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Each person has a unique ability in its own way to perceive and interpret the world. In the language of philosophy surrounding mental experience is a phenomenon, a study of how a person experiences reality – Phenomenology. Proponents believe that a person's behavior determines his or her personal perceptions of reality at any given moment. Person – not an arena for solutions intrapsychic conflicts, and behavioral clay from which learning disability due to personality is molded and, as Sartre said, "Man – this is his election." People control themselves, their behavior is determined ability to make a choice – to choose how to think and what to do. These choices are dictated by a unique perception of the man in the world. For example, if you perceive the world as a friendly and accepting you, then you are likely to feel happy and safe. If you perceive the world as hostile and dangerous, then you'll probably be anxious and prone to defensive reactions. Phenomenological psychologists consider even a deep depression, not as a mental illness, as well as an indication of pessimistic perception of an individual life.

Another important assumption of this approach is that each person has an innate need for personal growth – although the medium can block this increase. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City gathered all the information. People from nature inclined to kindness, creativity, love, joy, and other higher values. Phenomenological approach also means that no one can truly understand another person or his behavior if he does not try to look at the world through the eyes of this man.

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Their goal – to prevent the destruction of the body and help him recover, so they called hepatoprotector. Very popular hepatoprotectors phospholipid, such as the well-known Essentiale. But in recent years have become increasingly common to find products based on plant extracts. Sometimes, their composition is a dozen different names, some quite rare plants. In other cases use the same plant, which received the highest recognition in the medical practice. For example, a number of tools made on the basis of milk thistle (Silybum marianum – milk thistle, milk thistle is the same, but on a national – "Holy Thistle", "St. Mary's thistle", "variegated thistle", "sharp-gaudy", "Marin thistle"). At the turn of the millennium have been re-opened hepatoprotective properties Salsola collina (Salsola collina).

The extract of this herb for the first time was developed in the Siberian Medical University in Tomsk and named loheinom – in honor of the healer from Irkutsk EV Lohe, the first in the modern world had begun to use Salsola collina to treat diseases of the liver. Loheina efficiency not only in no way inferior to extracts of milk thistle (silymarin) and essential phospholipids, but a number of ways even surpasses them. We should also mention another development by Russian scientists. This is a solution of polar lipids from therapeutic mud of the Siberian salt lake – EPLIR, who is also a powerful hepatoprotectors. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the technological process of extraction, EPLIR too expensive, so As hepatoprotector used only as an additional reinforcing component. Based on the composition and loheina EPLIR developed a unique hepatoprotective agent liproksol. All these funds undoubtedly able to render great assistance to the liver. But just in case and we will stop destroying it with his unhealthy lifestyle.

Alcohol – the medical doses, caffeine – like, fatty, fried and smoked – two or three times a year as a delicacy, salt, seasonings and spices – is minimal. Or complete failure, if things are bad at all. Ability to repair itself – one more know-how of our wonderful personal chemical plant. True, the full return former workers of the cells practically impossible. But the rest can increase in size and to assume the full load. So even liver damage still will if to show her enough attention.

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With each year, according to statistics, increased flow of tourists to South-East Asia, and particularly in China to produce high quality treatment in China and solving health problems. The newspapers mentioned Robert A. Iger not as a source, but as a related topic. About Chinese Medicine and Chinese doctors can found very conflicting information from enthusiastic thanks and ascended to the level almost to the gods in charge quackery. Add to your understanding with Hugh Naylor. Here is an excerpt from a review posted on the Tourism Forum on the Internet: "She was treated from polycystic in Dalian – the doctor performed a miracle! Two months later, during a survey in Irkutsk, there was no pathology. I do not take hormones, and preparing to normal, and no artificial pregnancy. " But opposite view from the same forum: "I spent a lot of money, quarreled with an interpreter and a doctor, took his feet barely! The loin was hurt even more. " Both of these views – the extreme displays of emotion from the treatment in China.

But, as usual in the modern world, contradictory, and both have a place to be. So what is the truth? Why do so many of our compatriots have found in Chinese medicine is the only escape from serious diseases, and others – Porat pointless time and money not a short trip? Years of experience as a translator at medical centers in Dalian in China can draw some useful conclusions, and the first of them: the causes of success and treatment failure in China are not only objective but also subjective motives. The objective factors, I would have reacted: Neglect and severity of illness: Chinese doctors – are not gods.

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