminds us. For this reason, this theoretical construction presents the method of Aprimoramento Organizational (MAO) 6, with four stages. These stages ranging from the initial question concerning the purpose, the first reason for the Organization, to final records of the implementation stage.

Three aspects were considered in the development of this method: need for records: emphasizes that the decisions, conclusions, the results should always be recorded in writing. Ideas and precise conclusions that demanded hours of analysis or brainstorming (brainstorming), are lost for lack of annotation and records. Need feedback: in some stages is a valuable tool for revision. It should be used throughout the process, especially when going from one stage to another. Cyclic mechanism: the fact that there is a first item in stage I and a final item in phase IV, does not imply that there is an ending defined in the MAO. There is, in reality, just a home and a continuity, running the method in a cyclic and continuous way. The Readministracion is a proposed well interesting that exhibits not only a wide theoretical basis for understanding and analysis of organizational problems of today day, but which also introduces a practical method to achieve the solution of such problems. Readministracion, so called because of their authors, not only presents a rich, comprehensive and up-to-date theoretical construction to scholars of the organizations, but it also raises a method to take the praxis issued concepts, in such a way that an improvement in the Organization studied can be achieved.

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