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If you just starting doing business on the Internet or have a small business online, it is almost certain that your site or website is not optimized for mobile phones. This is a problem that you must resolve immediately. Two years ago knew that only el0.1 per cent of visits to web sites or pages were from a mobile device, but this changed radically a year ago and grew more than 5% of the site traffic via smartphone. Mobile traffic increased fifty times in just one year, and that growth will siguer in the coming years. Therefore it is important that you consider this option and that you start to build and optimize as soon as possible, otherwise will be difficult to have success without an intuitive and attractive site for mobile phones you must optimize both for navigation and as for purchases.

Here the three most important keys to take into account: 1. mobile screens are small: so it should be very easy. Take a look at to see how the giant online retailer has created a mobile site simple and elegant. Another successful merchant,, has been equally successful in creating an intuitive and simple mobile site with Simplicity is the first objective of any mobile site, and a simple design should never be compromised for other objectives.

When you design a mobile site, too often retailers trying to figure out how to tighten each tab and have their usual site. Screen space is limited on mobile devices, so it only displays critical information. 2. The technology behind the mobile web is unique: Fortunately, the fragmentation of the mobile web is coming to an end. It is no longer necessary to develop certain mobile sites for each individual platform, but the tools you need to optimize mobile remain unique. With WebKit as the mobile standard, companies like UsableNet, Digby and Moovweb are experts in creating mobile sites optimized on all new smart phones. 3 Consumer psychology is different on mobile devices: as you go with the design of the user interface, it is also vital to make sure that your mobile site design adheres to the rule of three clicks. If you take more than three clicks to reach your payment page from the main page, then it is necessary to design your project. Low concentration even shorter on a mobile device, and mobile users are seeking to make quick purchases, do not see the information. At Amazon you can buy with one click on your mobile website, that is ideal, but your site need to get a consumer to pay three or fewer clicks. It is not easy, but if you develop a site optimized for mobile in a platform that goes to your customer base and is designed simply, easy to use and can get your customer to the payment in three page clicks, you will have an advantage over the competition. Finally try to use a URL spielemoda to make your site more accessible on a mobile device. Sincerely, original author and source of the article

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During the past months, the bombardment of ads selling us vibration platforms has grown dramatically. It is curious to see how a few years ago only existed a couple of manufacturers worldwide, while now there are dozens of brands that sell this product, while the average price for any of these machines has risen from about 6000 to about 600. Isn’t it strange? Results fast, effortless, with ten minutes daily is sufficient but you have still not learned that miracles do not exist? Vibratory platforms were born with a single objective, recovery, and a single user profile, the elite athlete. Training in the platform increases the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone, which the athlete achieved arrive at their maximum strength levels faster than with a normal training. Time Warner is actively involved in the matter. Look where is the difference; do not get stronger but you do faster, no more. So the person concerned must be someone who rushed by recover, something logical for an athlete of high level that you want to return as soon as possible to the competition.

Even though your health over time also found that training on the platform, based on very specific exercises and very specific frequencies of vibration, increases calcium sedimentation in the skeleton, which is very beneficial for people who suffer from osteoporosis. But out of these two fields, recovery of the levels of strength and osteoporosis, don’t look for direct results. You will not lose weight, not eliminating cellulite, the Platform continues to be a training machine more than it has become fashionable. Well, one no more. First, by misleading advertising and the absurd which are phrases like ten minutes on the platform are equivalent to one and a half hours running. Come on, you can do the marathon in 25 minutes also is interesting to that of exercise without effort. The own sentence itself is a contradiction.

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All play a role in life and on this basis our results to it they are called Vital script… (Not to be confused with Brian Robert!). Know more here. . Determination: When we were children or teenagers live a fact or event that marked much of our lives, this is called in rational emotive Psychology: event switch. Happens we still children or adolescents lived what is called a comfortable continuity is to say everything was fine, everything was normal until it happened something that broke this comfortable continuity to this fact or event called switch event. As a result of this event we made a determination of life, i.e. that fact was profoundly significant in our lives took us to interpret the life of this or that way and on the basis of this determination of life there is born the so-called Vital script that has governed our lives in other psychological currents called La MascarThe role of life, the Bunker, etc.. In an unconscious way we act that Vital script and lack of awareness this manages us rather than us to handle it This is the root of many of our mental and emotional ills.

