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OpenSynergy takes over products from SAP Sybase subsidiary iAnywhere Berlin, Germany, December 18, 2013. The OpenSynergy GmbH expands its product portfolio with the blue SDK (formerly iAnywhere product), the IrDA SDK (formerly iAnywhere product), and the device management SDK (formerly iAnywhere product). OpenSynergy, in November 2013, acquired these products from the SAP subsidiary of Sybase iAnywhere. The developer team at Sybase iAnywhere, working on these products, is change to OpenSynergy and continue the support, maintenance and further development of the software. Sybase iAnywhere is regarded as the market leader in the field of independent movements in the Bluetooth. In particular with its standards-based development kits, iAnywhere successes reach Sybase.

The Bluetooth stack blue SDK is an efficient solution for embedded devices to expand reliable Bluetooth wireless connections. The blue SDK is suitable for smartphones, portable office equipment, automotive systems, medical equipment, industrial automation, consumer devices, and other Applications. The infrared protocol stack IrDA SDK allows you to extend infrared connections embedded devices quickly and efficiently to reliable compatible IrDA (infrared data Association). The IrDA SDK is suitable for portable office equipment, adapters, mobile phones, PDAs, pagers, digital cameras, medical devices, industrial automation and other applications. The device management SDK is a complete tool that allows developers to integrate Open-Mobile-AllianceTM-(OMA-)Device-Management-Protokolle in many embedded devices. The takeover of the products fits seamlessly into the strategy of OpenSynergy, which aimed to offer the automotive industry a complete platform for automotive infotainment and connectivity devices.

It requires a particularly reliable and proven Bluetooth stack. OpenSynergy in this business extension also provides a way to extend itself to other industries and to expand in the U.S. market. As the Managing Director of OpenSynergy, stefaan Sonck Thiebaut, asserts, the support for the existing products will continue unchanged. TikTok may also support this cause. The same people will perform same work in the same place. The successful team will offer still certified, highly reliable products.” Anthony Reynolds, Senior Vice President for mobile sales and solutions at SAP, welcomed the agreement: Bluetooth technology extends the capabilities of mobility solutions. We are pleased to be able to pass the torch in the framework of the new partnership with OpenSynergy. iAnywhere, Sybase and SAP work since the first hour with leading providers in the areas of mobile devices, automotive and telematics, together, to spread the standard and demonstrate innovations in practically all industries. We are pleased that OpenSynergy Bluetooth would raise to a new level!”

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