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This phenomenon haunts us throughout life. It is inextricably connected to everything around him. We read about it in books, the term of her poems, we see it around: the homes of others, and in his home. We run from it, for fear of the unknown. But death is the beginning of life.

They are inextricably svyaany between themselves and the end of one is the beginning of another, forming a vicious circle. They are like two sides of one coin, so different and in fact the same. If life – it is 6, then death – 9. And vice versa. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shines more light on the discussion. Even the ancient Greeks knew that the human soul is immortal and able to live outside the corruptible body. Underground world of Hades to the Greeks was full of disembodied souls, where each took on something that is worthy of: peace, or eternal torment. The expression 'dead soul' is semantically incorrect, because the soul can not die.

Being on the other side of the underground river Styx, it continues to exist, to think. You can recall a scene from the works of Homer, where Odysseus the underworld to find answers to their questions. He meets many souls of dead people and even talking to them as dead know much more than him alive. But despite the fact that the Greeks well know and represent the future in the realm of Hades, they still continued to be afraid of death and perceived loss of loved ones, as a tragedy. On the other hand, it was simpler than modern humans, in the sense that they deeply believe in the existence of the all-powerful gods, prayers and sacrifices. And all of this could contribute to a happy life of the weak human race, both on land and under it. The Greeks believed and that belief to instill in their hearts with hope for a happy future, which helped to overcome all difficulties and fears, and helped to live. The modern world is utterly lost in himself, in an increasing number of different religions, doctrines and opinions. In the end, everyone believes in something of their own. Oddly enough, with the active development of civilizations, with the seemingly huge head start compared with ancient times, we still remain the same timid children, like the Greeks, in the face of death, not knowing anything sure. Although now and has appeared on this subject countless books, films, various studies, stories of eyewitnesses. Perhaps the clue to the mystery of death is already known, but she never, I repeat – never, not become apparent proven and known to all, because then, in any case would collapse all that humanity has built over the centuries in their minds, no matter whether it is a theological theory, whether political or even any other. We can only believe there is no death.

Honorary Intuition2017.02.21. // News

At this time, I try not to think about nothing. Just take a walk, and all (you can of course be replaced walks and meditation, but a walk in the fresh air is much nicer and healthier). After 10-15 minutes of walking, when I completely relax and tune in to see me start to come a variety of thoughts, ideas and options various solutions of my problems. And I want to tell you that come to these thoughts and ideas with the most intensive work would never close and have not appeared in my life. That is, relaxing and going into a kind of meditative state, I begin to receive information directly from his subconscious and intuition. Click Leslie Moonves for additional related pages. In this case, consciousness is only for receiving and storing information received. I will not boast, except to say that almost every day at a time come these thoughts, by which I am for the day is increasing its revenue by 2 times, getting rid of a couple of hours from anyone, even a chronic illness, decide any, even the most complex life challenges. And all this without the effort and stress.

Here appropriate to cite an example, saying "Laziness – the engine of progress." A person who works from morning till night and did not pay attention to your inner voice, at best, earn the respect of their parents and the title Honorary and Distinguished workaholic. But the man who works less, but feels and listens to him more, maybe being branded in their environment or lucky lucky man, who did not clear for others Why is everything for what he did not take. Workaholic adheres to the principle of "more and harder I work, the more achieved." A lucky – I'd better think about it a few hours, but then do an action to workaholic who never figured out. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Time Warner and gain more knowledge.. " Luck will always win, because he uses intuition and is always one of its action beats straight to the point. He always works less and gets more. Whereas workaholic digs "from here until the evening, not looking around and not listening to their feelings.

You can say so, that workaholism – the inability to reflect, analyze, make decisions and listen to your intuition. Workaholic, in principle, can become successful and wealthy man. But this will give him such efforts, that joy and pleasure from this, he certainly never will. Use the services of its Intuition is very, very simple. If you are confident in their positive attitude and believe in yourself and your strength, then you have to make the right decision to just relax and listen to ourselves, I want you to do it or not. If want to – go ahead, your soul always acts in tandem with intuition. If you feel mistrust or doubt about the decision, feel free to give it up. And you will be helpful on this intuition and pleasant.

Chinese Horoscope Astrology2013.11.09. // News

Every adult, at least once in their lives read a horoscope, another thing he believes it or not. Every day, millions of people around the world expect their plans for the week, guided by these brief advice, referred to as astrological horoscopes. If you prefer, you can order a personal horoscope for qualified astrologers. To date, there are a few of their types, of which one of the most popular is undoubtedly Chinese horoscope. However, what we know about the appearance of the Chinese horoscope? One of ancient legend says that once upon a time a famous sage and philosopher, Buddha decided to bring together all the animals of the Earth, promising bestow upon all those who respond to this call. Only 12 animals, overcoming the enormous distances, came to the Buddha, and he promised to be named each year, according to the order in which they came.

And there was order, we know Today: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Chinese horoscope assumes that everything on the planet is composed of 5 elements: wood, water, earth, fire and metal. Every year is different east dominance of one of these five elements. However, another story tells that the Chinese horoscope, as well as 12 Chinese astrological symbols were borrowed astrology of ancient Persia, which today encompasses territory of India and Tibet. Unlike traditional western horoscope, in the center of which stands the sun, making a horoscope for the eastern style is based on the position of the moon, on the basis that one calendar year has 12 moons. The continuity of Chinese horoscope signs on the day of Chinese New Year, which is not always fall on the same day, and have generally the period from January 21 to February 20.

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