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Do you know cases in which an employee who gave the best of themselves, has decreased its contribution? Motivation and job satisfaction. There are several reasons by which this can happen however, I want to expose the specific and very common case where the same leader, supervisor or Manager is responsible for subtract energy to productive force without realizing it. In the desire to achieve results and the running of a business, is usually open their eyes to identify what isn’t right, and from there are corrected bad behaviors, tells the people what not to do, will remind them of the limits and direct forces and total resources to these points. It is not that these things should be ignored, but the key point is that if we judge people starting by analyzing the negative points rather than positive ones, we become catchers of weaknesses. So it is no wonder that subtract strength and energy personnel. The essential idea of understanding today is: the person has no success correcting their weaknesses. The success of people lies in stimulating their strengths.

Direct resources and open your eyes to be catcher’s strengths, is the ability of a leader who identifies and helps people to take a step beyond in their strengths. MOTIVATING LOS employed creating opportunities for success. It is a premise that as leaders we must bear in mind both in our working lives and with those around us; We all want to be successful, including negative people who all complain. We in general any and generate empathy with those people, tasks, and moments that allow us to experience the success, at the same time we shall want to repeat the circumstances that allowed us to experience it. You can plan those options where people can obtain success, once carried into action not only you’ll be achieving your success but also yours. These responses will give you the map to achieve great results. Just imagine yourself giving the opportunity to a person take advantage of any of its skills and do their work, or equally to your children by repeating those actions which tend to have success, the environment and perception increases positively rather than devote himself to again provide the actions which have not been successful with the desire to correct, if these actions second outnumber the first there will be an imbalance that we not please. Download the full article here.Subscribe and get more free material here on our home page. Original author and source of the article.

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