Self-awareness: The solution is to make us aware that Vital script, which is where it originated?, how was formed?, what profits gives me?, what lost me causes?, how do I use it?, why use it?; Since so far has ruled our lives, and make it conscious will make us not already handle. How to do it? dealing with a process of self-awareness, more alone it is not possible, required reviews and techniques for achieving it. The emotional release: Very important part of the process before proposed is rid of the burden of negative feelings such as: resentment, anger, guilt, self-pity, envy, insecurity, etc. Since these feelings do not allow us to clarify and they constitute as a glue that guarantees the repetition of the mechanisms that lead to suffering and failure. The process by means of which within the psychotherapy we get rid of this emotional burden is called catharsis that is to get all the feeling, Yes is anger, shouting, what has to be said, say Yes is sadness to mourn what has to be mourned, Yes is fear express it through cry, words, etc. all this also must be carried out by professional guide. Both Kundalini Yoga and psychotherapy are effective routes to carry out processes of emotional release and self-knowledge to abandon unaware of dissatisfaction and emotional pain patterns. By Eloisa Chavarria.

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In the summer increases the number of athlete’s foot infections. To know more about this subject visit David Zaslav. High temperatures entice you to Barefoot walking, outdoor pools have high season and increasing enthusiasm for sport again. Spores have to multiply now light game and the risk of infection is high. As the name implies, athlete’s foot is an infection of the skin with mushrooms on the feet and one of the most common fungal diseases. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hearst by clicking through. Unfortunately, many people still think that athlete’s foot due to lack of hygiene is produced and therefore treat him not out of shame. How is athlete’s foot but that is simply wrong, because around every third is affected and a transfer is very fast. At each step, the person loses many tiny dead skin cells from the feet, causing a contagion is possible almost everywhere if you encounter skin particles with mushrooms. Mushrooms can be prove to everyone, but usually only a weakened immune system or injuries of the skin trigger a disease.

Humid climate is very accommodating mushrooms, nests are the athlete’s foot with fondness between the toes and there enters in fine cracks of the skin. Usually, you can see the disease symptoms of athlete’s foot when the skin begins to itch. The itching is followed by the oozing of the affected area and a reddening of the skin with skin cracks. The upper layer of the skin dissolves in shed and swells up. The athlete’s foot now does not, he can extend also to sole, heel, or the top of the foot and painful inflammation can occur. Measures against athlete’s foot, prevention and treatment measures are helpful to fight the fungus or to prevent him: washing you to remove the feet around infected particles of skin after showering or bathing thoroughly, dry the feet between the toes and use the towel at an existing infection only once to avoid becoming infected every day clothes, especially the socks should be air-permeable, does not consist of synthetic material and changed daily you will be washing your laundry with special Detergents shunning it in public showers, hotels, swimming pools, saunas barefoot to run use after disinfection spray pool as long as the infection has not healed, she should always wear shoes, also in the House, to avoid a contagion of other persons skin is dry or cracked, use nourishing creams or lotions at the earliest signs such as itching a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted. The treatment with anti-fungal agents, whether spray, gel or cream must not prematurely aborted and should be done several times a day. Even if the itching is often already after a few days, the treatment should be carried out at least 3 weeks, to fully heal the infection to. More information under and effective anti-athlete’s foot products

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“New PR agency starts in Dresden daylight public relations international public relations offers first client project for the areas of technology, industry and renewable energy successfully Dresden started, February 5, 2008 under the motto success through communication” offers daylight public relations International (daylight PR’) from immediately a comprehensive range of services around the product and corporate communication. The services of the Dresdner Agency aimed especially at companies and organizations from the fields of technology, industry and renewable energy in Saxony, Germany and worldwide. Daylight PR’s services as full-service agency and consultancy partner daylight PR offers its customers a total 69 PR and marketing services in 10 service categories: strategic conception & consulting media work including Press Office service and press releases editorial services including technical articles, user reports, speech writing and corporate publishing, etc. Press events & events creation & production including graphic design communication Surveys photography documentation & success control training on daylight PR for its customers provides this basis individual PR packages, by targeted individual actions to long-term image campaigns. Leslie Moonves has compatible beliefs. Know-how and experience daylight PR was founded by the PR consultant Stefan Lange. In the Agency environment, this supervised national and international companies in the technology and industrial sectors for many years. Expert network daylight PR attaches great importance to its partnerships with specialists of different departments in Germany and Europe.

