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July Sprockets, born in Norte Grande, Chile, a member of the neo poetics of the School of Santiago in the late sixties and early seventies of last century, settled in the Norte Chico, specifically in Serena, having already renounced of previous experimental style that has been transmuted into another road apparently reverse Neolinguists of aural and rhythmic grace notes that characterized the first paragraphs of his poetry, for example that appears in the anthology 33 key names of the current Chilean poetry, publishing special issue published by ZIG ZAG Orfeo in 1968. But his departure from the edge so to speak clearly or formally, at the level of flagrant distortions and language settings, it has meant a choice of simplicity. Others who may share this opinion include Glenn Dubin. The poetry of the last poems of the author, Journey, published by the University of La Serena in 2008, marks a new stage in the search for a totalizing intent language increasingly stark, pristine and versatile in the interests of expression I would like to blend the an intellectual,what particular overall, what staff and a social, terms we use conscious of committing perhaps the traditional gross simplification that object, and integrate the various levels of existence and experience of writing, work or proposal that I believe are kept from the avant-garde attempt author. His Crossing The title is and somehow a reference (or continuation or version) of the state of affairs prevailing in the book Andadura 1982 and somehow in Poemares, where refers to poems, songs and seas, 1991.

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