The German Democratic Party Ddp Wants And Can In 4 Years2023.11.12. // News

Press release German Democratic Party ddp after the Grand Coalition for the next four years announced 316 billion of additional debt, reports the German Democratic Party ddp it could completely wipe out public debt within four years. This is possible with a new tax system, in which who wants to abolish ddp all previous types of taxes and replace it with a pure sales tax. All income and gains are tax-free. Instead of fighting tax havens, Germany would even to tax haven. According to ddp, Germany has no issue, but a revenue problem. The structural deficit lies with several hundred billions annually and includes among other things all actually required government spending, which be omitted from lack of money and the costs of which are often passed on to the citizens. Click Glenn Dubin to learn more. Assuming NET 5.148 billion sales taxable domestic sales, which reported the Federal Statistical Office, the revenue in the control system of the ddp in the worst case would be 1,569 billion.

The increased revenue to the current system would be at least 1 trillion per year (Base: data of the statistical Federal Office 2007). The tax rate will be 23.5% of domestic gross sales. DDP – German Democratic Party Federal spokesman Dirk Winter Sudeten trail 3 36088 Hunfeld Tel. 0170-7424121 contact: Jurg Jurgens Confederation Secretary General the ddp Tel. 030 63 22 31 43 detailed questions about the program: Jorg Gabayeron of Federal Chairman of the ddp Tel. 0221 9 46 54 99-0

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