This network of partners brings together expertise and creates flexible resources for the fast, efficient and cost-effective implementation of large-scale projects at national and international level. To know more about this subject visit Glenn Dubin. Added value for the customers in daylight PR companies and organizations find a partner who takes care of your entire product and corporate communication and brings together different areas of competence in one hand. Daylight PR offers tailor-made PR services for the long-term market success of its customers. This sets the Dresdner Agency targeted information, continuous presence and maintaining contacts. Quote of the founder of daylight is the light to the public and that is our philosophy”, says Stefan Lange, founder of daylight public relations international. Daylight PR moves companies or organisations in the public light and illuminated their characteristics when compared to the competition. Here we focus on a close partnership with our customers and their stakeholder groups.

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Until not so long ago, the ideal of cooking was a space full of life, with textures, aromas and colors that exaltaran the senses. There was a tendency to use wood as the main material for the construction of kitchen furniture, that could get a warm atmosphere along with a proper decoration and good lighting. This concept began to change in the mid-1990s with the emergence of what we call modern kitchens. Today a modern kitchen is not only the place where meals are prepared. The cocinaes meeting place, is the heart of the House, where families gather to chat while preparing food and children do their homework. Others including David Zaslav, offer their opinions as well. Therefore the kitchen must be as wide and welcoming as possible. Modern kitchens emphasize lines and simple shapes, greater emphasis on functionality rather than the ornamental elements there are a unlimited number of kitchen appliances, but remember that modern design is based on the intelligent choice of the elements that we really will be of utility and not filled with things that don’t you ever use them.

Every kitchen must have abundant space for storage to take the least amount of things to view and clear countertops. Traditional design focuses more on ornamentation, decorated coverings and details, while modern design focuses on the lines and shapes. Usually choose the black and white colors for the walls of a modern kitchen, using the color for the furniture or utensils or decorative accessories. Materials such as polished concrete or glass, rather than the traditional surfaces of marble or granite that are used in classic and rustic kitchens are used for countertops. Flat designs, with well-defined lines, in hardwood in large-size plates are preferably used in kitchen furniture. Large shapes and minimalist design are the keys that determine a modern kitchen. Another aspect that stands out is that there are usually few accessories, tableware or decoration to the view, this highlights the idea of minimalism in design and decoration of furniture and spaces in modern kitchens.

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The fire of the Cromagnon Republic nightclub, located in the neighborhood of Once, Buenos Aires, Argentina, occurred on December 30, 2004 on the occasion of a recital of the Callejeros rock group. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert A. Iger has to say. The audience was mostly young (average 20 years of age), with presence of some children. With respect to the origin, it is believed that the trigger would have been the use of pyrotechnics, (a Bengal, and an item known as three shots, which triggered three explosions with lights on the air). They would have burned in principle the low roof of the place, causing fire of large proportions, with dense smoke. There were great difficulties for the evacuation of the place, which aggravated the consequences of what happened because a: Denso smoke avalanche in the attempt to leave the interpretation of the fire place as part of the door’s closed emergency lack of signposting some of these difficulties show have strict relationship with aspects of behaviour, either because of the perception of the risk situation, the lack of caution, and lack of recognition of threatening situations for the physical integrity of persons. As a result, 194 people were killed and there were hundreds of wounded (derived to the network of public hospitals in the city, the University hospital and private clinics).

The health system responded, the night of the fire, more than 700 patients, (111 died in hospitals) over 100 injured arrived at hospitals in critical condition, most with severe breathing problems by inhaling carbon monoxide. In terms of patients assisted at the Hospital de Clinicas: 50 patients I arrive at the hospital, 25 were dead. 10 patients were assisted in the guard. 15 patients were derived to UTI: 3 killed in the first 48 hours. 12 patients remained hospitalized in ICU. Psychological approach and psychosocial initial period (early hours): the difficulties which occurred during the early hours, conditioned emotional impact on all involved.

