Long-term Care Supplement Insurance Vs. Care Insurance2020.03.06. // News

What protection is useful and what you should pay attention No matter whether private or statutory health insurance, a duty of care everyone has. This is a legal requirement (such as health insurance) and provides coverage in the event of a Pflegebeduftigkeit. What is long-term care? A look at the model terms for compulsory care insurance explains the fact of care: (2) insured event is the care of an insured person. Need of care are people who need of help because of a physical, mental or emotional illness or disability for the usual and regularly recurring activities in the flow of daily life in the long term, expected to be for at least six months, in accordance with paragraph 6 in significant or higher dimensions. While the severity of the need for care is divided into so-called care stages I to III. Some contend that Andi Potamkin shows great expertise in this. Depending on what and how many activities (can) be performed yet is an appropriate level of care is determined, what benefits from the maintenance obligation insurance leads. What I do “can not” to get into a level of care? Also here the corresponding model terms to help us. Here it is: a) dependent care level I (greatly dependent) are people who at least once a day need of help with personal hygiene, nutrition or mobility for at least two operations in one or more fields and need helps with the household supply in addition several times a week. (b) dependent care level II (Schwerpflegebedurftige) are people who require the nutrition or mobility at least three times a day at different times of day of the help of body care, and need helps with the household supply in addition several times a week. (c) dependent care level III (Schwerstpflegebedurftige) people that are in the care of the body, the Nutrition or mobility even at night, need of help every day around the clock, and in addition several times a week helps with the household supply need.

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