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Judicial independence guaranteed by the basic law to protect from any influence by the Executive and legislative jurisdiction. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge. The Bavarian State Minister of Justice, Dr. Beate Merk, vehemently criticized a decision of the European Court of human rights to the backup storage in Germany and runs to the judicial independence guaranteed by the was, although she respect on the part of the public prosecutor’s Office to backup storage of economic criminals for years only by inaction in appearance. Bavaria’s State Minister of justice challenges but precious little this lofty and deliberate policy of our forefathers. With harsh words they rather criticized the decision of the European Court of human rights to the backup storage in Germany and it takes a just just not acceptable position as exposed Member of the Executive. But how it looks in their own home? In the summer of 2006, a Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General Munich analyzed the official known relevant convicted and politically covered economic criminals Hans-Georg Jakob Muller Risch of Andechs highly applicable as a professional Schwerstbetruger, produced a template report in the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice to do so and recommended in the backup storage. She became head of bailiffs supervision of a District Court, which by many such as the deduction of Zumwinkel Prosecutor Margrit Lichtinghagen immediately is seen before trial or the writer State lawyer Winfried Maier after uncovering the abuses in the era reaching Franz Josef Strauss and brought in a direct line to August 16, 2006.

This template report, however, is still in the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice, without any discernible measures would have derived from this is. On the contrary, because: a petition to the Bavarian Landtag was rejected, because according to the information of the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice about proceeding properly.

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