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July Sprockets, born in Norte Grande, Chile, a member of the neo poetics of the School of Santiago in the late sixties and early seventies of last century, settled in the Norte Chico, specifically in Serena, having already renounced of previous experimental style that has been transmuted into another road apparently reverse Neolinguists of aural and rhythmic grace notes that characterized the first paragraphs of his poetry, for example that appears in the anthology 33 key names of the current Chilean poetry, publishing special issue published by ZIG ZAG Orfeo in 1968. But his departure from the edge so to speak clearly or formally, at the level of flagrant distortions and language settings, it has meant a choice of simplicity. The poetry of the last poems of the author, Journey, published by the University of La Serena in 2008, marks a new stage in the search for a totalizing intent language increasingly stark, pristine and versatile in the interests of expression I would like to blend the an intellectual,what particular overall, what staff and a social, terms we use conscious of committing perhaps the traditional gross simplification that object, and integrate the various levels of existence and experience of writing, work or proposal that I believe are kept from the avant-garde attempt author. His Crossing The title is and somehow a reference (or continuation or version) of the state of affairs prevailing in the book Andadura 1982 and somehow in Poemares, where refers to poems, songs and seas, 1991.

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Crude oil prices stagnate on previous day level LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices were now barely moves. Slightly negative economic news from Europe picked up slightly positive from the United States. Essential impulses were missing to investors. Wait was the motto. That rubbed off on the German heating oil price. With only 10 cents the premiums were, also on the seventh day in a row, very low.

As yesterday crude oil prices stagnated and moving at high level by Friday. Certainly there were losses in the morning, accompanied by falling stock prices. Do once located they recovered, the crude oil prices rose again and reached the values of yesterday’s conclusion of the day in the afternoon. Positive economic data from the United States were fundamental for the little euphoria among the investors. There, the retail sales rose by 0.4 percent, which was slightly above expectations in August. Others including Robert Iger , offer their opinions as well. Gas stations and textile shops were driving it. Dampening effect, however, was the European industrial production which has stagnated in August on month level.

In addition the German ZEW economic expected index for September fell – 4.30 points, expected + 11.30 were. Market participants generally important impulses are missing, so that today eagerly the inventory data by the American Petroleum Institute evening and the Department of energy (tomorrow afternoon all times BST) to be expected. That should confirm a reduction as already in the previous week, the prices could rise further after two-day breather. Today were similar to quiet as the crude oil the local oil prices. Slightly stronger demand they rose by only 10 cents to 69,10 euro 100-liter contour fuel oil (EL) (Federal average for a total quantity of 3,000 litres). These are the lowest premiums that consumers have to live in this country now on the 7 days in a row. Comparison: exactly a year ago, the same amount cost 54.60 euros, in 2008 there were 84.75 euros. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. The development of the local Heating oil prices show the national average and in the individual federal States in the section of market data the graphics on the energy portal. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

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Bott presents new solutions for the storage space organisation and securing of cargo on the VW Amarok. The youngest member of the commercial vehicle range of VW knows how to convince itself and enjoys great demand. The flexibly usable cargo area is one of the special attractions that draw out the Pick-Up. Fitted with a hardtop the Amarok offers space and protection on his bunk for each load. Bott vario guarantees now with new modules for order and securing of cargo on the generous cargo area.

At the same time, the manufacturer of vehicle equipment with large drawers and heavy load extracts ensures comfortable access to the equipment. The result: structured order and best ergonomics during the loading and unloading of the trendy commercial vehicle. For this purpose, bott of the new standard elements configured the solution required depending on the usage of the vehicle. The dimensions and fixing points of the components are matched to the Amarok. Floor modules with large drawers are available in two heights and with many subdivision possibilities available.

The side Windows of the hardtops can be easily operated excerpts, fold-out shelves or service luggage shelves. The bott vario heavy load extract can be mounted either at the second level or directly to the loading area. His Lashing rings facilitate the fixing of cargo, his locks in the final position guaranteed a safe use. Bott group of companies is one of internationally leading providers of vehicle and equipment for commercial use. Products and solutions with the highest product and service quality standards are developed and produced at several European locations. Bott, customers in industry and craft, use these services through a global organized distribution network worldwide. Synergies are bundled at the location Germany, the headquarters of the Group of companies. Here run the feedback from all the markets and lead to a continuous innovation strategy. Efficiency and security of the customers are in the focus.

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