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So take the tasks longer, when priorities would be. It is not a letter, an email or a fax of what causes the stress, because these things can do nothing. They are just characters on paper or on the screen, they can not stress. There are the thoughts about the letter, email or fax, what causes stress. Moreover, that the request is unreasonable for fewer letters, E-mails, or faxes for two reasons: most likely it is not fulfilled and if he be a fulfilment of the workplace at risk is. It is not the facts that stress, but our personal deliveries, which stress us so.

It is seen also that same situation very much stress a people and not stressing out the other. Therefore, the decisive is not the situation, but the personal perception (so the thoughts) that trigger stress. The editing of the idea looked as follows: on the one hand the person processing, realizes that they already just the thought of stress (such as feelings of overwork or Cheerlessness) and introduces himself, would look like a workday without it (e.g. confident and focused working). “Then found reversals and examples of this from his own life, why these reversals also true or true are: out the thoughts I have several tasks at the same time to make” following thoughts were found by the Coachee through inversions: I cannot (“opposite of must”) perform several tasks at the same time.

With that in mind I would do precisely that, my boss wants what any expert on time management and work organisation also advises me anyway, that I quickly and work without error. “I can only do that if I one after the other” Edit. I imagine how I work with that in mind, if I can comfortably in the heart: I see the work before me, sort them by priority and go to my work with ELAN and sense of control.

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