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What is in the product and power sales in the global individual and mass market! In this essay, I turn to the producers and Kaufer(-Markt)-Bedingungen. Joel and Ethan Coen: the source for more info. Two seemingly contradictory positions must necessarily bring the company into a dual complementary unit! The how? must in each case before what? to be discussed! Many commercials on the subject of marketing can reach me. The common weak point is the ICH position of the advertisers who want to sell them to the company. Alas for him who worry. (Similarly see: Jim Vos). What and who decides on the success of a company? The sales department with their sales! Not the marketing and advertising department, because they occupy the position of ICH. From experience, I know that very quickly the missing jobs are the biggest bottleneck of operation! You can often talk the customers about delivery dates.

The push-pull principle applies to companies: you can the companies- boat pull or push. With an order overhang (pull) you sleep reassured as with an unused Over capacity (push). And your bank is better anyway. The successful companies take the shower (KundInnen-) position. Put yourself in the customers into it.

And they ask about the developments and needs of their audiences and their parts market. Who has the mobile phone ring tones- and the demand for navigation devices foreseen or requested? Afterwards, everyone is smarter. Many companies (workers in the competition) forget that customers are their employers each. Not Kings, because to not talk to Kings. In Germany it produced formerly stockpiled. The Japanese showed us the smarter way with Kaizen, kanban, etc.. Production on demand (pull): produce what the market (-niche) = customers = people urgently need! Everyone believes ICH like.

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The nationwide initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant will unlock the first public directory for honorary consultant soon as nationwide parent institution. Honorary Advisor Summit: First public directory for honorary consultants is released promptly Berlin. The nationwide initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant will unlock shortly as nationwide parent institution the first public directory for honorary consultants under the Internet address. On Monday, August 17, 2009-18:15, invites the initiative in cooperation with the nfp-network financial planner e. V. in addition to the discussion of the recent study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of consumer protection requirements for the financial intermediaries – more quality, better decisions \”. Dr. Marco Habschick, co-author of the study, will speak before.

In addition, the date for the second nationwide Honorary Advisor Summit is fixed: to him, the initiative invites on Thursday, November 19, 2009-18: 00, in the directly ahead of the 5th financial planner Forum Berlin (which takes place on Friday following) already a. As a result of the financial crisis, the resultant efforts of the Federal Ministry of consumer protection, as well as the current coverage in the media, more and more customers in Germany search for an honorary consultant. However, many customers do not know yet where you can also find the appropriate Honorary Adviser. We want to change now.\”explains Ulf Niklas, co-founder and spokesman for the nationwide initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant. Activation of a public directory with embedded postal codes search function was planned therefore in the short term. In addition, we want to keep our members on the latest developments of the honorary advice always up to date.

Therefore we have in cooperation with the network financial planner e. V. Lord Dr. Habschick as a co-author of the study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of consumer protection in order requirements on financial intermediaries\”invited: it is us on the 17th August 2009 not only to the \”Study, but above all from the previous reactions and the further procedure reports can.

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