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Discount menus alone have invoiced 39 million euros. Hotel occupancy went from 40 to 70%. The employer ensures that 3,000 direct jobs have been created. David Zaslav is full of insight into the issues. Employer Arturo Fernandez Madrid President, has assured that the world youth day has meant an economic benefit of more than 160 million euros for Madrid. The main beneficiary sectors are Fernandez – which has been described as very positive balance of the pastoral visit of Pope Benedicto XVI hospitality, catering and the image of the capital, as well as the creation of 3,000 direct jobs. Fernandez explained that this calculation has been done through an analysis with different associations of hoteliers and restaurateurs, although it will be an audit of a private company that will determine exactly what will be the benefit of the event that has brought hundreds of thousands of young people to the capital to see the Pope.

He said that only with the so-called Pilgrim menus, is they have charged 39 million euros, and hotels were the usual occupation at this time from 40 to 70%. Menus of the most benefited sector Pilgrim has been that of the restoration, in particular that of intermediate range, which has distributed thousands of menus of the Pilgrim, to 6.5 euros, and breakfasts of the Pilgrim to two euros. Hotels have had a splendid during the last few days occupation, although we must still specify the exact figure. The President of CEIM and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce highlighted the effort that Madrid entrepreneurs have made to cater to the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in world youth day. In the case of his business group, named Arthur, who was in charge of providing the food at Cuatro Vientos, has reported that the Saturday noon the organization asked that they repartiesen free water and gave nearly 900,000 bottles young people there congregated. For its part, the Confederation of Commerce (Cocem) reported on Sunday that for this sector the incidence of World Youth Day has been minimal in terms of income, but has moved a good image of the capital which have a positive impact in the long term. Source of the news: Madrid’s Patron Saint estimated at 160 million euros the benefits of WYD.

Former Egyptian President Mubarak2013.09.15. // News

Along with the former President his sons Alaa and Gamal, Husein Salem businessman and the former Minister of Interior will sit on the bench. Their health status is unstable. In Cairo, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will be judged on August 3. Mubarak, who ruled Egypt from 1981 until he resigned from the Presidency on February 11, is hospitalized in the tourist resort of Sharm the Sheji. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Mohamed Mania, has ensured that it has been resolved definitively that the trial against the former President, the businessman and his two sons Alaa and Gamal Husein Salem will be held in the Egyptian capital. Their health status is unstable. Doctors assured last July 26 serving him is in acute state of weakness and that he has stopped eating and ingested only liquids. Both Mubarak and his sons are accused of abuse of power, illegal enrichment and be behind attacks against protesters during the revolution of January 25.

On the same day will be judged to the former Minister of the Interior Habib at the Adil and other six exresponsables of the Ministry for his involvement in the killing of protesters. The view will be held in the center of Cairo exhibition, which is being conditioned. It will be broadcast on Egyptian State television. This judgment is one of the main demands of the hundreds of people who are still camping in Tahrir square. Source of the news: the former Egyptian President Mubarak will be judged in Cairo

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