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In early summer, the average price per square meter in the primary real estate market in Ryazan is 34.5 thousand rubles. On the secondary market this figure by mid-June was at around 38.6 thousand rubles / sqm. m. apartments in ready homes the first five months of this year have increased in price 4.6%. But the new buildings for the period from January to early June fell by 2.5%. Decrease in market prices of housing under construction is due not so much the fact that developers are going to decrease value of the "square" as the fact that entering the market new objects in the initial phase of construction are sold at prices below the market average.

Such objects appear in the market economy class, although less frequently than in previous years. And in the secondary market is definitely talking about the system growth in property prices early – this trend is not established, and from month to month, prices range (plus or minus 2%). Fig. 2 On the chart (Fig. 2) shows the average price of apartments different types. For sale in one room in Ryazan can be purchased at a price of 990 thousand rubles.

to 2.8 million rubles. One-bedroom apartments cost from 1.4 million rubles. to 4.6 million rubles., three-room – from 1.5 million rubles. up to 10 million rubles. One-bedroom apartments in finished houses are offered at a price of 980 thousand rubles. to 2.5 million rubles. "kopeck piece" – from 1.2 million to 6.8 million rubles. "treshki" – from 1.3 to 15 million rubles. In determining the cost of housing must take into account the many nuances: where the apartment is located, its area, but in her room, type of house, in what condition it is. Considering all these characteristics, we obtain the market value of the apartment. Today, in addition to search for similar objects in the papers, contact the appraisal company or to the realtors, the price of the apartment, please visit our magazine, where he works on-line calculator estimates the cost of housing. In Ryazan, the active housing is currently at the center of the city, Gorrosche, Sand, in Moscow, in specular, Oka. Price for apartments at these areas are presented in diagram (fig.1). The largest selection of apartments also have a secondary market in these areas. Fig. 1 Construction companies often specializes in the construction of a certain type of housing. Known real estate developers who build only luxury home in the small center. Cost per square meter in such housing today is on average 44.7 thousand rub. Other developers specialize in building homes economy class, relatively cheap and small apartments. In June, the price of such accommodation was an average of 31.0 thousand rubles / sqm. m. The apartment is the business class is 39.6 thousand rubles / sqm. m Prices for "brezhnevki", "Stalinka" and "Khrushchev" still in the range of 35-36 thousand rubles / sqm. m room Suites and the new fund is slightly more expensive – 36-36,5 thousand rubles / sqm. m. apartments luxury second fund estimated at 48.5 thousand rubles / sqm. m. According to the Office Rosreestra, in little more than a month (from March 13 to April 26 this year) the total number of registered rights to the accommodation was 13.174 thousand transactions, while from April 26 to May 31 – is 7.841 thousand Judging from these figures, we can state that the activity of participants in the real estate market is reduced, and it is typical for the summer. And 2010 is no exception. Published in the weekly number 23 'Dom.Stroy' (from 16.06.2010g.)

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We evaluate the possibility of the bank order to the relationship with the credit institution have been mutually beneficial, it is necessary to realistically assess their opportunities and possible to articulate their own goals. Ring up all kinds of emergency services – a waste of time. You will receive only general information – what, for how long and at what percentage. But for the final decision of these indicators is not enough. Calling directly into a specialized bank, you get a lot more information, it would make more conscious choices. Attention should be paid the following important points: whether to take into account not only the official wage specified in the letter of employment, but also other ways to generate income. It may be interest on bank deposits and securities, income form of insurance payments, income from the lease you own movable and immovable property. Is the bank to consider your total family income, since then the loan amount can be greatly increased.

At need to find out whether there is a possibility of taking into account the informal, so-called “gray” income, there is a limit on the choice of an apartment or real estate company, whether you want to guarantee a third party. Considering your for a loan, the bank comes from the fact that the monthly repayment of the loan he can not withdraw more than 60% of your monthly income. We believe the additional costs should not forget about the additional expenditures. At the stage of the request for the loan is made small fee for loan application. After making a positive decision by the bank, you will need to pay for evaluation of the acquired real estate, insurance – insurance is not only property but also life and health of the borrower. If the emergency occurs, all expenses for repayment of the loan will have to take the insurance company. At the final stage of the paid Preparation of documents for the transaction.

And do not forget that 10% of the price (initial payment) is better to accumulate. Used for this purpose credit taken at another within the same bank can be, but not desirable. However, if you can afford to pay consumer credit along with the mortgage, no obstacle should arise. So, the apartment cost $ 100 000 mortgage company is willing to lend $ 90 000. Monthly payment such credit will be about $ 1375. Accordingly, your total family income must be below $ 2,500. With the improvement of the financial condition of the borrower may want to partially or fully repay the loan. Remember this should be even during the signing of the loan agreement. Pay attention to the fact that some banks have a moratorium on the early repayment, ie, Not all lenders are willing to meet later client. In the mortgage company provides the possibility of early repayment of the loan after six months, without having to pay any additional fees. Indeed, over the past year, banks much easier road to the mortgage loans, making the requirements for borrowers are more liberal.

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